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Geometry SHOP by Noble Newman


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An entertaining activity when studying for geometry.

Published in: Education
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Geometry SHOP by Noble Newman

  1. 1. Geometry  S.H.O.P   (Scavenger  Hunt  On  Pictures)   An  entertaining  ac+vity  when  studying  Geometry     Created  by,  Noble  Newman  
  2. 2. When  Teaching  Geometry
  3. 3.   A;er  you  have  taught  the  lesson  in  front  of  the  classroom  
  4. 4. A=er  all  the  prac@ce  and  worksheets
  5. 5. But  BEFORE  the  Tests
  6. 6. Try  this  ac@vity! •   Geometry  S.H.O.P   •  Stands  for  Geometry  Scavenger  Hunt  On  Pictures   •  It  is  a  hands-­‐on  search  for  geometric  objects  in  real  life   •  If  you  can  get  outside,  have  your  students  locate  geometric  shapes  around   them   •  If  you  are  stuck  indoors,  have  them  search  your  classroom   •  For  more  order/convenience  and  for  those  teaching  geometry  during  the   winter  months,  pictures  may  be  used.      
  7. 7. Examples: •  No+ce  that  you  can,  and  preferably  should,   use  actual  pictures  from  your  students’  trips,   and  school  ac+vi+es.  Your  students  will  LOVE   IT!  Supplement  your  pictures  with  random   things  around  your  classroom  that  will   contain  missing  geometric  figures.   •  Take  your  Pictures   and  photocopy   them  for  students   to  use  and  locate   geometric  objects   and  shapes.  
  8. 8. Partner  Work •  For  added  fun,  have  students  work  with  a  partner   •  For  even  more  fun,  try  having  3-­‐4  students  sit  in  a  circle     •  Loca+ng  1  object  from  a  set  list  in  the  picture   •  Cross  it  off  the  list   •  Pass  it  to  the  next  student  who  has  to  find  another  one  le;  on  the  list!     •  Keep  going  un+l  all  pass   (have  them  keep  score  if  you  wish!)  
  9. 9. My  Geo  S.H.O.P.  Worksheet:
  10. 10. Enjoy  your  new  Lesson! •  Created  by,     Noble  Newman