Media Studies Evaluation


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Media Studies Evaluation

  1. 1. Media Studies Evaluation
  2. 2. Forms & Conventions (Magazine Cover) The strap line gives The model a brief insight into makes ‘eye what the magazine contact’. The provides, and the model website is featured dominates the too. magazine front cover. The ‘masthead’ ‘PACE’ overlaps the models. Short, related to The magazine cover D&B. Modern features a ‘bar font ‘Avenger’. code’ and ‘dateline’. Main Cover Line uses Modern The cover lines on font ‘N-Gage’ ‘PACE’ are laid out and yellow to The model represents the D&B genre, due in traditional attract reader. to their style, look and colour choice. magazine form.
  3. 3. Forms & Conventions (TOC) ‘PACE’ logo is White, yellow featured on the and red TOC. represent D&B. Page numbers and features show ‘PACE’ breaks where articles are. convention by not featuring photos. Article title are in yellow to make it obvious to the Similar theme is reader, and use carried through from the font ‘N-Gage’ the magazine cover to the TOC. Page number is displayed at the bottom.
  4. 4. Forms & Conventions (DPS) The heading uses the font ‘N-Gage’. Consistent The top three theme. artist have photos featured on DPS. •Young •Stylish Explanatory text size 12 font ‘Arial’. Page number is The photos displayed at the have been bottom. edited, to Colour theme is represent each consistent with the artist in their magazine. Clean lines own way. and layout contrast well.
  5. 5. Representations of Social Groups The magazine represents people in the social grouping C1,C2 and D. As the people that will read this magazine will be either working/lower middle class.
  6. 6. Appeal (Magazine Cover) My magazine cover appeals to: •Males/Females •Aged 16-18 •Stylish (colourful). •Messy •Party animals •Sociable •Close to the rave scene •Colloquial language, specific use of language •Drum and Bass/Dubstep fans
  7. 7. Appeal (TOC) My TOC appeals to: •Males/Females •Artistic •Middle class, due to area location •Close to the rave scene •Drum and Bass cultured •Colloquial language, specific use of language
  8. 8. Appeal (DPS) My DPS appeals to: •Males/Females •Aged 16-18 •Stylish (colourful). •Close to the rave scene •Colloquial language, specific use of language •Drum and Bass fans
  9. 9. Distribution •IPC Media •No Drum and Bass magazines, new music genre. •Monthly magazine such as NME, Uncut are distributed by IPC
  10. 10. Attract/Address Audience (Magazine Cover) •Colours •Eye Contact •Model positioned in centre, titled toward side •Image takes up 2/3 of cover
  11. 11. Attract/Address Audience (TOC) •Colour theme (red, yellow and black) •Fonts (Avenger, N-Gage)
  12. 12. Attract/Address Audience (DPS) •Bright, contrasting colours •Article is based on top 10 artists of the month. •Colloquial language
  13. 13. Technology Used I have used a variety of technologies throughout my project: • •Adobe Photoshop •Blogger •Publisher •Excel •Scribd •Slideshare •Animoto
  14. 14. How I used the technology? dafont •Variety of unique fonts
  15. 15. How I used the technology? Adobe Photshop •Cloning •Blurring •Cropping •Resizing •Erasing •Grid (align photos)
  16. 16. How I used the technology? Blogger •Publish posts of work created. •Upload images to illustrate posts •Embed codes for Animoto, Slideshare and Scribd Embed documents e.g. tables
  17. 17. How I used the technology? Microsoft Office Publisher •Creating Mock-Ups •Inserting text boxes •Manoeuvring images and texts.
  18. 18. How I used the technology? Microsoft Excel •Create pie charts Slideshare and Scribd •Upload PowerPoints •Upload documents •Embed into blog
  19. 19. How I used the technology? Animoto •Create introductory video •Upload images •Add music •Creates video •Can be embedded into blog
  20. 20. Overall what have I learnt? •Add more effects to the Magazine Cover •Use a variety of techniques to improve layout of image.
  21. 21. Preliminary Task vs. Final Task I used the following: •Advanced technical skills (editing) •Complied with standard forms and convention •Improved layout, colour schemes etc.