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Sight Words and Reading Throughout the Day by Noble Newman


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Learn how to improve your child's reading skills today!

Published in: Education
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Sight Words and Reading Throughout the Day by Noble Newman

  1. 1. Sight Words and Reading Throughout the Day Tips and Tricks #1 By, Noble Newman
  2. 2. Your teacher said your child needs to read more.
 Your child is a reluctant reader.
 You have tried everything.
 What can you do?
  3. 3. Let’s assume that positive reinforcement didn’t work and taking away privileges backfired. 
 Here are some simple TIPS to help your child READ MORE often without feeling like they are being punished while stuck in a corner with a book in their hand.
  4. 4. 1) Turn on Closed Captioning on your T.V. • Its Free • The words will always be there and your child will begin to look at them (especially if you pause it) • However, closed captioning takes some getting used to. It will cover some of the picture, but most are professionally done away from the actor’s faces and main parts of the scene. You are doing this for your child, remember. • Its great when there is background noise (like a noisy sibling or a vacuum going) “Don’t raise the volume. If you can’t hear it, Read it!” • Try muting the T.V. as well • Its great when you are arguing over what the actor with the thick accent said!
  5. 5. 2. Privileges are gained when your child reads your note • You can make it short or long. • For beginning readers, you can read the long words and they can read the sight words • For older children, you can vary the length and instructions so they have to read, but get something they want. • For example: “Where is the television remote? The channel is stuck on the stock market channel” “The note is on the couch and explains everything. Enjoy your T.V. break.”
  6. 6. 3. Make a reading scavenger hunt • Same concept to earn a privilege, but its like a game. • Remember that these types of games need to be for privileges that are entertainment or treats in nature (Do not make a note for necessities like being able to eat dinner – Dessert, Yes. Dinner, No)
  7. 7. 4. Look for genres that they like • I don’t care what YOU like. What doe your CHILD like? • Have a few of those genres of books available in the house for them to pick up any time they have free time • YES it can be graphic novels or comic books – THEY ARE STILL READING • Yes, it can be those horror novels you hate – there are selections for all age levels • Check your library and ask a librarian if you need help • Yes, magazines are reading BUT, if you think your child is ONLY looking at the pictures (same with comic books) – read it yourself and tell them you are looking forward to talking about 1 (one) thing from that article that interested you. It’s not a test – find something that you related to.
  8. 8. 5. Have Checkpoints around the house • We can go upstairs when you read these 2 sight words taped to the banister. • We can use the computer when you come back to me and tell me the words on the sticky notes on the desk.
  9. 9. 6. PAGES/WORDS instead of TIME • 30 minutes of reading before they can play? • This can result in no pages being read or stopping in the middle of a paragraph • Read 10 pages and tell me about what happened. Then you can play. • If they finish in 10 minutes they feel accomplished • If they take too long and whine, the logical consequence is that they don’t get to play as long or at all when time is up • By having to describe what they read, you • 1) Get a current update of the book they are reading so you can help answer questions later • 2) They practice a needed skill of summarization in a verbal format
  10. 10. 7. Have “Red Light Cards” in you car • Have sight words/vocabulary/spelling etc. on cards ready. • If your child can make them, all the better and it will help to write it down. • At each read light pull the next card and work on it. • As soon as it turns green. Stop. HOWEVER, if your child was stalling for time, that card is pulled aside which will delay a future privilege until it is read. • For every card that was completed, it add time to a privilege when you get to your destination or home.
  11. 11. 8. Get an App or Game with lots of reading involved • Adventure games are great for this • Educational apps can be boring so be careful what you choose. The diamonds in the rough are out there! • Find one appropriate to your child’s age and, if possible, one that you like and can share and interest in as well.
  12. 12. All these tips should be completed in SMALL increments and OFTEN.
 BAD: Sit there and Read until I say so
 Good: Read 10 pages then take a half hour break (Like a t.v. show or active play)…. Then do it again… and again… and again.
 Set a timer for yourself if you need – You need to be an active and positive helper for you child
  13. 13. Hope some of these help and you stick with some to help your child become a better reader by reading more! • By, Noble Newman