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Healthcare & Social Media

  1. 1. Social Media & Healthcare Current status & How can we leverage it? Observe ȸ Naresh Narendran
  2. 2. How Social Media used in Healthcare Industry? Blogs – DiabetesMine, HealthMatter, WebMD Microblogs – LiveStrong, Stupid Cancer Social Networking – Patients Like Me Podcast – Mayo Clinic, John Hopkins Medical Social Sharing – YouTube, Flickr Forums – Revolution Health Group Observe ȸ Naresh Narendran
  3. 3. Lets looks at the constituents Pharma Physicians Companies Research Medical Research Patients Institutions Labs Specialist Professionals Nurse Practitioners & Hospitals Assistants Observe ȸ Naresh Narendran
  4. 4. Lets look at how Physicians use Social Media Physician only Social Networking e.g. Sermo, Ozmosis, SocialMD Customer Service Portals of Pharma companies e.g. Merck Services, Pfizer Pro, Novo Medlink Medical Journals & Ongoing Education e.g. Free Medical Journals, PubMed Widgets and mobile apps e.g. Videos of Surgical techniques, Q&A style mobile apps Blogging Physicians Humanizing the Industry e.g. KevinMD Observe ȸ Naresh Narendran
  5. 5. How hospitals are Using Social Media? Customer Service - Another contact Recruitment - LinkedIn, Facebook and point for customers other tools are used to recruit Clinical and Administrative staff Community Outreach - The people in the physical community are on these sites Brand Monitoring - People are talking about us - What are they saying? Education - A natural extension to efforts of reach & teach Service Recovery - Step in to offer solutions / change attitudes Public Relations - The media is there looking for stories & sources Crisis Communications - Take control of the message, and keep community updated in real-time Observe ȸ Naresh Narendran
  6. 6. NJ has some big name hospitals, what are they doing in Social Media? Lets see some top players Hackensack University Medical Center Website Facebook Twitter YouTube LinkedIn Observe ȸ Naresh Narendran
  7. 7. Some more players… Cooper University Medical Center Website Facebook Twitter YouTube LinkedIn Observe ȸ Naresh Narendran
  8. 8. How about one of our client… Valley Health System Website Facebook Twitter YouTube LinkedIn Observe ȸ Naresh Narendran
  9. 9. But does playing less or not playing the social media game hurt Valley Health? Here is some proof… Lets Compare Valley Health and Cooper University site traffic… Observe ȸ Naresh Narendran
  10. 10. And Valley Health is not an exception but the norm. So how can we leverage this situation? By helping hospitals build a unique social media case study and then execute it effectively… So how do we go about building that case study??? Observe ȸ Naresh Narendran
  11. 11. Think of it as sections of a bridge… 4 parts… Where you are Your Expertise Current Communities Where you are going? Patient Base Field of medicine Ailment and Goals or care Geography Are they in social More new patients? networks? Aligned with the Aligned with your Greater tracking & business objectives expertise Will this improve outcomes? communication? Observe ȸ Naresh Narendran
  12. 12. Once we have identified the 4 parts then we do 3 steps… Search for communities where the patients base thrive… Search for searched keywords by the patient base… Quantify the potential online geographic market size using the patient base’s community i.e. Facebook Observe ȸ Naresh Narendran
  13. 13. Identify resources that is going to initiate the dialogue… Pharma and medical Physicians and device companies medical staff Patients, Parents & Family Members Observe ȸ Naresh Narendran
  14. 14. Consider Format & Conditions… Long form, on-going dialogue, thought piece > Blog, podcast, Slideshare Visual and / or emotional connection > Video, perhaps YouTube channel of success stories Information in real-time or during specific times > Twitter or Microblogs Group objectives, Ailment communities > Facebook, forums, Ning Observe ȸ Naresh Narendran
  15. 15. Execute Efficiently and monitor and adapt continuously… Observe ȸ Naresh Narendran
  16. 16. Questions & Next Steps Observe ȸ Naresh Narendran
  17. 17. Reference: Found in Cache by Ed Bennett - How Doctors Are Using Social Media Observe ȸ Naresh Narendran