REPUBUC OF THE PHIUPPINES                                     <Courr ®f ~ ppeills                                   Cagaya...
••     .   ~                          ~Fi"di1l8 lIlt ins/mIl ~hticm 5/jffi~nt in SliM/ana and fonn,             this Cou r...
•                     SANTOS, JR.                        ACTIVE AUXJUAalFS (SCAA]         Field Oflke, Solio Balabiog     ...
·"    tty: N,pol...,n Romeo £Still,.. oUee C hief Superinte ndent l"gio""] Director PR0-9 amp Ab;,,,dan. M~rcl<l""""mboang...
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Writ Of Amparo TVI Resources


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Writ of Amparo TVI Resources

CA-G.R. SP No.00004-WR/A-MIN


Eugene T. Madeo (President/CEO) TVI Resources Development (Phils) Inc.

July 13, 2012

Published in: Education, Technology
  • AGRICULTURE & ECO TOURISM No to mining in Palawan AND other Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs)
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  • Ang yaman ng Palawan ay yaman ng Pilipinas It is known as the Philippines’ Last Ecological Frontier. It has 40% of our country’s remaining mangrove areas, 30% of our coral reefs, at least 17 Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs), 2 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and 8 declared Protected Areas (PAs). It is unmatched anywhere in the country.
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Writ Of Amparo TVI Resources

  1. 1. REPUBUC OF THE PHIUPPINES <Courr ®f ~ ppeills Cagayan de Oro City Twenty First (21" ) Division THE MATTER OFTHE PETITIONOR THE ISSUANCE OF A WRIT OFMPAROlNFAVQRQF ARANDYRA..IDr D. SCLVA. ROSELYN V.ILV" EDGAR T. BALING, DENNIS. PAQUIT, JULI ETO "GIG INC" L1ONOING, JOEL E. CA YABYAB,LEX "LEKN A. CABUG-QS ANDQSELITO A. PEDRANO, CA-C .R. SP NO. 00004-WR/A-MI N Petitioners, ·versut- GENE T. MADEO [PresldenVCEO), A ~,x_ _ __ _ Rl!1Ipondents.. •_ __________ _____ •___ ______ ___________,EUCEIJO T MATEOO HN B. RI OSOEL o PEREZROB ERT JAY NELSONRENNE P. SUBIDOlUIS , OV ITO A. SA"OS, litRENE D E OCAM POMMANUELS. CAYTO~IARLOU CORAN£Z " Floo r. F.quilable ICI B.onk To ..·."751 I~seo de Ro"",,_ ~""tl City, Metro M~nil.AUL VINC ENT ARIASAlENTtNO EDANGIPRlANO BAYANPECIAL CIVILIAN AcnVE AUXIlJARIES ISCAA] RO f~ld Offb, Sirio B.ol.ohl,g po re, Ilayog. del Surb yo , I.o1>nud o Bab u. fin> of thco ~tunicip.1 M.yoro,,n Hal~ &rog. Zolmbolnga del Sur ov, Antonlo H. CerlUet fier of !he Provin<:ioI! Go~morapitol Compound, P.gad,.n City GREETINGS: WHEREAS, in a Resolu tion dated July 13, 2012, th[s Court issued a ~ol11linn i~~l1inr, fI WRIT o r Amp~ro, 10 wil: ,
  2. 2. •• . ~ ~Fi"di1l8 lIlt ins/mIl ~hticm 5/jffi~nt in SliM/ana and fonn, this Cou rt ruolvtS to ISSUE n MIT OF AMPARO /lgtlillst ~POlltkUIS TVI Rescllrct DewloPIIIIII {Pllils.l, IIIC., through ils O/fiClTS, Eugml! Marico, 101m Risdel, )rllo Perez, Roberl Jay Nelsen, Relillc SrMdo, Luis j(wilo Snlrlos, Jr., Reuc de Octrmpo, Emma/uiel Clay/ou, Paul Viuan l AnM, palenliue Edallg, Ciprillno Ba!JIIII, fwd Marloll Coml/!,;:; lilt Blue Guards of TVI RrscwCt Dfl ...lopmlnl (Plli/s.l, /11(.; lire Amrrd S,lo.cilll Cil~liml Ac/uC AII~-;Uary {SeAA} of Silio BI/labllg, DtIIOn, Baycg, ...... bmbc>Irn8" tkI 5111; Gowrnor AII/ollio OnlIes; lIud Mayor UOllllrdll Acamlmgly. tht D,n_ ant of Court IS /ltrrlly is DIR£CTE.D /0 iSSllt lIlt Writ of Ampom to 1/11 rrspollrfell /S wlro are ORDERED to milk Ill¥!rifted RETURN of III/ Writ of Ampom befor( this Court wi/hill fire (5) working days from servia of tilt IIril. Xu NOW THEREFORE, PURSUANT to A,M. No. 07·9·12·SC, as amendlXl, ou, respondents TVI Resource Development [PhUs.i. Inc., through its officers, ugcno:! Madco, John Risdel. Yu lo Perc?, Robert Jay Nelson, Renno:! Subido, Luisoi to 5.1 ntos, Jr., Rene de Ocampo, Emmanuel Clayton, Paul Vincent Arias,alentine Edang. Cipriano Bayan. and Marlou Coranez.; the Bluo:! Guards of TV I esource [}eelopment jPhil5.L Inc.,; the Armed Special Civilian Actie AuxiliarySCAAi of Sitio Balabag. Depore, Bayos. Zamboanga del Sur; Governor Antonio erillcs; and Mayor Leona rda Bahasa, are hereby required to make a verified ETURN of the writ before the Cou rt of Appeals. Cagayan d e Oro Ci ty, withinIVe (5) working days from the service of the wri t. GIVEN by authority of the Honorable ROMuL O V. 601JA ....... .. .. . hairman, Honorable PEDRO 8 . C01MLfS {0tI~ 8~} ............ .nd the Honorable MA. LUISA C. QUUANO ·PAOIL LA, ... Members, this30)0 day of July 2012.. Very truly yours, 1WSVtf..MU1 V . jJVjCA.:N-VIZON t>£...ukl.-. ~rIt rJ( cc«rtapy furnished til"" 19C: tty .. Ju ley D. SuIJy·TN gUla &/or GI~liIo C. JlymlcormJtI/or pttitj~) aier Uni,c .. ity CoM~ (D. U>gll A5.s;ta.~e rXUCL>.!.. flool, Campion Hall avie. Unive·.,tcneo de·~n MMles J"rnuc, Cag.lyan de 010 City ,
  3. 3. • SANTOS, JR. ACTIVE AUXJUAalFS (SCAA] Field Oflke, Solio Balabiog 7.ambo.lng. delSu .E~ Antonio II. C~rilletr. i . ~~!:ndi.n City ., SrLVA del Su rt!0 DXRH, ""lion. Margos.otubig~m"d. .. Dindo. ,
  4. 4. ·" tty: N,pol...,n Romeo £Still,.. oUee C hief Superinte ndent l"gio""] Director PR0-9 amp Ab;,,,dan. M~rcl<l""""mboang., Cit )~l E. C~yabyab uenaistl, Pacadain City fSS Williua Tolomla Manun IDSC) .. Chu~Pro"inc:IoII] Dir«U>r Sa......!Pola 6d Soc, c.-p A."" * .• " .,.... CityllIe eoll".... ndl"S Offiur "Infantry Tabok Division " lB. 102" Brigade hiJippincAmy. pi!. Zamboanga Sibucay~.e Chid of Pollee .I"bag.. o..POIC, Uayog •• a",00.1Ilg3 del Sur e 5rcmaryp.:p."tmcnt of /u$tice ad", Faura, I1ala1<! bnila he S~crctary,[N~~~tmcnt of Interior and Loc:.. ] Ger.emmell! [Dl LG] ro...raer Mapos..ww St¥ .tn. Quezon City