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One Thing From Darts 2


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Participant feedback from DARTS2

Published in: Sports, Entertainment & Humor
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One Thing From Darts 2

  1. 1. One thing from DARTS 2<br />Feedback from participants<br />June 2009<br />
  2. 2. …about research<br />Think about different types of researchers, targeting different activities for different levels<br />Remember that people in the ‘middle age’ of research have not ‘done it all’ previously in career and may have more basic needs of how to get started<br />The idea of research being made more meaningful when used by an external audience – a key issue as it backs up the knowledge transfer incentive<br />Struck by researchers feeling that academic libraries are too undergraduate focused. We should take this more seriously.<br />Planning a questionnaire for research staff and will include a question on ‘Writing for Publication’ support (X2)<br />
  3. 3. …about LIS staff<br />Find out about writing on library support for researchers in our staff development magazine.<br />Do some research?<br />‘Library and Information Research’ – a place for your first research paper? (Contact MiggiePickton -<br />Seriously think about getting published myself so I better understand the process and will be in a stronger position to give advice…<br />Make sure I am aware of big research areas in the faculty I support<br />Think about a ‘CoW’ for library staff so we can all learn to write for publication together (X2)<br />
  4. 4. ……about engagement<br />Make closer links with Research Office and try to collaborate in their training programmes<br />I will investigate setting up a workshop on ‘Writing for Publication’<br />Will speak to our Staff Development Unit about setting up a CoW<br />I am going to milk your idea of a CoW!<br />Work with Researcher’s Development Unit to provide input into ‘Writing for Publication’<br />I love the idea of getting publishers in to talk (3)<br />‘Informal lunch’ regularly held for LSI and other staff across Uni who provide support for researchers<br />Look at University researcher web pages and see if library mentioned. If not, follow up with management (X3)<br />Go back to the Business School and really try to connect with individual researchers<br />Research Student Training – the range of subject areas we cover. Are there any we don’t already do that would be of interest/pull in researchers? What should/could be the balance between generic and subject specific?<br />Often asked by researchers about “How to publish?” – will go back and think about this<br />Getting more involved in Graduate School training on ‘Writing for Publication’<br />
  5. 5. …to share<br />LSE run a course encouraging researchers to develop their writing on a blog. We are considering a new course on ‘managing your digital footprint’. I will add H-index into this, thanks.<br />We have worked in partnership with academics looking closely at high impact journals in their disciplines and looking at reviewing articles in these journals. Aim to encourage them to pitch work more at high impact rather than ‘comfy’ journals<br />I run training course (credit bearing) for Arts PhDs includes an hour on copyright, open access and ethics, thinking about legal issues in publishing and enthusing them about OA – policy to ‘get them at the start’ with OA. We encourage blogging to foster communities of practice.<br />I will try to engage our liaison librarians more in supporting research and understanding their role.<br />At Exeter we are heavily involved in the Effective Researcher Development Programme for PGRs (courses on various aspects of Research and the Research process). Some great ideas to take away, e.g. CoWs.<br />