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Successful Tourism Strategic Plans for Destinations - Dr. Harsh Varma


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Presentation at the Summer School "Leadership and Governance for Sustainable Tourism" - 2nd July 2014 Finland

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Successful Tourism Strategic Plans for Destinations - Dr. Harsh Varma

  1. 1. Successful Tourism Strategic Plans for Destinations Dr. Harsh VARMA Director UNWTO Technical Cooperation Programme Coverphoto©UNWTOWTD2011
  2. 2. • An integrated framework that provides a roadmap/ plan of action for the achievement of policy goals through the implementation of programmes, projects, targeted actions and allocation of resources • It guides the policy implementation and provides a framework for interaction What is a TOURISM STRATEGY? TOURISM STRATEGY
  3. 3. TOURISM STRATEGY TOURISM POLICY TOURISM DEVELOPMENT TOURISM STRATEGY NATIONAL DESTINATION • The development of a strategic tourism plan draws on the goals and priorities set by relevant stakeholders on planning, development, and management of tourism at national and/or destination level
  4. 4. TOURISM STRATEGY • Clear guidelines for action in the short/medium term, developed for medium/long term (5-15 years) • Central to this is the articulation of roles/ responsibilities • Partnerships are essential Tourism Strategy advises on how to achieve the envisioned tourism policy goals
  5. 5. DESTINATION STRATEGIC PLANS Existing Models o Visitor o Environment o Residents o Businesses VERB Model VICE Model o Visitor o Industry o Community o Environment
  6. 6. DESTINATION STRATEGIC PLANS New Dimensions Pentagular Partnerships Eco-system DESTINATION STRATEGIC PLANS New Dimensions
  7. 7. • Partnership with visitors (the users) • Partnership with private sector (the drivers) • Partnership with Government (the regulator) • Partnership with global sales and distribution networks (the leverage) • Partnership with citizens and communities (the beneficiaries) Pentagular Partnership DESTINATION STRATEGIC PLANS
  8. 8. • Uses ecological metaphors derived from nature • As with organisms in nature, sector becomes proactive • Develops mutually beneficial symbiotic relationships with critical partners • Seeks to identify, understand and manage the factors on which the sector depends • Adopts an integrated approach • Develops naturally and organically The Eco-System Approach DESTINATION STRATEGIC PLANS
  9. 9. • Results-driven partnerships • Engage, plan, invest, implement and monitor strategically • More comprehensive alignment • Winning measure of operational coordination • Captures all available energy including planning, development, investment, marketing and capabilities Pentagular Partnership + Eco-System Approach DESTINATION STRATEGIC PLANS
  10. 10. Component Visitor Experience Visitor Experience MICE Visitor Services Place Value Cuisine Night Ent Events Attractions & Interest Accommod-ation Accessibility People & Cultural Retail DESTINATION STRATEGIC PLANS
  11. 11. • Product specific: sun/sand/sea (Ibiza), culture (Rome), nature (the Grand Canyon), iconic (Agra and Siem Reap), shopping (Hong Kong) • Product enhancement: Maldives Thematic Strategies DESTINATION STRATEGIC PLANS
  12. 12. • Product invention: Dubai, Singapore • Product diversification: Egypt – culture →holiday and leisure • Economic diversification: Las Vegas Thematic Strategies DESTINATION STRATEGIC PLANS
  13. 13. • New destinations: Croatia, Slovenia • Repeat visits: Phuket, London • Long-stay: Bali • High value-low volume: Bhutan, Gorilla tracking (Uganda, Rwanda) • High value per capita: Costa Rica • Round-the-Year: New York, Morocco Marketing Strategies DESTINATION STRATEGIC PLANS