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NMX 2014 - Blogging - How to Use your Blog to Grow your Freelance Career


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You’ve got a blog and an audience but your dreams go further. If they include a byline in a newspaper or magazine, or a regular spot on television or radio, you don’t have to go back to Journalism School to make it happen. In this session you’ll hear from a long-time Freelance writer who used her blog to make her dreams come true. She’s sharing the insider scoop along with the tips and tricks you need to know to become a freelancing machine.

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NMX 2014 - Blogging - How to Use your Blog to Grow your Freelance Career

  1. 1. From Blog Post to Front Page: How Your Blogging Skills can help you Launch a Freelance Career Heather Greenwood Davis @greenwooddavis
  2. 2. The #1 Mistake bloggers who are new Freelancers make… Undervaluing what you already do
  3. 3. The Bad News… • The world of print journalism is shrinking • Stories are smaller and shorter • Budgets are smaller • Newsrooms are laying off writers and then those professional journalists are becoming freelancers
  4. 4. The Good News… Newspapers: *continue to reach high circulations *reach significant segment of the population that isn’t on social media *don’t have an internal workforce and need to rely on freelancers Magazines: - Can pay well - The biggest ones start at $2 per word. - Options for every interest and level of experience
  5. 5. The Good News… Television: *Boosts your reputation as an expert faster than any other medium *high traffic to your site of new to you audience Radio: * broad range of opportunities and topics longer more focused storytelling and marketing opportunities *Easily saleable skill set
  6. 6. The Value of Traditional Media • Expand your existing profile • Launch you in a new area of expertise faster, further • Offer an adjunct advantage that is saleable to brands and advertisers
  7. 7. How do you break in?
  8. 8. New Media Traditional Media Access THE NEW FREELANCER
  9. 9. The new secret to Freelance Success : 1. Who I Knew: Professional NETWORKING 2. What I did: Developing Marketable CONTENT 3. Who I told: Actively Marketing my skills
  10. 10. Networking Online: • • • • chatter + marketer = success Interact - don’t just broadcast Show don’t tell Follow or create lists of the people you want to work with • Learn the lingo of the industry • RESOURCE: Mediabistro
  11. 11. Networking Online: • • • • • • • • Protect your reputation Online = On-Air Don’t be an Ass Make genuine connections Study the pubs you want to work with Understand Pitch etiquette Pay Attention Be Yourself
  12. 12. Networking Offline: • Join the old school groups and associations: ASJA, SATW, NATJA, NABJ, etc. • Consider local associations • Make coffee matter • Follow the Rules; Break the Rules • Colleagues matter • Build your Tribe • Be an Ambassador
  13. 13. Content Perfect the Pitch 1. How does this story meet an editor’s needs? 2. Why am I trying to tell this story now? 3. Why me?
  14. 14. Content Question: How do I Find Good Stories? Answer: Ask Someone. Connect with people who know where they are.
  15. 15. Create Good Content • • • • Write about what YOU know Tell the story in a way only you can Tell the story no one is telling Put a new media spin on an old media standby • Do the unexpected • Be Ready
  16. 16. Marketing • • • • • • Bring your audience to the table Offer a multi-platform approach Show don’t tell Share your successes Get help if you need it Use the tools you’ve already mastered
  17. 17. Freelance Success Formula Recap: 1. Who You Know 2. What you produce 3. Who else knows it
  18. 18. Questions? Where to Find me @greenwooddavis On a Plane