New Media Services News Letter For February


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New Media Services News Letter For February

  1. 1. FEBRUARY 2011 BUSINESS NEWSLETTERNews Online XchangeFEBUARY 2011 ISSUE News Online Xchange (NOX) is the o cial monthly business newsletter of New Media Services Pty. Ltd. It serves to give up-to-date information on the products and services under the NMS brand, as well as news involving the Web and Mobile industries. Web Apps Mobile Apps Web to Mobile Apps What is a good mobile application anyway? Web to Mobile Polling Applications “Users want to access their data wherever they are. “ Web-To-Mobile Polling provides Good mobile applications should simply provide the same a fast and easy way of joining functionality and quality that a desktop computer provides: a and creating online polls perfect balance of device limitation and user environments & needs, into a dynamic mix that translates into a multi-faceted through a mobile phone, all via application which performs well when you used in the real the simplest method of modern world. communication - SMS. A good mobile application saves you time. Mobile Promoters use SMS Poll to let the applications should be designed to make your life easier. crowd select the songs bands play in The application should save your time, e ort or stress. concerts. A good mobile application should have a small memory footprint, as limitations of mobile devices especially Event Planners use SMS Poll to nd out delegate opinions, memory put limitations on mobile applications. encourage full attendee participation, and o er audience choice contests throughout the event. Good mobile applications promote the feeling of freedom: do what you want to Public Speakers use SMS Poll to grab the audiences attention, do, when you want to do it, whenever tailor their presentations based on audience response, and you want to do it. encourage discussion and debate. Mobile applications should t the Market Researchers use SMS Poll to instantly gather data from a user more closely than a desktop large group of people without ever having to ll-in or collate application. paper forms. Good mobile applications seamlessly integrate with Corporations use SMS Poll to measure the e ectiveness of the users desktop computer. training programs, gain open and honest feedback from anony- mous responses, and gather instant feedback at product launches. e w
  2. 2. FEBRUARY 2011 ISSUE FEBRUARY 2011 BUSINESS NEWSLETTER Top 10 Mobile Apps for Learning Mobile Apps for 2012 7 Things you should know. 1. Money Transfer. There may come a time when using your credit or 1. What is it? debit card seems passe, while paying for something with actual cash It can be any educational interaction delivered through mobile technology and accessed at a seems downright ancient. students convenience from any location. Aside from learning, it is also designed for other uses: 2. Location-Based Services. LBS extends to more than social - Geolocation -Data Access networks - including apps that tap into your phones GPS capabilities - Readers - Maps to o er location-based services of any kind. This will become one of the most disruptive technologies in the future, with a user base 2. How does it work? growing from 96 million in 2009 to 526 million in 2012. The app used for it generally focus on brief interactions , using simple navigation and graphics to accommodate multiple screen sizes. 3. Mobile Search. Its been predicted that consumers wont They are better suited for activities such as a Status Check, a request for Just-In-Time information, or necessarily be sticking with the search services they know and use on as a Student Response Tool in the classroom. the Web, and instead experiment with using a few di erent search providers that have "unique technologies" for mobile search. 3. Whos doing it? Abilene Christian University (Abilene, Texas, USA) - focused on Apple devices with instructors 4. Mobile Browsing. Mobile browsing capabilities currently exist leveraging applications from the Apple iTunes store for learning purposes like eld activities, while only on about 60% of handsets today. By 2013, that number will a dedicated portal o ers campus news and calendars to keep students engaged in the learning climb to 80%. community. 5. Mobile Health Monitoring. In the coming years, the industry will Seton Hill University (Greensburg, Pennsylvania, USA) - focused on the Apple platform, choosing its begin to monetize on this technology by o ering mobile healthcare technology for its mobility and the promise of easy future access to e-textbooks. monitoring products, services, and solutions to various care delivery Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA) and University of California, Berkeley organizations. (Berkeley, California, USA) - both universities has a joint project outreach program called Mobile and Immersive Learning Literacy in Emerging Economics (MILLEE) that seeks to support a group of 6. Mobile Payments. Like Mobile Transfers, this will be more English teachers in rural India with M-Learning applications designed for grade-school students. common in developing markets at the moment, but that is quickly The children access these activities via their mobile phones to work on English skills. changing.This technology, though, will still need some work, even when 2012 rolls around. 4. Why is it signi cant? Learning management systems may drive campuses to recognize the potential of M-Learnings 7. Near Field Communications (NFC). In late 2010, NFC-enabled always-on, anyplace technology that lowers the physical boundaries to learning and extends the phones begin to be shipped in volume, with Asia leading deploy- classroom. Ease of use o ered by mobile devices supports lifelong learning, and because the ment, followed by Europe and North America. devices themselves are integrated in everyday life, they facilitate authentic learning. 8. Mobile Advertising. Not new, but growing fast. Total spending on 5. What are the downsides? mobile advertising in 2008 was US$530.2 million and it will grow to Hardware for mobile learning represents a wide range of platforms, screen sizes, and functional- $7.5 billion in 2012. ities, and no clear standards exist for development that address all of the tools available. Also, while the devices can go anywhere with students, they might not engage students for long periods of 9. Mobile Instant Messaging. Latent user demand and market time, as mobile learning activities are subject to frequent interruptions. conditions are conductive to mobile IMs future adoption, but for now, SMS is still the service to beat. 6. Where is it going? New kinds of devices are emerging, blurring the distinctions between phones, PDAs, e-readers, and 10. Mobile Music. Sure, theres the iPhone, but what about other other types of hardware. Future mobile technologies will be able to present textbooks, create data options? Currently, there are new innovative models which include visualizations, aid library research, and foster contextual learning. both device (think "Comes With Music") and service bundles. (Source: 7. What are the implications for teaching and learning? The mobile phone is currently the most common platform for m-learning, lending itself to collaborative and project-based e orts that leverage its potential to support the communication requirements of a team. (Source: e New Media Services e w the Go-To company w
  4. 4. FEBUARY 2011 ISSUE FEBRUARY 2011 BUSINESS NEWSLETTER MoBiGo “Mobile Business Acquisition on the Go” MobiGo allows you to deliver mobile application packages to your End-Users via content subscription and one-fee models! Product Edge: Available in all Languages Advertised via WAP 2.0, WEB and TV Banners Customized Brand and Web Layout Key Bene ts: Mobile Format Ready Allows Easy Sharing Of The Site Revenue Sharing Model Client Set Up Artwork Creation Secured Content Management System MoBiRomp “Mobile Content for the Mobile Generation” MoBiRomp is a B2B Mobile Content, Resource with Flat-Free Subscriptions, Monthly Updates, Live Feeds and More! ACCESS: FEATURES: Member subscription Wallpapers No revenue sharing Online registration Screensavers Contents are Mobile-Format ready Online payments Videos and Tones Uniform billing Online Cancellation Licensed Contents easy shopping at the MoBiRomp website Wide content selections “The ultimate web to mobile polling system.” Poll It! Poll iT! is an online polling system that gives your End-Users the ability to share or vote in various polls via Premium SMS. Poll iT! can be packaged with our array of cutting-edge services... Logo and Web / Theme Designs Dedicated Web Hosting Web Marketing SEO/SEM/Social Media Monitoring Content Publishing Regional/Multi-Language Mobile Integration Content moderation Blogs/Press Release Statistics and Reports Customer Service 95% of business decision makers worldwide use social networks to some extent... Learn how to TRACK, MEASURE and ENGAGE your business online on our March Issue! e w