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Nox january 2012


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You can find just about anything in the internet. It is
the one resource that is quickly updated, costs less
than actual publications and is readily accessible to
multiple market targets.

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Nox january 2012

  1. 1. JANUARY 2011 ISSUE 2012 JANUARY 2012 BUSINESS NEWSLETTER JANUARY 2011 BUSINESS NEWSLETTERNews Online Xchangeserves to give up-to-date information on the products and services under the NMS brand, as well asnews involving the Web and Mobile industries. THE BUZZ ABOUT ONLINE MODERATION Designed by: Karlo Adrianne R. Aguilar You can find just about anything in the internet. It is the one resource that is quickly updated, costs less than actual publications and is readily accessible to multiple market targets. The internet’s greatest advantage is also its pitfall. The level of accessibility and ease in updating make it vulnerable to inaccurate informa- tion, distasteful content, racially charged statements, stolen data and legally sanctions or regulated files. That is where a system of MODERATION comes into play. Only professional and serious website service providers will invest on their image and ensure that they are not just another inaccurate statistic in the sea of dubious online content. Moderation makes the internet’s flaw, your greatest advantage; when you are reliably accurate and conduct yourself with integrity amid the mass of useless and offensive information, you become the one of the few sources of clean and correct posts - A “Go To” website for a network of users that are tired of being misled, insulted and unheard. “Only professional and serious website service providers will invest on their image” New Media Services e the Go-To company w
  2. 2. JANUARY 2011 ISSUE 2012 JANUARY 2012 BUSINESS NEWSLETTER JANUARY 2011 BUSINESS NEWSLETTER The benefits of ONLINE Moderation Imagine you are an owner of a clothing business. In your website, READ MESSAGE here are the published items: offensive expressions from customers who were not satisfied with your service, pictures of customers COMPOSE naked in the store, forums cursing your sales executives and a video MESSAGE showing an old lady wearing clothes in your fitting room and this Professional General video generated comments making fool of the lady. Do you think Commentator SEARCH MESSAGE Participant / USER you can have more customers? Actually, no one would ever think of visiting your store after visiting your website. ADD / DELETE Guarding your business’s image online is the main task of content moderators. USER Sometimes, businesses do not realize how important it is to impose modera- EDIT tion until a simple published error ruined the business’s image. Do not wait for MESSAGE your business to learn its lesson in the hard way. Use moderation now and Lurker enjoy these benefits. To have a website free from the above mentioned things is what you benefit from content moderation. You protect your business’s Moderator image in front of your customers and future customers. CHAT MODERATION In moderating blogs, comments, forums, chat rooms, you are ensuring a good relationship with your customers. You market your product when CONTENT MODERATION VIDEO MODERATION you satisfy their queries. With content moderation, you are free from any When picture and video moderators conduct polls Most of the time, customers join chat rooms in lawsuit and accusations. Moderators keep you out to know whether the pictures and videos are good your website to ask about a newly-launched from issues like racial and gender discriminations. or bad, they are creating recreations to customers. service. While chatting with customers, you are Moderators slash pictures that can create legal Remember, rating and answering polls is a leisure already inviting them to avail of your service. Thus, battles on ownership. to respondents. moderating is an effective advertising and public relations campaign. They will not involve you in libel and moral Moderation is part of troubleshooting also. When defamation cases since items are thoroughly customers find a picture or a video very degrading, Moreover, when you praise your customers in reviewed before these are published in your content moderation immediately stops the fuel blogs and forums, they will feel good and they will website. Moderation then keeps your public before it burns the whole business. Small issues always return to your business. When they praise image law-abiding and innocent from social can be magnified into threats that can ruin a your service in blogs, millions will read the blogs injustices. business. It is the same thing with tweets that can and will be interested in availing your service. be reposted by others and can create louder noise. Little opinions can be read by millions of people online and when they agree to them, your business is dead before you could open your office the next day. If you moderate these items, you are trying to extend your business’s life and expand its income. New Media Services e the Go-To company w
  3. 3. JANUARY 2011 ISSUE 2012 JANUARY 2012 BUSINESS NEWSLETTER JANUARY 2011 BUSINESS NEWSLETTER The 1, 2, 3 of online moderation Online Moderation can be simplified in three simple working parts. Managing new posts and updates for multiple users sounds like a job that is tedious and quite confusing. Like a Cattle-Wrangler in charge of a herd of unruly cattle. How do a set of cattle-wranglers manage to pull-off a feat as difficult as a cattle drive? Through proper management by employing herd dogs to keep the cattle in line, therefore minimizing the need for huge manpower. Any stragglers who move out of line are caught and saved. This metaphor reflects how Online Moderation works. 1 The Client or Website What should a brand look for when moderating content? provides a set of rules and 1. Users with names that include abusive or obscene words. Starbucks faced this problem when a user had guidelines to be followed included a swastika in their profile picture. Options to tackle this are: block the user outright; or contact them and ask them to change their avatar. If they refuse, or they change it back, block them (sometimes it 2. Obviously off-topic posts. If a user posts something that is obviously off-topic, it should be considered to be spam (particularly if it includes a link – this could take the use to a 2 The Moderators follow these rules and provide reports. As website that is infected with malware or contains offensive well as identify other potential hazards as they filter uploaded images, for example). Spam will disengage users and make your or posted content OD site less relevant and interesting to them. The solution? Don’t A GOOD FORUM MODERATOR publish the post, or delete it. If necessary, block the user. MUST KEEP AN EYE ON POST 3. Non-fans. By non-fans’ we mean people who are leaving KEEP THE POSTS CLEAN & MOVE harassing messages (threatening chain mail style messages, for POSTS TO APPROPRIATE CATEGORIES example) or people who are just trying to sell fans a product. WHEN THERE’S NO NEW THREADS, SPARK Options to tackle this are: block the post and if appropriate, DISCUSSIONS FROM TIME TO TIME contact the user to explain why; or block the user if this is possible. VISIT THE FORUM AT LEAST ONCE PER DAY Note that in an open group on Facebook, you can‘t delete a user’s profile, but persistent offenders can be reported to Facebook (and on other sites, through the relevant „report it channel). presence socialising 3 The users, guided by the terms and conditions, upload and scaffolding empathy post as usual, unaware of the underlying system. Any violators are sensitivity caught and saved from the hassle and repercussions of inappropri- ate content TOP TEN MODERATOR SKILLS presence cycles PLN communication enthusiasm New Media Services e the Go-To company w
  4. 4. JANUARY 2011 ISSUE 2012 JANUARY 2011 BUSINESS NEWSLETTER 2012WWW MODERATION WHY CREATE AWHO ARE ALREADY TRAINED ANDDEPARTMENT? WHEN YOU CAN HIRE EXPERTS MODERATION WILLING TO WORK FOR YOU New Media Services’ WWW Moderation is a moderation system offered to clients who want professional service for their website needs. It ranges from text posts to file uploads and adheres to a set of guidelines that are tailor-made for and by any client. New Media Services has in its employ, a large team of experts to handle client-demands and assist in your company’s goals by shouldering the weight of moderating undesired website threats like SPAM, Flames, Trolling, False Advertising, Outside liking, Illegal Programs/Scripts, Piracy and Censor Bypassing. FEATURES: OUR MODERATION SCOPE HANDLES MULTIPLE MEDIUMS OF POSTS AND UPLOADS AND MAY BE MODIFIED TO FIT YOUR NEEDS. OUR CURRENT FEATURES FILTER: We have in our employ, live operators, MEDIA TEXT MISCELLANEOUS reports analysts and quality con trol Images Blogs Tags teams ready and able to serve you 24/7. (This is an excerpt from the official business document of WWW Videos Comments Status Moderation, NMS’ online moderation services, written by Ian Wallpapers Descriptions Updates Jason De La Cruz. You can download the full version at Ringtones on Music Usernames AvatarsPOST MASTER TRACK AND MONITOR WEB POSTS WITH EASE, SPEED AND ACCURACY. PRIVILEGES Admins Full access to the product function Client View latest post, statistics and own profile Operators Add post, view latest post, view their profiles PostMaster is an invisible watchdog that will track FEATURES your marketing methods online in terms of blogging and social sites. Reveals your real time posts Quantifies your post for each Locates the site of each post channel and each operator Defines the channel of your post Easy post detection and correction For the next issue of NOX: Online presence is generally good because it marks visibility. Learn how to track down + your brands social media reputation. All text and images contained in this newsletter is copyright of New Media Services© 2012, unless otherwise stated. All rights reserved. No part of this newsletter may be used without the express written permission from the owners stated herein. New Media Services does not claim ownership to text, images, and logos, unless stated. Owners retain copyright and any other rights they already hold. New Media Services e the Go-To company w