Another Arrow for Your Quiver: OER


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2013 TICL presentation on OER, Creative Commons, and Nancy's Pearl Trees of resources.

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Another Arrow for Your Quiver: OER

  1. 1. WileyInstructional Psychology &TechnologyBrigham Young University#VSS2010 Workshop on OpenEducational ResourcesOpenness: Arguments &ExamplesKaren Fasimpaurkaren@k12opened.comOpen Content: Share, Remix,LearnANOTHER ARROW FOR YOUR QUIVER
  2. 2. Why Be Open?Knowledge should be accessibleEducation improves knowledgeEducation is sharingSharing is goodContinuous ImprovementEconomics- The $5.00 TextbookA Common Good- Better Together
  3. 3. Today’s SessionWhy Open Educational ResourcesUsing Creative CommonsOER Sites & ResourcesIowa’s Opportunity with AEAPDOnline /AEAK12Online
  4. 4. Assumptions About OERPersonalization and Differentiating instruction isessential to improving educationTextbooks are not a good tool for thisTechnology coupled with high quality content isTeachers need high quality resources that theycan use legally to build curriculum, interactivelessons, podcasts, multimedia presentations,etc.
  5. 5. Assumptions About OERBut wait a minute…
  6. 6. What is OER?Open Educational Resources (OER)are:Digital, free, and OPEN for anyone to use,adapt, and redistributeTools, content, and implementationresourcesFor teachers, students, and lifelong learners
  7. 7. 4R PermissionsReuse- copy verbatimRevise- adapt and editRemix- combine with othersRedistribute- share with others
  8. 8. How is OER relevant toeducation?Suitable for “remixing” for differentiationSuitable for “revising” for continuousimprovementBrings equityFREE
  9. 9. How is OER relevant toIowa education?If……we are all trying toaddress Iowa/CommonCore…we are also all trying tocreate more digitallearning experiences forour students>share-remix-improve<
  10. 10. Traditionalcopyright -all rightsreservedPublic domain -unrestricteduse
  11. 11. Traditionalcopyright -all rightsreservedPublic domain -unrestricteduseCopyright withopen licenses -some rightsreserved“Give without giving away.”
  12. 12. TraditionalcopyrightLIMITSInternetENABLESOERALLOWS
  13. 13. Non-commercial (NC) ▪ No derivatives (ND)▪ Copyleft - Share-Alike (SA) ▪ Attribution (BY)Recommended for education:CC BY
  14. 14. Creative Commons− CC BY – You can use however you want; just citethe source.− CC BY SA – You can use however you want, butyou must cite the source AND license your workunder a sharing license.− CC BY NC – You can use only if it isnoncommercial (you can’t charge $); cite thesource.− CC BY ND – You can use the work but you can’tchange it or put it into a bigger work; also cite the
  15. 15. Citing SourcesALWAYS cite sourcesCan be under the image or at the end in creditsScreen names are ok(optional) Include source URL
  16. 16. Free to Copy, Distribute, EditWe can share as never beforeWith OER
  17. 17. Free Copy, Distribute, EditWe can educate as never before
  18. 18. How is OER relevant toIowa education?If……we are all trying toaddress Iowa/CommonCore & create moredigital learningexperiences for ourstudents>share-remix-improve<EFFICIENT
  19. 19. To Speed Education InnovationCan we increase quality and decrease costof content creation/acquisition?
  20. 20. Let’s Have a LookOERNancy’s OER PearlTreesTwitter:OER: via@pearltrees #resources#blendedlearning #iablended
  21. 21. .How You Can Open LicenseYour Own WorkJust write “licensed under Creative CommonsCC BY” on the workUse the Creative Commons “License Your Work” tool− Will provide you with artwork− Optional code you can put on a web site to beaccessed by open search engines
  22. 22. How is OER relevant toIowa education?If…Didn’t we agree it wouldbe more efficient,effective andinnovations wouldoccur faster if weshared in this work?>share-remix-improve<TOGETHER
  23. 23. Iowa is ReadyRepository for storing, sharingand accessing contentA collection ofCurriculumcourses &modules- a startA method forcollaborating, sharingand improving bothcurriculum and teachereffectiveness
  24. 24. Iowa is ReadyShared Repository- iLearnSharing Courses & Modules, AGORA & SeminarSocial LearningSocial Authoring!!
  25. 25. Social Authoring ModelAllows for different levels of contributionCore Author Team•Subject Matter Experts &Core Teachers•Create bulk oflesson/course contentContributing Authors•Contribute select content &assignments•Alternative explanations,activities discussions,manipulatives, projects,games…Supporting Authors•Critique, review, pilot•Small content contributionsSource:
  26. 26. .How You Can ContributeIf you publish something you are willing toshare, open license it.Post with an open licensePublish on an open platformEngage with others in AuthoringEngage with others in continuous improvementthrough a AEAPD/K12OnlineTell three people you know about opencontent and Creative Commons
  27. 27. .How You Can ContributeLet’s not reinvent the wheel.Wish I could have used this photo viabut it is
  28. 28. .How You Can ContributeCONNECT, SHARE, COLLABORATEAEAK12OnlineRequestFormBetter Together Iowa!AEAPDOnlineAEAK12OnlineNewsAEAK12OnlineMoodle
  29. 29. Thank you.Nancy MovallK12 Online Learning SpecialistAEAPDOnline/ First screen image credits:Linux computer lab – Michael SurranLinux penguin - Larry Ewing <> with the GIMPBooks - TizzieGlobe – NASACloud background - Anca MosoiuChimp-
  30. 30. Site You Can Search for OEROER for K-12 Livebinder-− Open-Licensed Clip Art, Photos, Music & Sound Effects− Open-Licensed Textbooks− Open-Licensed Online Courses− Open-Licensed ELA Resources− Open-Licensed Math Resources− Open-Licensed Science Resources− Open-Licensed Social Studies Resources
  31. 31. Content – Photos , Clip Art,and VideoPhotos− Flickr (CC)‫‏‬ - Advanced search− Wikipedia− Wikimedia Commons− Google Images – Advanced image search− The Open Photo ProjectClip art− WPClipArt− Open Clip Art Library
  32. 32. Content – Education (cont.)Other educational contentFlatWorld KnowledgeiLabCentralLearning RegistryTennessee Curriculum CenterOpen Courseware ConsortiumIowa AEAOnline
  33. 33. Open-Licensed Online CoursesHIPPOCAMPUS: TEACHING WITH THEPOWER OF DIGITAL MEDIAMIX your own media playlists using content from any collectionTRACK what media is "trending" this week for your subjectareaFIND what media is rated highest by other HippoCampus usersSHARE your customized HippoCampus with your students andfriends