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How to use media for the advantage of your project - Eva Kiviranta


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Presentation at the Summer School "Leadership and Governance for Sustainable Tourism" - 2nd July 2014, Finand

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How to use media for the advantage of your project - Eva Kiviranta

  1. 1. Media - and how to use if for your project? Eva Kiviranta Finnish Tourist Board @ekiviran #PM4SD
  2. 2. @ekiviran #PM4SD ! Who is this person? What is FinnishTourist Board? Why, and how do we work with media? #socialmedia Content is the king! Or is it the communities and influencers? If you remember one thing, let it be this! Did we learn anything? !2 What are we talking about?
  3. 3. Traveller, we want you to visit Finland! @ekiviran #PM4SD
  4. 4. @ekiviran #PM4SD Goverment owned organization aimed to market Finland as a travel destination.
 That’s not all!
 Finnish Tourist Board also does research on travel trends, helps the Finnish travel trade to develop, and manages the Finland Convention Bureau.
 And this we do in Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, UK, USA, China and Japan. !4
  5. 5. If a tree falls but no one is talking about it, 
 did it still happen?
 @ekiviran #PM4SD
  6. 6. @ekiviran #PM4SD !6
  7. 7. @ekiviran #PM4SD ! 1. WHY 2. WHAT 3. WHO 4. WHERE 5. HOW !7 FINNISH TOURIST BOARD 1. Finland is a great travel destination! 2. You should visit Finland! That’s why we do marketing, research and meetings and seminars 3. Modern humanists 4. Online, on print and face to face 5. We are cool, creative, contrasting, credible Why and how do we market?
  8. 8. @ekiviran #PM4SD Hey media, look here! !8
  9. 9. @ekiviran #PM4SD !9 Let’s get #social #finngenerator
  10. 10. @ekiviran #PM4SD Create your own content 1. Grab the reader’s interest with the headline and first paragraph 2. Include numbers and quotes 3. One page of grammatical perfection 4. Where to get more information? 5. Sell the good CONTENT! !10 Press releases
  11. 11. @ekiviran #PM4SD !11
  12. 12. @ekiviran #PM4SD !12
  13. 13. @ekiviran #PM4SD How to work with journalists? • What is the media? • Stories! • Guided visits • They have the story, you have the content !13 How to work with bloggers? • Research! • Close co-operation with the blogger • You need to trust them, but you don’t have to be stupid! • To pay or not to pay? • Online is the key! • Use and promote the content! Do we need press and coverage?
  14. 14. @ekiviran #PM4SD !14 #NBEFinland
  15. 15. @ekiviran #PM4SD Blonde Gypsy Off the Path That Backpacker Latitude 34 ACruising Couple The Nadwork Bridges and Balloons Voyages etc. Grown upTravel Guide Dream EuroTrip !15 Blogs we have worked with
  16. 16. It’s just
 your team
 and the rest of the world @ekiviran #PM4SD
  17. 17. @ekiviran #PM4SD Why and to whom is this interesting?
 When in doubt, talk about it! !17
  18. 18. Thanks!