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class notes

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Semantic Web April 4th 2016
  2. 2. Why do we need to make the web semantic?
  3. 3. What the 3rd order doesn’t do well authority explicit meaning well organized metadata
  4. 4. What the Semantic web tries to inject: standards explicit meaning well organized metadata
  5. 5. syntax = grammar semantics = meaning
  6. 6. -David Foster Wallace We all know there is no quicker way to empty a joke of its peculiar magic faster than to try to explain it.
  7. 7.
  8. 8. —David Foster Wallace “Point out, for example, that Lou Costello is mistaking the proper name "Who" for the interrogative pronoun "who," etc.”
  9. 9. Semantic Web A set of rules that allows us to declare when Who is a proper name and when it is an interrogative pronoun.
  10. 10. [HTML5 Microdata] microformats [hCalendar hCard] Open Graph Protocol [OGP - Facebook]
  11. 11. tim_berners_lee_on_the_next_web? language=en