New Media Services News Letter For April 2011


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New Media Services News Letter For April 2011

  1. 1. APRIL 2011 BUSINESS NEWSLETTER News Online XchangeAPRIL 2011 ISSUE News Online Xchange (NOX) is the o cial monthly business newsletter of New Media Services Pty. Ltd. It serves to give up-to-date information on the products and services under the NMS brand, as well as news involving the Web and Mobile industries. VIRAL CAN BE GOOD Static THE EVOLUTION OF A VIRAL VIDEO No online Online Marketing activity occurs Repetition beyond original Through Viral Videos video upload. Online users get to view the video Viral marketing and viral advertising and later on refer to marketing techniques that become republished. use pre-existing social networks to SOCIAL produce increases in brand aware- Online news ness or to achieve other marketing objectives such as product sales organizations, bloggers and social VIRAL media enthusiasts Conversations about the video spread to a large number through self-replicating viral pick up the video. The of blogs, podcasts, and social network sites. It starts processes, analogous to the spread conversation moves trending on Twitter, online users upload video parodies of it, breaks the Google Trends top 100, climbs up Yahoo beyond retelling of virus or computer viruses. Buzz, Digg & other social bookmarking sites the story to personalizing it, and later on emotional involvement develops. Why Videos? The viral marketing potential of Global videos is great; hence the term "Viral The conversation about the Video." The end result of uploading video spreads globally and in one on the Internet is always the multiple languages Viral Videos can be branded for a speci c client who is same - viewership mounts and interested in video advertisements and video materials for interest increases, the spread of the business, marketing and sales. Viral Videos takes advantage video becomes unstoppable and of the entertainment potential and informative nature of creates a population of viewers that videos to introduce, promote and spread interest of create interest and buzz that is products, services and o ers of the business community. unmatched by any other campaign. e w
  2. 2. APRIL 2011 ISSUE APRIL 2011 BUSINESS NEWSLETTER V I R A L V I D E O S T R AT E G I E S Strategy #1: The actual video content Strategy #2: Make it short & sweet is not priority number 1 If I am to view a Dont agonize for days 45-minute long video on end online about how a photoshopping certain company has pictures you wish to evolved through the insert on your video, years and how their same as dont sweat products and services your eyes out cutting are one of the best and fitting videos globally, I assure you youll insert. Yes, that my brain will go having the right offline during the first content is important 3-5 minutes of that but the goal is to video. ensure that visitors will keep coming back to Everything is now view your video fast-paced. Nobody because it is short yet has the luxury to sit witty, with a subtle through a 45-minute hint of brand epiphany of history, promotion. milestones and product descriptions. A minute is good, 15-30 seconds is best. Strategy #3: Selling is a no, Strategy #4: Shock and Awe Informing is a yes Dont make it too Use fake yet shocking obvious that you headlines. Make the are "selling" a viewer thing, "is this for brand. If viewers real?" which will see that you are compel them to click trying to promote on view, later on to something, they realize that theyve wont share it. been faked. But they have to be in such But lets say your awe that even if you video is so duped them into amazing that watching your video viewers are using a fake headline, compelled to they would still end up share it. Well that sharing it to others. is a rare exception.Strategy #5: Set forth and multiplyIf you think uploading your video on Youtube will make it spread like wildfire in acouple of days, youre wrong. According to the official blogsite of Youtube,there are over 35 hours of video uploaded every minute. That means, yourless-than-a-minute video is a needle in a haystack.How do you set forth and multiply? One word: SEO. Have your video uploadedin blogs, have people talk about it in forums, have it shared on multiple socialmedia sites like Facebook and Twitter. Tag appropriately and track efficiently tomeasure the effectiveness of your viral video.In a nutshell, make sure that your viral video never goes to sleep. e w
  4. 4. APRIL 2011 ISSUE APRIL 2011 BUSINESS NEWSLETTER THE CONCEPT OF VIDEOS AS A VIRAL MEDIUM Create a video that Make marketing & Set a viewer base can promote a sales easier to under- that has the stand through visuals product/service potential to instead of boring descriptive documents self expand VIRAL VIDEOS SERVICES Viral Videos offers to elevate any business by providing stunning promotional videos that can be used online as part of your marketing strategy. We take care of the full production service from conceptualization, creating storyboards, scripts, special effects to final editing.Promote your business in 30 seconds or less! Our 3-Step Process: Our Service offering focus on putting together promotional videos that your company can 1. Pre-Production Viral Videos will determine your marketing use both for online or television advertising: needs and the best way to approach it. 1. Viral 2. Production 2. Informational Videos We keep you updated all throughout the actual production process 3. Corporate 3. Post-Prodution Do away from simple static pictures and lifeless text. We hold Quality Control on the top tier of every With Viral Videos, we bring your customers in through production we do. a stunning display of special effects and sounds. NEXT MONTH on NOX: Your Tireless Partner for reliable customer handling - NMS Customer Support Services! e w