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Mobile Commerce – today’s e-commerce. How successfully to take advantage of consumer behavior? How to measure the value of mobile communications? These and other m-commerce-related questions will be answered during this session.

This presentation used in electronic commerce conference "E-komercija '16" by Rytis Meškauskas from company

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  1. 1. M-commerce The e-commerce of today
  2. 2. People are not bound to stores anymore Offline +9% Ecomm +75%
  3. 3. Decisions are built through multiple micro-moments Bought tickets to concert Buy shoes online, pick-up in store Watch YT video for how to tie fly fishing knots Search for lawn mower reviews in the aisle Use airline app to reschedule flight Compare two travel reward credit cards Visit insurance site to file a claim Research best running apps On the bus, book dinner reservation PurchaseAWARENESS CONSIDERATION PURCHASE LOYALTY
  4. 4. The new retail is a retail of always open, anywhere and everywhere
  5. 5. New era shopper in Lithuania INQUISITIVE 52% Compare choices online 37% Seek advice online CONNECTED 2x more people use smartphone as frequently as a computer in 2015 than in 2012 ENGAGED 86% do research before purchasing products
  6. 6. What can you do after mapping micro- moments? Meet shoppers at the moments of inspiration Capitalize on on-the-go mobile behavior
  7. 7. More users on Mobile than PC Lithuania on FB All (13+) All 25-49 Population 2.517.613 948.735 Facebook total 1.361.000 710.000 % population 54% 75% Daily 914.000 479.000 % total 67% 67% Daily mobile 666.900 351.000 % daily 73% 73% Daily desktop 466.000 239.000 % daily 51% 50% Daily mobile only 448.000 240.000 % daily mobile only 49% 50%
  8. 8. Why FB?
  9. 9. Why FB? 141,573 133,172 77,983 24,435 64,965 149,917 422,552 666,900 0 100,000 200,000 300,000 400,000 500,000 600,000 700,000 800,000 Delfi 15min Lrytas Alfa Tipro Reach Adnet Reach Visa local media Facebook mobile Mobile version daily unique users - All Daily mobile
  10. 10. What about Google?
  11. 11. What about Google? Google is ~98% of all searches in LT
  12. 12. OK, mobile is big, but why still most of attention in e-commerce to PC?
  13. 13. Data x3 Desktop conversion rate is higher than on Mobile But that’s challenge we all are facing.
  14. 14. Desktop share of sessions is decreasing Desktop session share has decreased over 2 year period Mobile device total sessions have increased significantly - and share continues to grow Tablet device sessions are flat since end of 2013 Session Share by Device Category Year / Month 2012 2013 2014 25 50 75 100 Session Share (%)
  15. 15. But desktop share of transactions not as fast Desktop transaction share has decreased over a 2 year period Mobile device transaction share is up - and continues to grow Tablet device transaction share is flat since end of 2013 Deskto p Mobile Year 2012 2013 25 50 75 100 Transaction Share by Device CategoryTransaction share (%) 2014
  16. 16. As a result, desktop performance seems to improve over time Desktop Conversion Rates have increased over 2 year period (2012/06 - 2014/06) Increase mainly result of decreasing sessions Over that same period, desktop transaction share dropped Conversion rate Transaction Share Year 2012 2013 70 100 130 160 Indexed CvR and Transaction Share (2012=100) Desktop conversion rate and transaction share
  17. 17. Consumers research on mobile web; then convert on desktop • Mobile devices are used at times of day when there are fewer conversions • Consumers are looking to mobile for inspiration and are performing pre- purchase research • Higher number of transactions tend to happen when consumers are either at work or at home, with access to a desktop device Percentage of total transactions and percentage mobile sessions of total sessions per hour of day Percentage Mobile Sessions of total Sessions Percentage of total Transactions (all devices) Hour of Day 0:00 5:00 10:00 15:00 20:00 0% 6% 12% 18% 24% % of sessions on a mobile device & % of total transaction
  18. 18. Users converting on desktop do so much faster than before As users perform pre- purchase research on other devices, they visit your client’s website on a desktop knowing exactly what they want As a result, they visit fewer pages on the site before converting Desktop users that convert need less time on the site 2013 2014 88 94 100 106Average Pageviews - (Indexed: 2012 = 100) Average Page views for Desktop converting sessions (indexed) 2012 80 86 92 98 Average Session Duration - (Indexed: 2012 = 100) Average session duration for Desktop converting sessions (indexed) Source: aggregate retail industry data, EMEA
  19. 19. Cross-device users are much more valuable
  20. 20. So how to handle that all • Cross device accessibility (Mobile and/or App); • Tracking; • “Forcing” sing-in; • Cross device actions;
  21. 21. Cross device Accessibility
  22. 22. Cross device Accessibility
  23. 23. Cross device Accessibility
  24. 24. Tracking Measuring only direct mobile conversions – is very limited view
  25. 25. Mobile consumers are searching with a goal in mind 45% of mobile searches are goal-oriented to help make a decision 64% 47% 44% 49% in a store on the go at work at home Google/Nielsen Life360 Mobile Search Moments, Q4 2012
  26. 26. Mobile devices are shopping assistants for consumers Best price for Ariel 5 kg color detergent That’s why mobile conversions and its value is different Typical tasks: • Locate a business; • Research products/services; • Read reviews; • Make a purchase;
  27. 27. So how to evaluate the real mobile value? Points of actions to be calculated: • Estimated total conversions (in AdWords); • User ID (in Google Analytics); • Phone calls tracking (in AdWords or semi manual); • Location extensions (in AdWords); • On-site/app conversions (onsite action - offline conversion);
  28. 28. Estimated Total Conversions More insight into how your ads influence new conversion types store visits phone call conversions cross-device conversions cross-browser conversions
  29. 29. Where to look for it
  30. 30. User ID User ID – Google Analytics functionality that allows us to track users across different browsers and devices Multiple Client IDs Log In Single User ID!
  31. 31. How to enable User ID tracking? Agree to the T’s and C’s Add a small amount of extra code (it’s easy!) Create a User ID view in GA Anonymous Users User ID Users
  32. 32. Device overlap & paths
  33. 33. Phone calls tracking Phone call – one of the most common and easy to track mobile conversion Ads with call extensions >< >< Call Now! Call us at 555-5555 Calls to a forwarding number on your website Clicks on a number on your mobile site
  34. 34. Setup in AdWords
  35. 35. Tracking conversions on a mobile site with a phone number Generate your conversion code for your mobile site Paste the code on pages that show the clickable phone number and adjust using the “onclick” command Text <a onclick="goog_report_conversion('tel:949-555- 1234')" href="#" >CALL NOW</a> Image <img src="my_phone_button.gif" alt="Call: 949-555- 1234" width="32" height="32" onClick="goog_report_conversion('tel:949-555- 1234')"/> Button <button onclick="goog_report_conversion('tel:949- 555-1234')">Call 949-555-1234</button> Onclick Commands:
  36. 36. Tracking calls from your website – Baltic way  • Assign different numbers for different referrers; • Check on referrer when users land on your site; • Show assigned number; • Count calls to different numbers; Direct AdWords
  37. 37. Location extensions Segment reports by click type to see location extension clicks.
  38. 38. Apps conversions – interactions with your apps Track clicks on app extensions and app promotion ads Track Android and iOS app downloads
  39. 39. Apps extensions reports Segment by “The Extension vs. Other” to see total clicks on your App extensions.
  40. 40. Setup app downloads as conversions
  41. 41. Mobile conversions – offline actions In-store coupon download utm_source=store31& utm_medium=QR& utm_campaign=instore_coupons
  42. 42. “Forcing” sing-in • To colect your points/miles; • Free stuff: delivery, assembly, gift; • Usability – cart in multi device;
  43. 43. Cross device Actions
  44. 44. Cross device Actions
  45. 45. To sum up What to do tomorrow • Maximize discovery by building a great app ( & promoting it • Re-engage the customers that matter most to you • Measure and optimize your mobile performance, then reiterate Things to consider... • How does mobile fit into your overall business strategy? • What value does your app/mobile provide to customers? • What measurements will you use to determine the success of your app?
  46. 46. Thank you Rytis Meškauskas @