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Pbt curtis


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Pbt curtis

  1. 2. + INTERNATIONAL AWARENESS Humanely Approach + The Guideline for Global Healthcare Provider and Arrangers + Cancer Survivor Proton Patient Advocate
  2. 4. Destination NCC Korea Proton Beam Therapy Traveling Abroad Affordable/Quality Cancer Treatment
  3. 5. Strategies of Program Execution for Patient Growth Identifying Needs of Proton Patients/Treatment Awareness of NCC for Western Patients Patient Acquisition Bridging Relationships Program is operational KMII US Office
  4. 6. Decided on PBT as the best option No insurance Underinsured Self insured Timely treatment Advocates for prostate cancer cure Advocates for Proton Therapy Special Guests Identifying the needs of traveling abroad to Korea for PBT
  5. 7. Advocates for prostate cancer cure Advocates for Proton Therapy Special Guests
  6. 8. Executive Director National Association for Proton Therapy Voice of the Proton Community Mr. Leonard Arzt Silver Spring, Maryland, USA
  7. 9. City Councilor, Engineer Inspirational Speaker, Trainer, Prostate Cancer Survivor, Author Mr. Harold Usher London, Ontario CANADA
  8. 10. CEO & Founder Med Loan Finance Mr. Jim Axford Overland Park, Kansas, USA
  9. 11. Author Columnist Prostate Cancer Survivor London Festival 2009 Grand Prize Award Dr. Stan Goldberg San Francisco, CA USA
  10. 12. Editor, DOTmed Online News Ms. Barbara Kram New York, New York USA
  11. 13. Executive Director & Founder, Pediatric Proton Foundation Founder & Board Member Procure Proton Cancer Foundation Family cancer survivor & proton advocate Mrs. Susan Ralston Virginia Beach, Virginia USA
  12. 14. Willingness to travel for treatment Quality accommodations Social and leisure activities Remarkable experience Awareness of NCC for Western patients
  13. 15. Awareness of NCC for Western patients Blogs Advocates Groups Knols Advertising Speaking Tour
  14. 16. Awareness Blogs
  15. 17. Proton Knowledge Publc Service Viral NCC Blog Strategy Adword Campaign
  16. 18. Prostate Cancer Groups
  17. 19. Knowledge Awareness This Links to My Knol
  18. 20. Social Networks
  19. 21. Organic SEO
  20. 22. Organic SEO
  21. 23. Adwords SEO
  22. 24. Proton beam therapy for prostate cancer Proton therapy for prostate cancer Ncc korea Prostate cancer proton Proton beam Proton beam prostate Proton therapy cost Proton therapy centers Proton therapy prostate cancer Proton for cancer Proton therapy center Proton therapy locations Prostate cancer therapy Proton centers Proton treatment Proton cancer Proton center Proton beam radiation treatment Proton therapy international Proton therapy abroad Proton beam radiation for prostate cancer Proton therapy blog Proton treatment for prostate cancer Proton treatment Facilities International proton treatment Proton radiation treatment cancer Prostate cancer proton therapy Cost of proton therapy Proton beam therapy cost Proton for prostate cancer Proton therapy for cancer National cancer center korea Proton therapy prostate Proton beam cancer therapy Prostate cancer proton beam therapy Proton beam prostate cancer Proton treatment prostate cancer Medical tourism Prostate cancer treatment Proton therapy 108,000 impressions Adwords monthly Top 5 search words Proton therapy Prostate treatment Medical tourism Proton center Proton cancer Target Areas Australia Canada Caribbean United States United Kingdom
  23. 25. senior citizen groups prostate cancer events professional organization events special events request on Speaking Tour
  24. 26. Bridging relationships with medical tourism organizations Mentor and assist proton patient referrals Work the process Bridging Relationships
  25. 27. Personable Approach Humanely & Responsive Communicate Assist proton patient referrals Work the treatment information flow Financing available Mentor
  26. 28. Program is operational KMI International US office opening Progress with patient referrals Working many leads for patient flow with high expectations Staffing
  29. 31. Curtis Poling [email_address]