Overview of Coaching


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Noble Manhattan Coaching will present what coaching and how coaching it is done.

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Overview of Coaching

  1. 1. COACHING IN BUSINESSWhat does coaching in the workplace do?Here are some of the most common reasons :- • Addresses feelings of overwhelm/stress • Improves self confidence • Increases self esteem • Reviews work/life balance • Creates a common vision with all managers that do not always see eye to eye, communicating to them via their VACs. • Chunks down/up perceived problems to gain clarity for solving. • Addresses personal motivators (moving towards/away, internal/external,options/procedures and big picture/steps) • Looks at alternative ways to address reoccurring issues (do what youve always done, get what youve always got!)Addressing these subjects brings about a confident, balancedand happy workforce.Creating shifts in company culture has positive affects on everyperson involved (staff, customers and suppliers).Company benefits would be many fold due to managers/salesteams being able to work to their full potential. Noble Manhattan Coaching Ltd
  2. 2. What about management?There are two types of management: • Traditional = command and control • CoachingCoaching has been shown to be the far more effective typeWhat techniques are used?There are new coaching models which are: • specifically aimed at managers • specifically aimed at teamsFor example " The Coaching Circle" which teaches self coachingand is therefore self replicating Noble Manhattan Coaching Ltd
  3. 3. What is the return on investment? "The goal of coaching is the goal of good management: to make the most of an organization’s valuable resources.” Harvard Business Review    “The Bottom Line: Coaching produced a 529% return on investment and significant intangible benefits to the business. The study provided powerful new insights into how to maximize the business impact from executive coaching.” MetrixGlobalTake a look at the following pages of reviews and statistics tounderstand the full power of coaching and the benefits it canhave to your business! Noble Manhattan Coaching Ltd
  4. 4. Manchester Review (more than 300 companies)• Delivered an average ROI of 5.7 times the initial investment (a return of more than $100,000)• Executive productivity improvements (reported by 53% of executives)• Organizational strength (48%)• Quality improvements (48%)• Customer service improvements (39%)• Retaining executives who received coaching (32%)• Direct report and supervisor relationship improvements (greater than 70%)• Teamwork (67%)• Working relationships with peers (63%)• Job satisfaction (52%) Noble Manhattan Coaching Ltd
  5. 5. Association For Coaching (more than 600 companies)• Key fact: Purchasers of Coaching stated better peoplemanagement skills resulted in 58% of coaching programs andincrease job motivation in 53%. While coaches stated improvedwork life balance resulted in 48% of coaching programs andimproved job motivation in 42%.• Key fact: 48% of purchasers of coaching stated having a quantifiablemeasure of the ROI from coaching is important.• Key fact: In 72% of cases purchasers of coaching use coaches todevelop individuals’ business performance.• Key fact: In the majority of cases coaches received between 4 and 7Coaching sessions! Noble Manhattan Coaching Ltd
  6. 6. Case Study Executive Team Coaching A. Relevant Data:• The Team Coaching Program duration:10 months (6 meetings).• 12 people extended board team (central management & heads of production units).• General profile: experienced senior managers (more than 10 years in management positions), multicultural (3 different nationalities), high income (more than 100k euro per year).• Non-individual, systemic approach during 5 assisted board meetings (plus 1 kick-off coaching program meeting).• Average impact of board decisions: more than 1 mil. Euro per meeting.• Estimated ROI (2 months after): 750%. Noble Manhattan Coaching Ltd
  7. 7. B. Measurable Criteria:• General time effectiveness in board meetings (up 78%)• Time effectiveness related to agreeing on a decision (up 66%)• Quantity of decisions per meeting (up 54%)• Quality of decisions taken (impact, sell-ability to peers, etc) (up 44%)• Information sharing and distribution (up 88%)• Managerial risks taken on new projects (both strategic & tactic) (down 33%)• Degree of project/task delegation downwards (up 54%)• Group management skills and benefits (up 67%)• Stress and pressure level (down 54%)• Profit share increase based on assisted team’s decisions (up 2.5%) Noble Manhattan Coaching Ltd
  8. 8. NMC Coaching ProgrammesNoble Manhattan Coaching Ltd are world leaders in coach training. The following coursesrepresent those that are possibly most suitable to your requirements but other programmescan be designed to suit.For in-house delivery to groups:-Certificate in Workplace CoachingEndorsed by the Institute of Leadership and ManagementHaving been designed specifically for managers, supervisors and team leaders inorganisations that wish to embrace a coaching style of management as their preferred way ofdeveloping staff, the content and structure make it equally appropriate for both the privateand public sectors. The course is structured in two parts, of 3 days and 2 days’ duration,separated by a six week break. During this break, assignment work in the form of coachingpractice is undertaken by the delegates, which includes listening to teleconference tutorialsand working with a mentor coach.Practitioner Coach CertificateEndorsed by the Institute of Leadership and ManagementThis course provides the individuals with essential coaching theory, knowledge and practise.Not only is it a qualification in its own right, but it also fits seamlessly with the Diploma, thusreducing the time and cost if and when progression is required. The course is structured as amix of pre-course reading, 3 days of direct delivery and further self-study and practicalcoaching.Coaching for ResultsThis is an intense 2 day course which provides the participants with a good understanding ofthe core coaching competencies, four pillars of coaching and the power of effectivequestioning and listening. They will learn how to use two coaching models which areparticularly powerful in the work environment.Coaching InsightsThis 1 day workshop will introduce the elements of coaching that are imperative to effectivecommunication and management. It will equip the participants with one coaching modelthat they can implement in a workplace environment. Noble Manhattan Coaching Ltd
  9. 9. For individual study:-Executive and Corporate Coach Certificate/DiplomaAccredited Level 7 by Institute of Leadership and ManagementThis course aims to provide practising senior leaders/managers (or those working in atraining and development role) with the knowledge, skills and confidence to performeffectively as coaches as part of their normal work role. It is structured in a multi-modedelivery format consisting of self-study, interactive 3 day workshop, workbook modules, one-to-one mentor coaching, a skills assessment, recorded lectures and practical coaching.Includes Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Organisational Culture and ManagingChange.Practitioner Coach DiplomaEndorsed by the Institute of Leadership and ManagementCompletion of this course qualifies the participant as a Practitioner Coach fully able toimplement coaching skills in any arena. A 3-day intensive training workshop during whichparticipants witness, experience and learn sensitive, powerful and insightful coaching skillsand models. This is complimented by self-study workbook modules, a course book, one-to-one coaching, recorded lectures, practice with a mentor coach which culminates in a skillsassessment, and further practical coaching.Practitioner Coach Certificate(distance learning option)Covering the same material as the in-house option this allows the student to complete all ofthe course without having to attend the three day workshopAbout Noble Manhattan... In 26 countries World leading training organisation Trained over 7000 coaches Longest established in Europe Superb reputation, courses accredited by ILM and IIC Noble Manhattan Coaching Ltd