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I wish my parents

  1. Students were asked: If you could tell your parent one thing about schoolwork and how they could be more helpful, what would it be? This is what they said…
  2. Help only when I ask for it.
  3. If I’m not freaking out, you don’t have to, either.
  4. Keep my sister out of my room.
  5. Don't nag me. I know I need to do it.
  6. Back off when I don’t get an A.
  7. Stop worrying about when I start my projects or when I finish them.
  8. Don’t remind me about my projects every five minutes.
  9. Encourage me rather than scold me.
  10. Don’t tell me right when I get home from SEVEN HOURS OF SCHOOL to do more work. Give me a break, then I’ll do it.
  11. I wish my parents understood that sometimes my friends ARE more important than homework
  12. Stop checking the school website because you think I’m lying about my homework Trust me a little more
  13. Stop making me redo math problems.
  14. Trust me a little more. Even though I don’t want to, I will do my homework because I don’t want a lower grade.
  15. Back off when I don’t get an A.
  16. Trust me and let me do what I want. I hate it when my mom uses the word “homework.” It bothers me. Trust me that I want to get good grades too.
  17. Trust me
  18. Believe in me
  19. Trust me
  20. Believe in me