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Noble Manhattan And Coca Cola


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Coaching is about performing at your best through the individual and private assistance of someone who will challenge, stimulate and guide you to keep growing

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Noble Manhattan And Coca Cola

  1. 1. Noble  Manhattan  Coaching  Ltd  
  2. 2. AIMS  and  OBJECTIVES  AIMS:  To develop an awareness and understanding of the keyskills that coaches require in providing the best possiblesupport for their clients.OBJECTIVES:      •  To understand the role of the coach-client relationship•  To develop the skills of effective coaching•  To transfer best practice from the workshop and apply it to the coach-client relationship  
  4. 4. A  DeFinition  of  COACHING  “Coaching is about performing at your bestthrough the individual and private assistanceof someone who will challenge, stimulate andguide you to keep growing.”                      by  Gerard  O’Donovan  
  5. 5. COACHING  IN  ACTION   THE G R O W MODEL     Prepared  by   Gerard  O’Donovan  
  6. 6. PURPOSE  To  introduce  participants  as  coaches  to  the   powerful  coaching  method  of  the  GROW  sequence  of  questioning,  and  enable  them   to  see  their  way  forward  on  personal  and   work-­‐related  issues    
  7. 7. The GROW SequenceFinal  step   FOUR  PILLARS  encompasses   Goal    goal     More  opCons   Reality       Short  lines  represent   various  opCons   when  choosing  a  way   forward  towards  the  ©  Gerard O’Donovan   goal   Coaching In Action  
  9. 9. INTRODUCTION   For a coach to bring out the best in a performer, they must allow and enable them to review past performance. The purpose behind this is to determine the best place to begin changing their actions with a view to improving future performance.
  10. 10. PURPOSE  To  give  participants  a  simple  and  effective  coaching  tool  to  improve  their  own  performance  on  a  job-­‐related  task.    To  enable  them  to  learn  self-­‐coaching  so  that  they  can  change  their  actions  and  improve  future  performance  without  supervisory  help.  
  11. 11. APPLICATION  You  can  use  this  self-­‐coaching  activity  as  a  trainer,  line  manager  (who  really  wants  to  delegate)  or  external  coach  with  staff  or  participants  who  must  learn  to  trust  their  own  experience  as  a  basis  for  future,  improved  performance.    The  simple  structure  implicit  in  the  process  can  be  trusted  by  performers  and  supervisors.  
  12. 12. Noble  Manhattan  Coaching  Ltd