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Ubiquitous Library


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A presentation describing the development and implementation of a school library's website and its move toward collaborative, web 2.0 tools for creation and maintenance.

Published in: Education
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Ubiquitous Library

  1. 1. The Ubiquitous Library Creating a 24/7 Portal of Information and Service to Support Learning and Instruction Naomi Mellendorf April 1, 2010
  2. 2. 2005
  3. 3. Vision create a dynamic virtual presence to support student learning and teacher instruction 21st Century Skills Information Literacy Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum Differentiated Instruction Cooperative Learning Problem Based Learning Fully embedded and integrated into content curriculum
  4. 4. Planning ~ Development ~ Implementation Training Research Self-Instruction Best Practices Web-based learning Models Books Colleagues Data Collaboration Personal motivation Administration Staff Students Parents
  5. 5. Results Teachers, Administrators, and Parents • Facilitates teacher -- librarian collaboration • Promotes reading and writing across the curriculum initiatives • Incorporates Problem-Based Learning • Enhances Differentiated Instruction • Integrates Web 2.0 technologies • Generates effective communication • Models best practices in information literacy and technology integration
  6. 6. Results -- Students • Provides exemplary resources • Models an effective research process • Promotes reading for pleasure and learning • Engages students in planning their research process • Inspires students to seek out new reading sources • Promotes information creation and collaboration • Draws students into exploring information resources sources and experimenting with technology tools that will enhance their study skills, organize their research, and improve their learning.
  7. 7. 2010
  8. 8. a database designed for lower-level readers; a selection of articles to initiate students’ research
  9. 9. Embedded slideshows and information tools for self-teaching and exploration
  10. 10. Promoting New Books, Author Visits, and a School-Wide Book Fair
  11. 11. Naomi Mellendorf, Associate Librarian Maine South High School Library Resource Center Park Ridge, Illinois