Social Media 101


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Social Media for beginners

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  • If Facebook were a country it would be the world’s 3rd largest country (after Chine and India) and is 2x the size of the U.S. populationPeople spend 700 billion minutes per month on FacebookYouTube generates 92 billion page views per month (These YouTube stats don’t include videos viewed on phones and embedded in websites)People upload 3,000 images to Flickr (the photo sharing social media site) every minuteFlickr hosts over 5 billion images190 million average  Tweets per day occur on Twitter (May 2011)Twitter is adding nearly 500,000 users a dayGoogle+ has more than 25 million usersGoogle+ was the fastest social network to reach 10 million users at 16 days (Twitter took 780 days and Facebook 852 days)
  • Social Media Strategy EARNS online & offline coverageDigital Marketing BUYS online & offline coverage
  • Social media is basic communication. In business, social media should not play the role in direct selling, it should instead influence viral conversations, build awareness, improve customer service, and engage with your customers as a “friend”Who do you trust when you make a purchase decision, a friend you trust or an advertisement?
  • Competitors are/ will be on it!Customers rely on recommendations from friends and family, review sites, etc.Cost effectiveness – social media vs. running a tv spotEx In 2010, Pepsi ditches super bowl ads for social networking campaignInstead of paying millions of dollars for 30 seconds of airtime, the soft drink giant is pouring resources into an online social-networking campaign designed to engage and interact with customers for months.
  • Most brands (and many agencies) focus way too much on social media tactics, such as launching Facebook pages, Twitter, creating apps, and trying to create viral videos. Some might get lucks and create buzz, but it’s very risky to be too focused on tactics. Tactics should come last after building a solid foundation of brand image, personality, and engagement online.Define goals:Connect & engage w/ existing & potential customersKeep & earn trustExpand awareness Drive salesIncrease online brand shareGet insightsDefine Standards/ Best PracticesLead + isnpireConnect + engageCreate compelling, digestible, evergreen & relevant contentBrand holisticallyBe authenticBe strategic
  • Tools help you:Monitor conversationsManage and plan content ahead of timeAnalytics:SentimentGrowthReputationsCampaign effective nessCustomer service issues and opportunitiesProduct feedbackBrand advocatesinteraction
  • Purpose: Share multi-media content w/ community that has chosen to “like” youGood for:EngagmenetFeedback & testing *these are customers who know the product)Content sharing (links, ideas, questions)Webinar & event promotionContestsPollsVideo sharing
  • Purpose: short snippets of communicationsInfo sharingGreat for:Acquisition & reachReal-time listening & hearing what others are saying about usWebinar & even promotionResponding instantly to anything (customer, crisis, partnerSharing resources, contentPromotions & campaignsEngagement w/ customers, partners, employees, etc.Develop and promote your brandCustomer support provoke thought/humorBe known as a thought leaderHelp w/ access to information Engage followers w/ a q
  • Purpose: to establish self as a thought leaderChampion a causeBuild community & connect w othersShare knowledge and /or infoPromote brand or productsEntertain, encourage or inspire othersRecord experiences
  • Purpose: video (demos, news, internal events, promotions2nd largest search engineCan promote videos through paid programGreat for media/bloggers (can embed files into blogs & get specific urlsCreate playlistFavorite other videos- People can leave comments
  • It took Google+ 21 days to get to 18 million users – it took FB 2.5 yearsBenefits over other SM: integrated w/ Google advertising productSuperior data & analyticsBetter searchIntegration w/ Google AppsUsage:Circles – customize your messages to specific target audienceHangouts – customer service / see them face-to-face (both customers and brand employees)Enhance search results w/ Google+ pages and socially enabled team+1 recommendations across the we b
  • Facebook:Tips / tacticsAsk for the “like” or “comment”Everyone loves a quote and regardless of your brand or industry vertical, it’s likely a philosopher or notable personality has made a quotable statement about itA well-chose quote posted to your page can see a strong response. Everyone loves a quoteTrue or False: Greater response when posting a bold statement and let your fans discuss amongst themselves whether or not they agreeFill in the blanksPlay games and think how you can play w/ the FB platformDon’t neglect the opportunity you have to control the first impression of your brand on FB. Your default landing tab will see a greater conversions of fans if you just tell them what to do, If this isn’t enticing enough for you try locking content or offers behind the “like. A simple way to inject a genuine feeling of community into your FB Page is to award a “featured fan”. It’s a simple way to showcase your advocates and encourages others to be more involved. Also gives a s “human edge to the personality of the page
  • Blogging:remember that the most successful blogs place added value before selling.Humanize your blog –showcase your employeesPhotos on a blog are essential when you want to create a feeling or experience for your readers.- Guest posts diversify the content of your blog and attract new readers via those who already follow your contributors.Content: Be intelligent, funny, passionate, inquisitive, focused - Short posts, video, long posts - Easy to skim (bullet points, list, etc.)
  • TwitterTips: balance sharing content and own thoughts & ideasEtiquette: Always use reply button when interacting w/ other user, thank people for rt, use hashtags (responsibility) (used to track tropics or conversations_) / rt(the reposting of a tweet, passing it alongEveryone loves a good deal. Use contests and offers to drive excitement about your brandLessons: Don’t be afraid to say “I’m sorry.” Showcase the people and personalities behind your brand.People follow you for a reason – realize what it is and deliver that content to followers
  • 2. if it’s part of the marketing plan make sure there are enough resource and labor to impress your targets. For instance, if there’s a blog, make sure it’s well planned and updated often3. Everything that might interest your targets such as pictures of the office, live tweets during an event, videos, articles and live streaming. It’s not the same as advertisement people don't get annoyed by you interesting / valuable content about the brand4. Lies can get caught and get spread hundred times faster online. A brand can give a better image to the public by being transparent and show them who they really are.
  • Honesty, accountability cohesion and timeliness are best policies w/ employees & vendorsIf you’re not transparent your community, customers and competition will know and use this against youEmployee representatives should be in on the planning to have “ownership” in a crisis situation
  • Social Media 101

    1. 1. Agenda• Social Media Stats• What is Social Media?• What Can It do?• Why Social Media?• Getting Started• Social Media Components• Tips & Tactics• Do’s & Don’ts
    2. 2. Social Media UsageSources:Facebook Statistics“Facebook, YouTube, our collective time sinks (stats)”“The Engineering Behind Twitter’s New Search Experience”“New Twitter Stats: 140M Tweets Sent Per Day, 460K Accounts Created Per Day”“The Growth of Social Media: An Infographic”
    3. 3. Twitter & Facebook Users• 60% of Twitter Users Are More Likely to Recommend a • 57% of Respondents said they “liked” a brand because theyBrand After Becoming a Follower bought it and liked it• 61% follow brands so they can be the “first to know what’s • 63% seek out sales and promotion codeshot”Source: “What Twitter Users Think About the Brands They Follow“, Source: “Facebook Still Top Social Marketing Venue for SMBs“ emarketer.com
    4. 4. What is Social Media?• Communication with people• Getting feedback from community (wants and needs)• Exhibits that companies are human• Shows that brands really care about their products and community• It ISN’T always about the company’s products or servicesSocial Media Strategy = EARNSDigital Marketing = BUYS
    5. 5. What is Social Media?Source: Tim- Ho, “Social Media Basics for Executives”,
    6. 6. What Can Social Do?• Build community• Drive product/service improvements (through feedback)• Answer common questions• Build trust (or break it)• One-on-one engagement• Strengthen bonds w/ current one customers• Build new customers through recommendations• Inspire, educate, and entertain
    7. 7. Why Social Media?
    8. 8. Before You Start… • Why am I doing this? • What do I have to say? • Why will people care? • Why will people continue to engage? • How long do I want to do this?
    9. 9. ProgressionResearch Take the 1st Step Run with It Let it Fly• Familiarize • Determine • Set up • Adjust strategywith networks Brand Identity accounts accordingly• Determine • Define • Begin • Expandwhere your objectives i.e. conversations networks beingsandbox is increase brand with audience used awareness
    10. 10. Tools• Google Alerts, Social Mention• CoTweet, Hootsuite, Tweet Deck• Radian6, Vitrue
    11. 11. Facebook
    12. 12. Twitter
    13. 13. Blogs
    14. 14. YouTube
    15. 15. Google+
    16. 16. Others
    17. 17. Tips & Tactics
    18. 18. Tips & TacticsSource: Social Media Examiner, “10 Top Business Blogs and Why They Are Successful” /
    19. 19. Tips & TacticsSource: Mashable “9 Lessons From Successful Brands on Twitter” “Social 101 – Twitter”
    20. 20. Do’s & Don’ts• Don’t judge someone’s knowledge in SM • Do realize social media is not just about based on number of followers or fans the number• Don’t be on social media just because it’s • Do make calculated decisions and plan there ahead• Don’t be afraid to over share • Do share everything (well, mostly everything) on different channels• Don’t lie, don’t pretend • Do be transparent
    21. 21. Dealing w/ Negativity • Humanize brand • Listen & accept don’t censor • Respond directly and quickly • Be honest • Be transparent & explain • Create opportunity • Fix the problem if there is oneSource: Girl at Play Media “Holistic Social Business”
    22. 22. Questions??