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Black History Month Projects by Noble Newman


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Check out my lesson plans on Black History Month and various projects and presentations my students will be doing this year.

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Black History Month Projects by Noble Newman

  2. 2. QRYS . , Have your students research Black History topics with the goal of presenting the highlights of their learning in unique ways! These projects can be individual, with partners, or in small group settings If you involve your librarian, this can also give you the opportunity to teach researching skills! noblen»ewmdn. .com
  3. 3. Tirriielirie These projects are flexible enough to shorten or lengthen based on your classroom needs Have at least two formal checkpoints for your students so they know they are on task: —Give them a date they should have finished researching —Have a “teacher check—in” to show actual progress on their project. - (Teacher feedback will be given so both you and your students know what is expected / this can also be broken up into small percentage grades so students understand specific importance
  4. 4. PRIOR TO PROJECTS If you have them, show them good examples of past projects that met or exceeded your expectations. Giving them a reason why the project succeeded will help them focus on what you expect and the type of learning/ retention involved. nob| enewman. com
  5. 5. Sample Project: T- Shirt Symbol: Create a symbol that represents Your topic in a clever or unique Way. Be ready to explain the symbolism used to the rest of the class Slogan: Your t—shirt must contain a “catchy phrase” relating to your topic. This needs to be relevant to the time period and appropriate for school. NOBLENEWMAN. COM
  6. 6. Sample Project: T- Shirt Skill Learned: Symbolism Presentation type: Artistic / advertising The t—shirt will accompany the short presentation and will be the focus point for the student(s) topic. Presentation grade will be seperate from that of the project itself. NOBLENEWMAN. COM
  7. 7. Sample Project: Soup Can Poem/ Song: Place a poem or song (to a popular tune) in your soup can. This must be an original poem or song. Poems may not be Acrostic or Haiku. Poems and songs must be a good length and must be appropriate. Be prepared to share your poem with the rest of the class. You may sing your songs if you choose. Object (symbol): Place an object in your can that relates to the topic you researched. It mush show some sort of symbolism. Write why it is important and how it relates to your topic and place it in the can with yourobject NOBLENEWMAN. COM
  8. 8. Sample Project: Soup Can Labet Decorate a label for your can with your topic and dates clearly identifiable. Skill: Symbolism Presentation type: poem / musical / physical The soup can will accompany the short presentation and will be the focus point for the student(s) topic. NOBLENEWMAN. COM
  9. 9. Sample Project: Newspaper Article Summary: Create a newspaper article describing the event/ group as if it were written by a person living at that time. Your article should include background information about the event or group including dates and location. Make your article look as if it belongs in a newspaper You may include a picture with a caption relating to your topic. NOBLENEWMAN. COM
  10. 10. Sample Project: Newspaper Article Skill: Symbolism Presentation type: Writing: newspaper The article will be your presentation. NOBLENEWMAN. COM
  11. 11. tea laeyan Typiea Tired of the typical biographical reports and topics? Try these new ones that go beyond your classroom teachings and furthers their understanding of such a HUGE and | ivaPORTAi'_T movement in our history! These topics cover various levels of appropriateness. PLEASE CHECK THEM BEFORE ASS| Gi'li! G THEM TO YOUR STUDENTS. Keep the list shorter for younger students as well! No‘ -:1 : M:“'fl; MAN_COM
  12. 12. ffffiff §§FF++ff¥$FF¥ Boston. Massachusetts and Phaae I and 11 Plans Birmingham. Alabama ‘Black is Beautiful” Black Panthers Boycotts Brown va Board of Education Children‘: Crusade Civil Rights Movement Civil War Confederate States of Amaica Consteaa of Racial Equality Demonstrations Discrimination and/ or integration 0|‘: Education Health care Housing Joba Legal ayatcm Sturea Emancipation Proclamation Freedom Rides Jim Crow Law: Ku Klux Klan Little Rock. Atkamaa Lo: Angela, Watt: Riot 000000 # Matches: 0 Sdnn to Montgomery 0 On Washington Murders Natiotnl Association fot the Advanoemeu of Colored People Nation of lalam Sit-ins Poll taxes Prejudice Reeonatmction sdma. Alabama #¢§$§#6f if Eating places Separate but equal doctrine Slavery Suptelne Conn Voting Rights Act if}? mo: {'3 _L T; N 2;; mm Htw-.3 N 9 ". Q,‘ ll'll
  13. 13. A single weighted point may be applied to projects like these when groups are working together. Keep it simple and anonymous For example: My partners Name: - Rate the amount of effort/ work he/ she put in that HELPED the group: 1) Very little I 2) Moderate / 3) He/ She worked hard and helped the group N‘ -:1 : M:“'tV; MAN_COM
  14. 14. Q Presentations ': :‘ba| resentations should he kept short (ex. 5 mins max) E": :ry stud en; should participate -Sp zaking and demonstrating ! :no': :l. ::? ge - noijust holding up the project -. em2mb: r: Score the project and presentation sepzzrately. Unless you T; -.UG: -IT PRE E’. ~'T. e~= r.TIO. -' SKILLS, my r: ::: crnm: .nda‘tion is to grade the prcjzct and effort, rzzthzrihan presentation. ‘. '.’: ig-hi it accordingly in your izooks and it will be appreciated. (30% project, 1095 presentation, 10% c. 'for" peer e"aluaiion) 10% not enough? Just rem: -:rnl: er that it means going ‘rom an "4-t" of 93% do': _'n T: -EREE grade l: ":ls to a of 93%! Z‘ In ‘U, -FIn‘l: ‘5'-'[MAN. C0M