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Flip Mino Brand Positioning

  1. 1. Kris Giamello, Kathleen Kerry,Taiyo Kitagawa, Josie Ng, Noah Simon
  2. 2. History Research Problem Solution Brand Adjectives ColorsTable of Contents Fonts Package Design Media Direction Web Design Brand Recommendations Contact
  3. 3. { history } The Flip Video Mino device was introduced into the video recorder market on June 4, 2008 by Pure Digital. The white Flip Mino was and is still currently customizable with pre-made skins or a picture of the user’s choice. There is no additional cost for this option, but it is only available by special order on the Flip’s website. On November 12, 2008, the Flip Mino HD was released. It has the same dimensions as the regular Mino, but with 1,280 x 720 HD, 30 frames/second recording capabilities. Its internal storage was upgraded to 4GB and maintains about 1 hour of recording time.
  4. 4. Flip mino peaks at December 2008 its highest sales point. Sales decline right Launch after Christmas. Sales pick back up, yet not reaching nearly March 2009 as much as it had on its launching date. Flip Mino is strictly{ research } a recording device that can use its simplistic design and function to its benefits. Pre-launch Easy to use Shares your POV insights Covert Instant gratification Digital Storytelling
  5. 5. In current technological advances, a device with multiple functions and uses is the popular trend that many consumers follow. However, people overlook the power of the video-recording feature of their products. There is a small niche market for the Flip Mino, a basic, video-recording system, to enter and connect with the target audience. The Flip Mino has the opportunity to be the pioneering product in this market, yet it is not receiving the attention that it deserves. The consumer is not connected to the product on an emotional level because it is not an essential item in their lives. The Flip Mino is not widely known and was never fully launched to the mass consumer.{ problem }
  6. 6. By leveraging Flip’s simplicity, we will position it as a bridge between the audience and their interactive experiences. It is a gamechanger in the video recording market, as it will raise brand awareness worldwide by showing, not telling. Flip Mino has the opportunity to be the first out of all the competitors to create an online video-blogging community. This is how we can reach into the small niche market and present it to the entire audience.{ solution }
  7. 7. i am a flip(er). Flip(er) |Fliper| noun (pl. Flipers) 1 A person who uses a Flip mino camera to connect with people and share their view points.{ what is a flip(er)? } 1. The concert was filled with flipers, ready to go home and start fliping to the world. 2. We are flipers, watch this! Flip(ing) |Fliping| Verb. 1 When someone uploads and shares videos from their Flip mino. 1. I’ve been fliping all day man!
  8. 8. never knows when she is very active, needs her she’ll need to upload energy level to keep up with she loves her mac a creative project her “on–the–go” lifestyle. for helping her be she wants to be creativite and keep up viewed as artistic and with her friends on her creative by the world. social networks. she doesn’t want to forget the little but important moments in her life. likes to document her life, but deals with the inconvenience of lots of cords. refuses to switch to a different shade ATT for the iPhone, for every mood. but still checks her Twitter.{ the female flip(er) } she already purchased an ipod she doesn’t need the new one with video features. she likes to be on top she’s ready for any of news, media and situation, always wants to latest trends. look her best, and cares how others see her.
  9. 9. he loves the thrill of a loves the latest style and live show and likes to goes out of his way to stay experience new things. connected with the group. he’s an active guy who relies on his skateboard to get around. he likes to carry only what he needs, and is a minimalist.{ the male flip(er) } he likes to have a fresh scent to attract the ladies. he needs a pick me up in the morning after his wildly social night. likes to keep up his appearance whether it’s dressing up or casual. he likes extreme sports, he wants to be being active and connected and give adventurous. off a professional status.
  10. 10. unique innovative fun edgy{ branding } brand adjectives impulsive simple self-expressive spontaneous social
  11. 11. C 100 0 M 100 95 Y 100 100 K 100 0 The color palette chosen stays true to the original colors of Flip Mino. They also represent the Mino itself, with its sleek, black body and the signature red button.{ colors }
  12. 12. ITC Avant Garde Gothic Book ITC Avant Garde Gothic ASCENDER Medium { font }BRACE MEANLINE ITC Avant Garde Gothic X-HEIGHT DemiBASELINE The font chosen for the Flip Mino COUNTER is ITC Avant Garde Gothic with LOWERCASE three different weights: Book, CHARACTER Medium and Demi. The use of this font defines the LOWERCASE SANS SERIF CHARACTERS. personality of the Flip: clean and simple.
  13. 13. { tagline } { what’s your story? } Flip Mino encourages its users to show, not tell, what is going on in their lives. This sense of direction is properly reflected in the phrase, “What’s your story?”
  14. 14. { Large, Global Minos{ brand awareness } media direction Magazine Video Ads Global Concert fliper.com
  15. 15. San Francisco New York City London Berlin{ global Minos } ten cities Istanbul Sydney Tokyo Hong Kong Capetown Rio de Janeiro
  16. 16. Giant Flip Minos will be placed in ten specific cities all around the globe to produce buzz for the brand. It is meant to create a hands-on feel for the consumers, as a preview to the product itself.{ strategy } The Flip Minos are functional and are encouraged to be used by consumers to interact with other individuals in various cities worldwide. These placements are a precursor to the global Flip Mino competition.
  17. 17. Large Flip Minos placed in busy plazas to create buzz. On this page: Shibuya Hachiko, Tokyo. Left: Piccadilly Circus, London
  18. 18. { magazine videos } Miniature functional LCD screens placed in magazine ads to mimic the Flip Mino’s usability. Consumers will receive a 20% discount off a Flip Mino when presenting the ad at a retail store.
  19. 19. By placing video ads in magazine environments, the Flip Mino is combining traditional advertising with new technology. The introduction of the LCD screen is meant to create a shockingly new and different kind of experience for the consumer.{ strategy } Consumers are encouraged to use the miniature LCD screen to record their story and participate in a worldwide competition. By uploading their video to the web, the consumers are allowed to keep the LCD screen as a souvenir.
  20. 20. Contestants are given 30 days to participate in a global experiment. They are asked to share their stories in a two-minute video on why theythe rules deserve to see Daft Punk on their exclusive world tour. Participants are encouraged to upload their video to fliped.com to let the world vote on their favorite stories.
  21. 21. re e he nam your{ global concert } VIPPA SS 5 Flip Videos 5 Flip Mino HDs { 5 Tickets 5 VIP Passes 10 cities. 100 winners.
  22. 22. New York - Keyspan Park SF - Bill Graham Civic Auditorium London - Wembley Arena Berlin - Velodrom Istanbul - Kuruçe me Arenaten venues Sydney - Showgrounds Tokyo - Makuhari Event Hall Hong Kong - AsiaWorld Expo Rio de Janeiro - Marina da gloria Cape Town - Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens
  23. 23. fliped.com Social Network Fliped.com is a new social media where people can create a vlog (video-blogging) profile page. Webvideos are only uploaded by Flip Mino devices. In each profile page, users are able to use the web to show who they{ strategy } are, rather than telling. Instead of telling viewers “who” you are through text, viewers must show who they are through vlogging. fliped.com Contest Website Participants will upload their video entries to Fliped.com, where viewers around the world can vote for their favorites. The top 100 contestants will win a trip to see Daft Punk live in one of the ten selected cities.
  24. 24. { fliped.com } fliped.com social media - home page
  25. 25. STORY? What’s your flip(ed) what’s your name? search... upload Taiyo Kitagawa home events my flips (newest) forums register sign in profile where do you live? what’s in your fridge? favorites friends settingsfliped.com - profile page fliped.com - contest page
  26. 26. history The Flip Video was released in 2008 as a device with the core basics of video recording, and an easy user-interface. problem The consumer is not connected to the product on an emotional level, as well as the Flip Video having a very limited amount of time to enter into the niche market of video recording before large, corporate companies take over.{ brand recommendations } recommendations Redefine tagline: What’s your story? create awareness/connect with consumer Teaser Campaign: large, global Minos placed in busy plazas Brand Introduction: magazine video ads Consumer Participation: video contest and global concerts Lifestyle Integration: fliped.com
  27. 27. { conclusion }In the current trend of social media and connectivity, Flip Minodistinguishes themselves from the rest of the crowd through the fusionof traditional advertising and new technology. The brand expands itselfglobally through the placement of giant Flip Minos and a worldwidecompetition, starring renowned music duo, Daft Punk. The competitiondrives traffic to fliped.com, creating a new social media of vlogging(video-blogging), and affecting flip(er)s on a global and personal level.
  28. 28. { contact } account planners { Kat Kerry Noah Simon kat.kerry@gmail.com noah.says@gmail.com { Kris Giamello tigris107@hotmail.com creatives Taiyo Kitagawa taiyo.kitagawa@gmail.com Josie Ng josie@josieng.com instructor { David Wong dawong@academyart.edu Brand Branding | Fall 09
  29. 29. Kris Giamello, Taiyo Hanson, Kathleen Kerry, Josie Ng, Noah SimonBrand Branding | Fall 09