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Sales for Startups Presentation (06.13.12)


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Some of the lessons from my time at Crittercism. From when I started until current time, when we've added a seasoned VP of Sales, and my focus has changed to more strategic business development.

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Sales for Startups Presentation (06.13.12)

  1. 1. Startup Sales Noah Barr @noahbarr BD @crittercism@noahbarrBD @crittercism
  2. 2. Quick Background Me Crittercism Enterprise SaaS: / B2G(eek)@noahbarrBD @crittercism
  3. 3. Me engineering background management consulting private equity startups@noahbarrBD @crittercism
  4. 4. What we do Mobile Crash reporting/error diagnostics for “in-the-wild” apps -- Mobile APM (App Performance Monitoring)@noahbarrBD @crittercism
  5. 5. Role is strategic BD, but needed lighthouse customer. Only non-technical employee@noahbarrBD @crittercism
  6. 6. This is what I learned along the way (Thanks Jason)@noahbarrBD @crittercism
  7. 7. Initial sales approach “Let me show you what we’ve been working on ...Isn’t it cool?”@noahbarrBD @crittercism
  8. 8. Couple key concepts@noahbarrBD @crittercism
  9. 9. People don’t want to be sold to … they want to buy@noahbarrBD @crittercism
  10. 10. Buying your widget probably isn’t their #1 priority (yet!)@noahbarrBD @crittercism
  11. 11. Aim big@noahbarrBD @crittercism
  12. 12. Don’t jump into a tech demo right away@noahbarrBD @crittercism
  13. 13. Never leave a meeting without next steps@noahbarrBD @crittercism
  14. 14. Guerilla warfare strategy@noahbarrBD @crittercism
  15. 15. Features v. Benefits Don’t know what customers will value@noahbarrBD @crittercism
  16. 16. Establishing value proposition@noahbarrBD @crittercism
  17. 17. Strike when the iron is hot@noahbarrBD @crittercism
  18. 18. Dealing with big companies (It can be worth the pain)@noahbarrBD @crittercism
  19. 19. Enter as high as possible Get buy-in from up-high Timebox POC  MSA (Holy Grail)@noahbarrBD @crittercism
  20. 20. Cheer up… Whole teams selling into a specific org@noahbarrBD @crittercism
  21. 21. One last thought on big companies@noahbarrBD @crittercism
  22. 22. All the pain = Potentially big financial reward + Barriers to entry for others  (But I wouldn’t want to rest my hat on it)@noahbarrBD @crittercism
  23. 23. Other Learnings Pain thresholds Messaging/Positioning affects pricing Be Persistent, but not annoying (A Little Guilt) goes a long way Keep your head high@noahbarrBD @crittercism
  24. 24. Stages@noahbarrBD @crittercism
  25. 25. BD Sales Marketing@noahbarrBD @crittercism
  26. 26. Good luck @noahbarr@noahbarrBD @crittercism