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Howard noah moblilepresentation


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How to help websites stay relevant

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Howard noah moblilepresentation

  1. 1. The Adult Literacy League By Noah Howard November 20th, 2014
  2. 2. Problem? In the world we live in, it’s imperative to have a mobile friendly website. • Usability • Easy navigation • Improved aesthetics
  3. 3. Smartphone units shipped
  4. 4. Tablets on the rise
  5. 5. Mobile use still on the rise?
  6. 6. How do websites work across platforms? • Progressive Enhancement • Graceful Degradation
  7. 7. Content Management Systems A CMS such as “Magnolia” can be very helpful in creating content for a mobile device.
  8. 8. Difference in code? • HTML for desktops and laptops • WML, IOS, Android for mobile devices
  9. 9. Recommendations • Use coding that will work across all platforms • Make sure to check the URL in every browser • Use CMS technology designed to work with mobile devices • Make sure the layout is mobile friendly
  10. 10. Would you want this to be you? There is no difference between the mobile site and the desktop site. Desktop Mobile
  11. 11. Would you want this to be you? Desktop Mobile
  12. 12. You want to be them! Do you see the difference? Mobile Desktop
  13. 13. You want to be them! Are they look remotely similar? Desktop Mobile
  14. 14. My plea • Understand how? • Understand why?
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