Introducing RepRap 3D printer


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Introducing RepRap 3D printer

  1. 1. Sept 17, 2011, Hong Kong Open source 3D printer開放源設計的 3D 立體打印機 Prepared by: Parker Leung, College Teacher 梁志宏, 中學教師 (CAD電腦輔助設計科) MSc Enterprise Tech. & Mgt. (CityU, HK)
  2. 2. Rep Rap 複製 快速成形
  3. 3.  3D printer (Print REAL plastics parts) Can self-replicate parts (For repairing or build a new one)  Open source hardware (GNU general public license)  3D立體打印 (印製塑膠成品) 可自行複製自身的塑膠零件 (後備用途或製作新一台)  開放源設計 (GNU 通用公眾特許條款)
  4. 4.  Everyone can replicate RepRap their own  Cheaply distribute RepRap units to people and communities  Everyone can create complex products without industrial support  所有人都可以自行複製 RepRap  向社會大眾提供造價低廉的 RepRap 所有人都可以利用 RepRap 生產自己的創作,不用依賴工業作自家生產
  5. 5. Design your own 3D model 設計你自己的 3D 模形Extrude plastics by layers until print done Use toolchain convert 3D model into G code 續層擠出塑膠,直到打印完成 將 3D 模形轉成 G code Control X/Y/Z Platform and Extruder Send G code to control board 控制 X/Y/Z 移動工作台及擠膠噴頭 將 G code 傳送到控制板
  6. 6. Extruder + Hot NozzleZ - axis X - axis Heat bed Control board + Motor Driver Y - axis
  7. 7. FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) / FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) 熱溶解積層法 1. Thermoplastics filament are liquefied and deposited by an extrusion head 2. Follows a tool-path defined by the CAD file and materials deposited in layers in 0.3 mm 3. Part is built from the bottom up by layers 將熱塑性塑膠加熱液化,按計算好的刀路移 動,將塑膠擠出 (幼至 0.3mm),由最底層開 續層填滿
  8. 8.  “Support” printing are required if printing parts with hollow or invert slopes > 45° Need to remove “Support” manually after the print done 如果要打印的零件有凌空或倒斜 > 45° 的話, 則要打印額外的”支撐” 完成打印後,需要人手去移除額外的 ”支撐”
  9. 9.  Use heat bed to keep warm during printing to prevent object warp by cool down 為避免打印期間的冷縮引起的彎曲,過 程中建議使用電熱床保持相當的溫度
  10. 10. Darwin(March 2007) Mendel (October 2009)
  11. 11. Gen 3 Gen 6(Control board + Motor drivers) (Single board solution)
  12. 12. Arduino Mega RAMPS 1.2Homemade PCB
  13. 13. Blender Design your 3D model in any commercial CAD software (Inventor, Solidworks…) or any free 3D modeling software (Blender, OpenSCAD…) Save the 3D model as STL file format. OpenSCAD 先利用不同的3D建模軟件設計出自己的3D模型 將設計好的3D模型儲存成STL檔案格式
  14. 14. • Reading in 3D objects 讀取3D模型檔案 (STL)1 • Slicing the objects to make each build layer 將3D模型水平切割成多層平面2 • Evaluating 2D geometry outlines 計算出每層平面的外框刀路3 • Generating cross-hatch infill 計算出每層平面內的填充刀路45 • Arc compensation 計算所有走弧線刀路的補償刀路 • Translate the tool path to G code 將刀路結果轉譯成 G code 控制碼6
  15. 15. RepRap Host Skeinforge RepSnapper
  16. 16. RepRap Host Skeinforge
  17. 17.  Buy a complete set and assembly yourself, or Get printing parts from other RepRappers, and buy other mechanical parts and electronic parts from shop 於網上直接購買一台完整的套件,或 從 RepRap 的朋友處打印一份膠件,之後到五金 / 電子店鋪購買其他零件
  18. 18. ?Chocolate Printer / Laser Cutting PCB Maker / Think your own use Food Printer Machine Soldering Machine朱古力 / 食物打印 激光切割 電路板 + 焊接 你的創新用途?
  19. 19. Industrial Commercial Hobbyist Educational 工業用途 商業價值 業餘玩家 教學用途• 小型工廠可以 • 可代客少量生 • 玩具模型及首 • 印製出學生自用極低成本作 產獨一無二的 辦製作 己的設計,協試辦,亦可加 紀念品和禮物 • 可製作自己設 助他們發揮及快開發速度 計的零件 實踐創意
  20. 20. We can scan any objects and replicate by RepRap 透過立體掃瞄,我們可以將實物複製及生產David 3D Scanner David 立體掃瞄is a software can 是一個可以免費be download freely. 下載使用的軟件Hardware BOM: 配合硬件: Arduino  Arduino板 Motor Drive  電機驅動板 Stepper Motor  步進電機 Web Cam  視像鏡頭 Line Laser  Line Laser
  21. 21.  Teaching college student design and drawing 3D creations Students make use of RepRap to print out their design and use it in REAL life Currently redesign a simpler RepStrap which can be cheaper (< US$200) 於中學任教電腦輔助設計科,教授學生設計及繪製立體創作 學生利用 RepRap 打印出自己設計的作品,可以應用於現實世界 近來重新設計一台平價的 RepStrap,期望可推廣於其他中學使用 (< US$200)