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Sierraview Tree Farm Stewardship Plan


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This is a presentation that will show you exactly what needs to be done for the Stewardship Plan for the Sierraview Tree Farm

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Sierraview Tree Farm Stewardship Plan

  1. 1. 01/28/15 Forest Stewardship Plan 140+ Ac. Sierra View Ranch Cohasset, Ca. Management Advisors: Norm and Judy Meacham
  2. 2. 01/28/15 Sierra View Ranch 140 acres Maintenance Road Spur to south and thru the timber of stand 3 Spur to artesian spring Access via Ponderosa Way and Royal Forest Trail Road. Muddy Creek Main residence and office. Barn/work shed
  3. 3. 01/28/15 Property Overview  Property sits on a ridge running North and South with saddle on the south boundary adjoining Musty Buck Reserve. The boundaries form a backward L shape with six distinct stands.  The majority of the property experienced a fire in the late 90’s with subsequent logging. Natural seeding occurred with a good population of ponderosa pine seedlings 1-9yrs old. California Manzanita has overwhelmed the logged off areas, which in turn has allowed other undesirable lower story plants to spread and compete with the new pine growth.
  4. 4. 01/28/15 Sierra View Ranch Goal  Our objectives require a strong relationship with the natural and native eco-habitat. The economics and development of the property shall drive towards the most current and accepted methodologies to encourage maximum tree growth, healthier natural habitat, emphasis on native plants, soil improvement, alternative green options, aesthetic enhancement, and economic gain.
  5. 5. 01/28/15 Sierra View Stands  Insert google satellite image Stand 1 Stand 2 Stand 3 Stand 4 Stand 5 Stand 6
  6. 6. 01/28/15 Property Diversified  There are 6 distinct stands associated with Sierra View Ranch. Stands do not necessarily mean timber related.  Stand 1- Ridge stand, runs north and south at the center of the property and supports a thick new growth of Ponderosa and Sugar Pine softwoods ages from 1-9 years.  Stand 2- East Slope stand runs north and south and slopes steeply down to Muddy Creek and has running water or sporadic pooling of water. This is the major habitat for black bear, coyote, deer, mountain lion and upland bird population.
  7. 7. 01/28/15 Property Diversified  Stand 3- Southwest stand is a mixture of second growth ponderosa (25-40yrs, 8” and up, some tree deformity) and sugar pine (15- 25yrs, 4” and up, tree deformity, some tree health issues and insect damage.  Stand 4- West Juvenile stand has mixture of softwoods, primarily Ponderosa and Sugar pine. (10-20yrs, not much deformity or damage, growth is being stunted from overcrowding conditions.
  8. 8. 01/28/15 Property Diversified  Stand 5- Rock Outcrop stand is just east of the juvenile stand and abuts the western slope of the main north south ridge of Sierra View Ranch. It lies at 2300’ elevation with a fragmented limestone layer which has a moisture seam. At the NE corner of this stand normally lies a year round artesian spring. There is limited hardwood trees with undesirable weeds and unidentified plants. There is an access spur which is generally passable during the summer months.
  9. 9. 01/28/15 Property Diversified  Stand 6- Center stand runs along the properties center ridge and the inside mid point to the southwest stand and to the west meeting with the Rock Outcrop stand. Mixture of second growth and old growth ponderosa and smaller Sugar pine. Limited hardwood trees.  There is a maintenance road that branches off through the Southwest stand, spur road to the spring and continues onto neighboring property, and a spur to the south center of the property.
  10. 10. 01/28/15 Primary Objectives Fuel Reduction  Each stand will be prioritized with objectives met over a five year transition period.  Reducing the manzanita stands, using mulch technology, manual and mechanical means.  Allowing larger stands of manzanita growing paths, targeting new growth for clearing and mulching, provides limited manzanita expansion.
  11. 11. 01/28/15 Primary Objectives Native Covering  As each phase of manzanita removal occurs, a combination of localized native species and acceptable lower story species as recommended by Butte County Ag Department will be utilized in new plantings.
  12. 12. 01/28/15 Primary Objectives  Soil Improvement  Mulching methods and soil treatments as outlined by Butte County Ag will be implemented.  Natural and native flora will be major accent of reseeding and planting stages.
  13. 13. 01/28/15 Primary Objectives  Wildlife Habitat  Water is major setback for higher elevations of the property. Introducing a water recovery system design for collection during winter runoff for use during summer and autumn dry months. The current lower story and major California manzanita growth gives excellent cover, nesting, and protection for all species in several stands and will be enhanced by introducing watering systems to aid with natural influences.
  14. 14. 01/28/15 Primary Objectives  Timber Growth  Reduce overcrowding conditions, remove diseased, deformed, or insect damaged trees with 25’-35’ spacing which will open the timber stand.  Potential economic gains through firewood, limited building needs from tree removal, and other means determined during all phases objectives.
  15. 15. 01/28/15 Alternative Green Options  Solar Arrays  With the unobstructed eastern and southerly views solar power is a viable potential for clean energy for the ranch needs and also could be of a size and nature to produce larger amounts of solar energy for Butte county.
  16. 16. 01/28/15 Alternative Green Options  Wind Generation  The natural canyon formed by Muddy Creek runs north - south to southwest and allows strong westerly winds, perfect wind trough for both northern and eastern winds  Follow up studies, data collection and site surveys will be necessary before moving into this direction
  17. 17. 01/28/15 Aesthetic Enhancements  General Improvements  The blending of buildings and improvements with the natural lay of the land.  Reduce disturbance of natural habitat.  Proper road maintenance with correct crowning.  Overall development of Sierra View Tree Ranch will take on a natural aesthetic value tempered with well thought out procedures and practices.
  18. 18. 01/28/15 Closing Overview  Sierra View Tree Ranch  This is a 10-20 year plan and will use many different methodologies and techniques that will not be discussed fully as they may change over the duration of the plan. Certain phases may take longer and/or be a continuous implementation of recognized techniques to improve the objectives and goals of the ranch. Certain items have been omitted until a Registered Forester completes the stewardship plan and proper lower story plant and tree species can be properly identified. All compiled data will be supplied at the final submission of the plan.