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Customer Journey Mapping: Do it Yourself


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This presentation depicts the story of a customers journey to buying a laptop. Please use this story as an activity to creating your own Customer Journey Map to pinpoint major issues and locate where adjustments can be made.

Published in: Technology
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Customer Journey Mapping: Do it Yourself

  1. 1. This is Jake.
  2. 2. Jake just graduated from the University.
  3. 3. He is starting a career as a video game programmer.
  4. 4. And Jake needs a new computer.
  5. 5. He sets a budget for the computer.
  6. 6. Jake goes to search for a good deal via a search engine.
  7. 7. After sifting through the long list of results, he finds a laptop that is in his price range.
  8. 8. Clicks on the company web page with the specs.
  9. 9. Then goes to social media channels for reviews.
  10. 10. The laptop has been reviewed well by his peers, and Jake finds a coupon during the process.
  11. 11. He downloads a coupon.
  12. 12. He goes back to the company website to purchase the computer with his coupon.
  13. 13. There is money left from his budget, so he decides to purchase a mouse.
  14. 14. He searches the website for a mouse in his price range that is good for gaming.
  15. 15. After a while Jake finds a mouse that will do. He adds it to the cart and selects checkout.
  16. 16. Adds his personal and billing information.
  17. 17. Selects add a coupon and inputs the code.
  18. 18. Jake reviews the information and places order online.
  19. 19. The laptop and mouse arrive a week later.
  20. 20. He does not read the manual.
  21. 21. Jake has a problem connecting his gaming mouse to the laptop.
  22. 22. He goes straight to social media to find answers.
  23. 23. Yet, after searching for an hour, he comes up short.
  24. 24. He goes to the company website for live chat assistance and fills out a description and clicks submit.
  25. 25. Jakes waits for 10 minutes to speak to an agent.
  26. 26. The agent asks Jake to describe his problem.
  27. 27. After a couple back and forth messages, Jake receives an answer.
  28. 28. He completes the corrections as directed.
  29. 29. Now Jake has a laptop for work and play.