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Characters how i met myself


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Form 3 New Literature Component. Novel - How I Met Myself. For more info, visit

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Characters how i met myself

  2. 2. John Taylor – 34 yr old Englishman– computer programmer-transferred to Budapest to lead a young team in a new project-happy at work
  3. 3. John Taylor-conscientious husband-protective family man-stable and confident young man until he meets his doppelganger-trouble by doppelganger and recurrence of dreams-determined
  4. 4. CHARACTERS Andrea - John’s wife - ex-Hungarian language teacher -works in a café -observant -concern -a loving wife -accommodating -humble and versatile
  5. 5. CHARACTERS Kati – daughter of John and Andrea-born on 16 September-keeps parents busy
  6. 6. CHARACTERS Zsolt – the café owner – friendly, helpful
  7. 7. CHARACTERSPaul Harris – a close school friend of John’s - a journalist, an understanding and a sympathetic friend.
  8. 8. Mrs. Fischer – a little deaf butfriendly and helpful woman
  9. 9. CHARACTERSJanos Szabo – a good family man, notvery healthy, became distraught afterthe tragic death of his wife and child.
  10. 10. CHARACTERS ACTIVITY 1I. After reading, split students into teams of three or four and assign each student a character from the story.2. Give every group the same situation; for example, if youre reading chapter 9. " the situation, initially Andrea was very patient and understanding about John’s doppelganger. In this chapter however, she is angry with him.
  11. 11. 3. Tell everyone to stay in character and be creative, but to behave as they believe their character would.4. This checks for comprehension, not only of the words, but of the more subtle character descriptors the author supplies.
  12. 12. ACTIVITY 2
  13. 13. ACTIVITY 3
  14. 14. CHARACTERSi. Test students’ understanding of the characters by having to write a new story.ii. Give students a situation or a location to get them started (for eg. John Taylor and doppelganger having coffee together in a cafe. Doppelganger is narrating his past and advising him to be extra careful.)