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Nox feb2012-final


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Nox feb2012-final

  1. 1. FEBRUARY 2012 ISSUEJANUARY 2011 ISSUE FEBRUARY 2012 BUSINESS NEWSLETTER JANUARY 2011 BUSINESS NEWSLETTERNews Online Xchangeserves to give up-to-date information on the products and services under the NMS brand, as well asnews involving the Web and Mobile industries. PROTECTING YOUR BRAND: SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING As the benefits of social networking for business are becoming more clear, so, too, are the risks that go along with it. With that said, its no longer possible for businesses to hide their heads in the sand and hope social just goes away. YOUR BUSINESS CAN’T IGNORE SOCIAL NETWORKING As the benefits of social networking for business are becoming more clear, so, too, are the risks that go along with it. With that said, its no longer possible for + businesses to hide their heads in the sand and hope social just goes away. Social media can take many different forms, including Internet forums, weblogs, social blogs, wikis, podcasts, pictures, video, rating and social bookmarking. There are also various technologies utilized like blogs, picture-sharing, vlogs, wall- postings, email, instant messaging, music-sharing, crowdsourcing, and voice over IP, to name a few. Social Media has been successfully exhausted as a new form of strategic marketing considering its wide reach, especially on consumers as well as a higher probability of repeat frequency on product/service recognition. New Media Services e the Go-To company w
  2. 2. FEBRUARY 2012 ISSUEJANUARY 2011 ISSUE FEBRUARY 2012 BUSINESS NEWSLETTER JANUARY 2011 BUSINESS NEWSLETTER The insistent use though of Social Media to drive Brand Recognition has its downfalls as improper and inconsistent management of these sites can do the opposite effect on any company. As such, taking control and the properly handling of Social Media sites through a highly efficient Social Media Management Service is the highly recommendable as it is a very significant factor in ensur- ing that any brand’s integrity is constantly guarded. Companies that have not ventured into social waters, either internally or externally, typically name fears about security and productivity as their main reasons for holding back. And these fears are well- Disclose Protect Your presence in Take extra care to founded, said Nick Arvanitis, principal security consultant at IT ser- social media must protect both Intel vices provider Dimension Data Americas. be transparent and yourself "While there are numerous benefits to social media, any astute CSO or Use Common Sense CIO will be quick to mention that there are serious risks," said Arvani- Remember that professional, tis. "For instance, social engineering attacks, one of the oldest and straightforward and appropriate communication is best most difficult attacks to protect against, rely on trust and personal information. People provide all sorts of personal information on social media and sometimes even connect with a hacker unknowingly, granting them access to their interests, preferences, activities, friends, etc. Social media is a goldmine for hackers. If one is able to exploit one individual in a company, they will likely be able to infiltrate the company itself. Humans have always been the weakest link when it comes to security, and this hasnt changed. Additionally, malware today can be found in posts on Facebook, links on Twitter, or embedded in third-party applications." SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING Each website site employs its own guidelines in accepting articles, video clips, text comments and images from contributors, unidentified visitors and even from its own staff. One site may support the uploading of any post, may it be derogatory or not; while other sites tightly screen contributions to allow only the posts with genuine interests. Others Facebook has now more than 800 million As the world’s largest video-sharing site, users worldwide, since it was created in millions visit YouTube daily. Visitors find any 2003. With its fast-rising number of kind of video uploaded into the site: registered users, Facebook has been facing infomercial, viral, music, movie trailer, Other Social Networking Sites multiple problems. Fake accounts have been self-promotion, lyric, demo, editorial etc TWIITER/MYSPACE, ETC created to deceive the public. The site does videos. Registered members of the site may For a comprehensive social media monitor- not integrate pre-moderation. However, it leave comments as a reaction to the video. ing, there are other social networking sites relies to reactive moderation wherein users In the past years, YouTube has been known that should also be tracked on. Included in themselves report to Facebook if a post is to be one of the favorite destinations of the list are MySpace, Twitter, DeviantArt, offending someone or totally not true. trolls. Trolls post any video (like scandals) and Orkut, CafeMon, Meetup, myYearbook and Facebook may be an excellent site to comment to gain massive attention, at the Bebo. market products but also may pose a big expense of a brand or brands. threat to brand reputation. New Media Services e the Go-To company w
  3. 3. FEBRUARY 2012 ISSUEJANUARY 2011 ISSUE FEBRUARY 2012 BUSINESS NEWSLETTER JANUARY 2011 BUSINESS NEWSLETTER BLOGGING SITES Five of the most used blogging sites are Blogger, WordPress, Tumbler, LiveJournal and Drupal. Blogging sites allow people to discuss anything under the sun. Included in the topics that a blogger can write about are the best and worst brands, the reasons why to love or hate a certain movie, the smartest or the less smart people etc. Bloggers are influential in convincing public minds. Consumers and customers read reviews and blogs about a certain brand during decision-making times. Monitoring about a brand is crucial in maintaining a marketable brand. Among the most influential blogs that can put a brand to fame or to shame are Huffington Post, TMZ, BusinessInsider, Engadget, PerezHilton, Gizmodo, Mashable, TechCrunch and Gawker. Indeed, the internet provides both success and failure to a brand. It has been a good tool in acquiring presti- gious name as well as a notorious image. Good thing that great minds continue developing both free and paid services and software to help brands monitor their online presence. RISKS OF NON-MONITORING There are obvious risks for brands which don’t moderate the content posted onto their own branded channels on social networks (i.e. on a branded fan page, company profile page, group or channel). The most important is the safety of their users, particularly brands which are marketing to children or teenagers. The importance of providing a safe environment for children goes without saying, and brands have a duty to ensure that children are not exposed to abuse, bullying or even illegal content posted by unscrupulous users of their social network pages. There is also a reputation risk. Like it or not, content posted on a branded page will be associated with that brand. No responsible company wants to be associated with bullying or inappropriate content on their social network pages. On a practical level, users won’t come back to a site that is rendered unusable by people posting comment spam, or irrelevant messages. New Media Services e the Go-To company w
  4. 4. FEBRUARY 2012 ISSUEJANUARY 2011 ISSUE FEBRUARY 2012 BUSINESS NEWSLETTER JANUARY 2011 BUSINESS NEWSLETTER AIR FORCE WEB POSTING RESPONSE ASSESSMENT AIR FORCE PUBLIC AFFAIRS AGENCY - EMERGING TECHNOLOGY DIVISION DISCOVER WEB POSTING Has someone discovered a post about the PRODUCED BY Air force Public Affairs Agency YES organization? This product is public domain and may Is it positive or balanced? be used freely. NO EVALUATE MONITOR ONLY “TROLLS” Is this a site dedicated to bashing and Avoid responding to specific CONCURENCE degrading others? posts, monitor site for A factual and well-cited response, relevant information and which may agree or disagree with YES NO comments. the post, yet is not factuall errone- ous, a rant or rage, bashing or “RAGER” negative in nature. Is the posting a rant, rage, joke or satirical in nature? FIX THE FACTS You can concur with the post, let stand or provide a positive review. Do you wish to respond with NO factual information directly Do you want to respond? on the comment board? “MISGUIDED” YES NO Are there erroneous facts in the posting? “LET STAND” NO Let the post stand -- RESTORATION no response. “UNHAPPY CUSTOMER” Do you wish to rectify the Is the posting a result of a negative YES situation and act upon a experience? reasonable solution? NO RESPOND SHARE SUCCESS FINAL EVALUATION Do you wish to proactively share Write response for current circumstances your story and your mission? only. Will you respond? YES BEFORE YOU RESPOND... BE CLEAR IDENTIFY YOURSELF DON’T RUSH BE CONSISTENT Be honest about the issue. Make sure the user knows Take the time to make sure Apply the user content rules Use plain English. Write in who is responding your response is a good one. in every case, even if you short, active sentences. Test your reply on a disagree with what the user colleague. says. New Media Services e the Go-To company w
  5. 5. FEBRUARY 2012 ISSUEJANUARY 2011 ISSUE FEBRUARY 2012 BUSINESS NEWSLETTER JANUARY 2011 BUSINESS NEWSLETTER ALL ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING TOOLS WHO IS BUYING SMM TOOLS? 10% of respondents 42.9% said that they were a 10% “Social Media WHAT FACTORS AFFECT THE “Marketing Executive”. Manager” 10.7% SELECTION OF A SMM TOOL? 10.7% 42.9% Survey participants were asked to rate different factors according to “Small Business 19.3% 17.1% how important that particular factor affected their selection of a SMM Manager” “Agency Professional” Tool. On a scale of 1 to 4. With 4 being the most important factor. The 19.3% 17.1% data for each “factor” is represented as an average rating. “Consultant” 2.47 2.33 2.29 2.13 1.82 1.42 1.39 3 HOW MUCH DO PEOPLE PAY FOR SMM TOOLS? 2 4.4% 2.2% Say that they spend $10,000/month or between $5,000 and $10,000/month more on SMM Tools 1 What metrics Integration with Ability to Ability to between $500 and 19% it offers different social schedule schedule $5,000/month networks updates updates Interface Price Firehose Access 54.7% $100/month or less between $100 and $500/month 19.7% NEXT MONTH ON NOX: All text and images contained in this Contact Centers are indispensable in the modern business environment for newsletter is copyright of New Media three key reasons; Ownership, Accountability and Satisfaction. Find out Services© 2012, unless otherwise stated. All rights reserved. No part of this how to retain your customers by giving them the most excellent customer newsletter may be used without the service support. express written permission from the owners stated herein. New Media Services does not claim ownership to text, images, and logos, unless stated. Owners retain copyright and any other rights they already hold. New Media Services e the Go-To company w