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  • Small family-owned inn in RuralDominicaChallenges – destination marketing, ill-trained tour guides, transportation (taxi’s at the airport) - MTA 2000B.Conservation International – Community-based EcotourismSuccessful – ChalalanNot so successful – EcomayaC. AED a larger scale Global Sustainable Tourism Alliance D. Course is a resource -to develop fundable projects -successful implmenetation
  • Writing a convincing project concept is challenging – keep focused on the four keys to success of the project itself as well.Clearly defining the problem? - issues, deficiencies - main players or stakeholders that need to be involve - impact of these problems have had - all relevant to proposed activities and solutionsB. Developing a results oriented program description - Relate activities to results and objectives - keep your results in view - Think higher level, but be realistic C. Monitoring, evaluation, and reporting - Key during Implementation - Being able to tell if activities are successful - Make changes when needed - Demonstrate success and lessons learned D. Agree upon responsibilities - Important to start this dialogue upfront with partners - Ecuador example
  • A. Concept notes for submission to programs - UNWTO volunteer program - Donors, Government - Private or other funding opportunities Often used to raise funding for a projectFor this course no more than 2 – 3 pages long
  • Concept Note: Outlinecontains “elements” to be includedSample opening statement - the project objective and the results - the organizations that will be involved - Donor/audience identifiedProject Team - need a team of people - different expertise - myself, country director, local coordinator, organizationTarget Audience - who is the team submitting too? - what are their requirements? - Their objectives
  • Describe how you will identify and engage key stakeholders -describe the plan - this is a excerpt sample from GSTA Project concept note.B. Involving strategic stakeholders — the local community, tourism industry, and government — Participation engagement very key (both an Art and a Science)Bringing many pieces and actors together is complex- Necessary in tourism – community-host relationshipC. Different ways to do this are described in the course:• Hosting Future Search and Mapping the Context workshops • Visioning exercises • Participatory strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats analysis • Community mapping • Focus groups
  • Assessments used to understand issues and deficiencies Use to determine where and with whom the team can workExactly which activities are neededWhich activities are possibleB. Use what information you can from existing sourcesC. Write up planned approach for filling in any gapsD. Tailor approach to the type of project
  • Based on assessments propose objectives and activitiesActivities can include doing assessments and participatory meetingsMonitoring, evaluation, and reporting Plan- Review Unit 5many scientific and more academic approachesHow tomeasure the success of your activities?View of larger resultsCost of Monitoring important for budgeti.e. Sample : project will employ 10 people, then you would likely state that one of your indicators is to increase employment by 10 people, and how you would measure this i.e. provide a baseline of the number of employed people in the community at the start of the project and then do a survey at the end.
  • Executing organization and implementing partnersDemonstrate capacitytheir originsyears of operationmission and visionstrengths and areas of operationfinancial situationWhy they are the best choiceProject Sustainability Plan:- Think about who will carry outputs forward and how? - What are the issues that will need to be addressed? - Think through scenarios for each activity proposed - Who will need to take your outputs i..ean ecolodge operations you will need someone to continue operations, administration, and marketingi.e. a website will need an online host and someone to keep making updates.
  • Establishing efficient partnerships proves challenging. Most organizations prefer autonomy rather than interdependence. Partnerships rely heavily on good relationships and clearly defined management structures. Create an org chart or a simple matrix to detail roles and responsibilities (see Unit 7)More important is the discussion with the partner that the matrix provokeswill go a long way to avoid future misunderstandings (The GSTA example of communications).
  • How the budget is structured usually depends on either the donor requirements or executing organizationOften it is done by cost category such as these listed here (see the example in the course)More organizations are requesting budgets by activity -requires taking the budget by cost category and distributing among the activities Executing Organization may have a financial department that will have its requirementsFinancial Reporting expected
  • If all else fails remember these four keys!
  • 9 eileen gutierrez

    1. 1. How to Design Market Relevant Projects and Ensure Sustainable Outcomes Eileen Gutierrez
    2. 2. Project Development for Sustainable Tourism: A Step by Step Approach • Tourism and International Cooperation for Development Course • USAID - Online courses in Sustainable Tourism Development • Training on tourism and its role in international development
    3. 3. Four Keys to a Successful Project: Clearly define the problem Develop a results-oriented program description Establish a system for monitoring, evaluation, & reporting Agree upon responsibilities for performance 1 2 3 4
    4. 4. The Project Concept A project concept note is developed in the early stages of a Project’s Life Cycle Used to garner agreement or approval from: • Project stakeholders • Supporters • Donors • Governments
    5. 5. Concept Note Outline 1. Identify the Project’s Major Result 2. Identify Project Team Members 3. Determine the Target Audience “The Bukakhwe Cultural Conservation Trust and Conservation International is please to submit to the DFID Challenge Fund the concept of a Bushman Traditional Village, an innovative idea offering tourists an exciting cultural, educational experience, while simultaneously rejuvenating a culture rich in knowledge about the balance between man and nature. The main objective of the Bushman Traditional Village project is to raise the capacity of and empower the Gudigwa community to create livelihoods that are economically and environmentally sustainable in the long-term…”
    6. 6. Concept Note Outline Cont’d 4. Develop a Plan for a Participatory Process “……the GSTA is poised to offer an approach that will actively involve broad participation from among Ecuador’s tourism value chain in every stage of the program ….Through <SCALE>... when stakeholders across sectors are engaged to work towards common goals, they can produce large scale sustainable impact…” 5. Define Project Goals and Objectives together with Stakeholder(s)
    7. 7. Concept Note Outline Cont’d 6. Complete In-field Assessments - Demand and Supply - Infrastructure, Capacity - Environmental, Political - Economic, Social, Cultural 7. Conduct a Value Chain Analysis - End market opportunities - Enabling environment internationally and nationally - Inter-firm cooperation - Supporting market - Product and process upgrading 8. Write a Summary of the Main Problems to be Addressed
    8. 8. Concept Note Outline (cont’d) 9. Propose Solutions, Describe Activities and Objectives Objective: A Change in Condition • Increase by 50% the number of ecotourism businesses participating in sustainable tourism certification programs Activity: An Action You Will Take 10. Describe a Plan for Monitoring and Evaluation (and reporting) «….we will work to develop a causal model as a basis for monitoring and evaluation and institutionalizing the collection and analysis of relevant performance indicator data….. to monitor the quantity and quality of project activities. By keeping this system simple and accessible <the local organization> >
    9. 9. Concept Note Outline (cont’d) 11. Describe who will Implement the Project - Who has overall management, financial, and administrative responsibility? - Who will be implementing activities? 12. Develop a Project Sustainability Plan - Who will carry outputs forward and how?
    10. 10. Concept Note Outline Cont’d 13. Program Management and Organizational Structure • Include an organizational chart or matrix • Describe role and responsibilties for project management and activities
    11. 11. Concept Note Outline Cont’d 14. Draft Budget – Salaries, Wages, Benefits – Consultants – Travel and Transportation – Equipment – Subcontractors – Indirect Costs (organization’s overhead) Direct Costs
    12. 12. Four Keys to a Successful Project: Clearly define the problem Develop a results-oriented program description Establish a system for monitoring, evaluation, & reporting Agree upon responsibilities for performance 1 2 3 4