Navajo Nation Executive Branch Two-Year Report issued Jan. 31, 2013


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Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly's Two Year Accomplishment Report

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Navajo Nation Executive Branch Two-Year Report issued Jan. 31, 2013

  1. 1. N AVA J O N AT I O NE X E C U T I V E B R A N C H 2013 B U I L D I N G A N AT I O N O F F I C E O F T H E P R E S I D E N T A N D V I C E P R E S I D E N T
  2. 2. Yaateeh shik’ei doo shidine’e, I am thankful for these past two years that you have allowed me to serve as the President of the Navajo Nation. Two and half years ago, I spoke of change in the areas of infrastructure, economic prosperity, health, education and creating an open and accountable government. I am pleased to bring you this report of the accomplishments that my staff and I, along with the Vice President and his staff, have completed in the two years we have been in office. Since I was sworn in as you President, I have taken on many challenges from cleaning up uranium mines, to providing better roads, and practicing sound fiscal responsibility. I have put Navajo issues on the minds of county, state, and federal leaders. We are moving forward and creating progress. But we arent done. We have more accomplishments to look forward to. Navajo Nation President I assure you that as we look ahead, we are going to create more positive changes for our People. Ben Shelly Change is good and we need to embrace it. “Our Navajo Nation is strong and we are growing stronger. We are the Ahehee. Navajo Nation. ”P R O G R E S S ANDPROSPERITYYaateeh shik’ei doo shidine’e,I share the following accomplishments as few examples of what we have workedon in the office of the Navajo Nation Vice President. We faced many challenges thattested our patience and skills and we did what we needed to do to advance possiblesolutions. We also embraced many opportunities to advance our education, health,economic prosperity, and advocacy agenda. While we continue to fight for ourrights, we also simultaneously fight for the human rights of indigenous peoples.Our accomplishments for the Navajo Nation would not have been possible withoutyour support, commitment and prayers. Thank you for your confidence in thePresident and I to lead the Navajo Nation. We shall continue to build a strongerand more effective and transparent government. We also shall continue to protect Navajo Nation Vice Presidentour precious children and build strong families and communities. Rex Lee JimI encourage everyone to stay the course as we begin a new year. Let us commit ourselves "Our strength comes from the wisdom of our People. Their thoughts areonce more to healthy, strong and prosperous lives for all our people. Ahehee important to our administration."
  3. 3. K e e p i n g Th e N a v a j o N a t i o n F i r s t During the past two years, we strengthened and created new partnerships with key tribal, state and federal officials. We met with the state governors of Arizona, New Mexico and Utah, cabinet members of President Barack Obamas administration, including President Obama himself, and other tribal leaders in Indian Country. Our leadership continues to ensure that many issues on the Navajo Nation are addressed. We are protecting jobs on the Navajo Nation and funding for Navajo programs and projects. We are ensuring the voice of the Navajo Nation was heard loud and clear. We will continue to maintain our strong presence in every area of government from chapters to the White House.Cultural Town Hall MeetingsStrength When we took office, we promised we would listen to the voice of the Navajo People. In the firstEach project and initiative has two years, we organized more than 25 town hall meetings throughout the Navajo Nation. We lis-maintained roots to the strong tened to the voice of the people about important issues that affect Navajo veterans, our energy, theculture of our People. Whether its the Navajo sales tax, the Little Colorado River settlement and the Navajo Utah Trust Fund. We broughtNarbona Growth Fund, government the issues to the forefront so our people could be informed about matters that are affecting them.policies or protecting our land andrights in courts, or continuing to We exercised transparency by being open with the issues and presenting them to the people in anteach Navajo language in classrooms, open format.we have always worked to preserveand protect the way of life that wasbestowed upon us from the HolyPeople. Each project and initiativehas the strength of our culture andthe power of our future intertwined.Saved NavajoHead StartJust over a year ago, Navajo HeadStart was scheduled for terminiationby the federal government, meaningthe federal government wouldvetaken over the program. We held atribal consultation with the HeadStart director and kept the programin Navajo hands. We are restructuringthe program. We made boldchanges to the program including arestructuring plan that was recentlyapproved. We kept the $27 millionprogram as a Navajo program sowe can teach our youngest childrenwhat we as Navajo People want ourchildren to learn. Strong Leadership
  4. 4. Solid Waste Management agreement We worked to resolve issues with Coconino County in Arizona that both saved the Navajo Nation money and created a way for our Navajo people in Coconino County to dispose of their trash in a way that keeps our lands beautiful. With our new agreement, we save the Navajo Nation $1 million. We also worked with San Juan County in New Mexico to implement a countywide recycling program. land development The Navajo Nation Sales Tax Redistribution Act created an avenue in which we will be able to "pre-develop" land to make the business sites more appealing to investors and small busi- nesses. This will also help with local infrastructure.$52 Million in New projects $3 MillioN For NavajoWe secured more than $52 million in community development traNSitfunding to start and complete 52 projects on the Navajo Nation.The money was used to renovate or construct nine senior centers, Navajo Transit serves nearly 200,000 Navajo people a year providing transportation to destinations throughout thebuild four multi-purpose complexes, pave six parking lots, and Navajo Nation. We secured nearly $3 million in funding tobuild additions and complete chapter renovations. Strong leader- build a maintenance and administration building and to beginship is needed to secure funding in a time of dwindling funds. a pilot project to use a zero emission electric bus that will be maintained by trained Navajo mechanics. infrastructure
  5. 5. red dog gravel projeCtMore than 40,000 tons of high quality gravel was delivered togravel 25 miles of roads in 10 chapters in the Black Mesa area.We partnered with Navajo County to create safer roads.direCt FuNdiNgagreeMeNt For roadSNew projects will begin in 2013 with $10 milliondesignated to the Navajo Nation for roads. This is thebeginning in which we are aiming to get more directfunding for roads. We can now target areas that need roadimprovements or construction the most.Municipal Water lineThis project is nearly completed and will provide nearly 4,700 Navajo gallup Wateracre-feet of water to Shiprock from Farmington. This will al-low Shiprock to continue growing and make water available for Supply projectmany projects in the future. The water will be enough to serve In June, we broke ground on this critical water line project thatabout 47,000 people. The water came from the San Juan River will deliver clean and safe drinking water to more than 43 chap-Water Settlement. We need to keep our future in mind. ters. The entire project is expected to cost nearly $1 billion dol- lars. The project will bring about 600 jobs as we construct 280 miles of water pipeline. In addition, we worked hard with the Department of Interior to make sure the project was on Presi- dent Barrack Obamas priority list. Our Navajo people in New Mexico will have cleaner and safer water to drink. The water for this project comes from the Navajo Nations approval of the San Juan River Water Settlement with the state of New Mexico. infrastructure
  6. 6. Safer Communities We added 41 new first responders, 20 new police officers and 21 new fire fighters. We are working to add more qualified people to the ranks of agents who protect our way of life. New justice Centers We have nearly completed construction of three new judicial complexes in Kayenta, Tuba City and Crown- point. We secured the funding to ensure the buildings were constructed. When fully operational, the centers will help shorten response times for emergencies.viewing Bennett Freeze and Hpl residentsFor far too many years, our people in the former Bennett Freeze and Hopi/Navajo Partitioned Lands have livedwithout new infrastruture. We have visited more than a dozen homes in both areas. Now that we have a firsthand understanding of the situation of our residents, we can formulize solutions that will responsibly help ourpeople. We will continue to work to bring these homes and lands into new prosperity. governance
  7. 7. Social Media and WebtransparencyCfuWe have opened our government by creating a new website and creatingsocial media profiles. Through these tools, we update our Navajo Peopleabout our projects, our whereabouts and what we are working on. This hasallowed us to be more transparent and open with the People so they can findout what their leaders are doing.National labs MousIn 2012, we signed Memorandums of Understanding withLawrence Livermore and Sandia National Laboratories. Theywill help us protect and safely develop our natural resources.Navajo id CardsIn November 2011, we launched the Navajo Identification Card. Our Navajo tribal memberscan now get a Navajo Identification Card through the Office of Vital Statistics after paying afee. The cards have been cleared to serve as identification for airport travel, cashing checksand travel to Mexico and Canada. Our partnerships with the federal Department of HomelandSecurity made this possible. governance
  8. 8. Navajo gaming The future for Navajo gaming is getting brighter. This year we opened Northern Edge in Upper Fruitland, N.M., which joined Fire Rock and Flowing Water gaming establishments. Northern Edge created more than 300 new jobs and the Twin Arrows Ca- sino and Resort will open by summer of 2013. Twin Arrows will create about 800 new jobs for the Navajo Nation. Workforce development We secured more than $7 million from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to help train Navajo workers throughout Workforce Development Department. We created 80 jobs, and trained more than 800 Navajo workers. Bringing New technologyenergy policy Secured a $32 million of American Recovery and ReinvestmentWe have written an Energy Policy to guide the Navajo Nation Act funding to build a 4G broadband network on the Navajo Na-into the future. From coal to renewable energy, once the Nava- tion. Soon homes and wireless data will be as fast as large Nation Council approves the policy, we can formally lay thefoundation for Energy Policy to guide the Nation as we expandour energy portfolio.economic prosperity
  9. 9. tax CreditsWe have made it easier for new businesses to have the oppor-tunity to get loans with the assistance of tax credits. The NewMarkets Tax Credit and the EB-5 program allows for tax creditsup to 20 percent, making it easier for new Navajo business toattain loans.Business retentionprogramEvery year, between $700 million and $1 billion dollars createdon the Navajo Nation leaves the Navajo Nation to stores and busi-nesses off the Nation. We need to keep that money here on theNavajo Nation so we can build a stronger economy. This programwill develop methods to keep Navajo money on the Navajo Nation. Coal Mine ownershipThis will help spur business growth and lead to the creation ofnew jobs.tur quoise ranch We have an opportunity before the Navajo Nation to possibly become one of the first Indian tribes to own a large scale mine.We put 375 acres into trust to build homes for Navajo People who We are exploring the possible acquisition of Navajo Mine near Tiiswere relocated. Tsoh Sikaad, N.M. Our leadership and ability to work together has brought this never before seen project to the Navajo Nation. Owning a coal mine could bring more revenue to the Nation and protect our jobs on the Navajo Nation. economic prosperity
  10. 10. reduCiNg drug traFFiC The Department of Public Safety has seized $3.7 million of illegal drugs and $530,000 in drug money. Less drugs on the Nation means a safer place for our children to grow up and continue practicing our Navajo culture. proteCtiNg our WoMeN, CHildreN aNd diSaBled This year, we passed and signed the Alchini Bi Beehazaanii Act, the Vulnerable Adult Protection Act and the Violence Against Women Act. All three acts have strengthened our Navajo Codes to protect our precious relatives.SoCial ServiCe pl aN oF operatioNThe Navajo Division of Social Services launched a new plan of operation that will better serve our People.The plan calls for more field offices, a unified record keeping system and more frontline workers. We created34 new jobs and will soon be opening an office for the Department of Family Services in Aneth, Utah. W W W. p r e S i d e N t. N Website of the Office of the President and the Vice-President ofHealth the Navajo Nation.
  11. 11. HealtH C are FaCilitieSOur people deserve access to health care no matter where they liveon the Navajo Nation. Our leadership has assured construction of fivehealth care centers remain a priority for Indian Health Services. Goodleadership makes sure we get funding for important projects at thefederal level.MediC aid FeaSiBilit Y StudYThis study will explore the possibilities of the Navajo Nationtaking control of Medicaid for the Navajo People. The Shelly/JimAdministration has advocated for our own Medicaid office so we canbetter help our people. The study is a first step in attaining strongersovereignty for the health of our People.2Nd aNNual ruNNiNg For a StroNger aNdHealtHier Navajo NatioNVice President Rex Lee Jim and the Navajo Nation Special Diabetes Project organized a 400 mile runthat encouraged our people to return to our teachings of waking at dawn and running. This past year,more than 1,200 people participated in the run that started in Pine Hill, N.M. and ended in Aneth,Utah. W W W. N Navajo Nation Government website. All Navajo Nation divisions, Health departments and programs.
  12. 12. Enhancing NavajoCulture in SchoolsWe signed two Memorandums of Understanding that give ourNavajo children attending off reservation schools the opportunityto learn Navajo language and culture.$3 Million for NavajoScholarshipsWe passed and signed the Navajo Sales Tax Redistribution ReformAct, which creates up to $3million of funding for Navajo scholar-ships. We met with students from area universities in town hallformatted meetings. We pushed this legislation because we knowour Navajo students need funding for secondary education. Education
  13. 13. Keeping a district togetherLast year, Central Consolidated School District in the Four Corners area had a non-reserva-tion group who wanted to split the district in half. The new half didnt see Navajo cul-ture classes as a priority even though 80 percent of the school children were Navajo. Weworked together and spoke with New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez and Public Edu-cation Secretary Hannah Skandera about the splitting of the school district. Our effortshelped keep the school district unified.Keeping Schools openWhen Gallup McKinley School Board voted to close middle schools in Navajo, Tohatchiand Crownpoint, we actively sought meetings with New Mexico Gov. Martinez and Sec.Skandera. The state decided to keep the schools open because of the school board didntadhere to the Indian Education Act. Our childrens education determines how bright ourcollective future is.providing Better data to Helpour ChildrenWe entered into an agreement with the state of New Mexico so they canshare test scores with the Department of Diné Education so we can findnew ways to help our children succeed. education
  14. 14. c WWW.preSideNt.N B e N S H e l lY reX lee jiM CLw CLw New initiatives for the Coming Year : Human resources pilot NgS lease project Finalizing the lease amendment for Navajo Generation Station which will yield the Navajo Giving divisions more control over hiring practices within Nation a significant increase to lease and tax the Navajo government, allowing for a qualified workforce. payments already being paid to the Navajo Na- tion. Narbona growth Fund 10 Ye a r H e a l t h a n d This would be a Navajo owned holding company that will Wellness plan allow for the creation of a development fund to increase business growth and create tax breaks as a federal charter. Complete a 10 year Health and Wellness Plan that would guide the Navajo Nation to cost ef- fective and efficient health care on the Navajo Nation.