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Eksporta stratēģijas Latvijas e-biznesam, Matīss Ansviesulis, CreamFinance


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Runātājs Matīss Ansviesulis

Creamfinance līdzdibinātājs. Pieredze banku sektorā, riska menedžmentā, investīciju analīzē. Organizatoriskās, analītiskās darbības, finanšu iemaņas. Pēc darba investīciju bankā sāku strādāt ar uzņēmumu Creamfinance.

Prezentācija "Eksporta stratēģijas Latvijas e-biznesam"

Creamfinance pieredzes pārskats finanšu pakalpojumu eksporta jomā Eiropā un Gruzijā, ekspluatācijas darbības veidošana un izplatīšana, kļūdas un peļņas gūšana.

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Eksporta stratēģijas Latvijas e-biznesam, Matīss Ansviesulis, CreamFinance

  2. 2. CREAMFINANCE  Mission – to make money available  Skills – consumer, internet, lending  Product – consumer loans  Size – over 300k active clients, 200 people team  Geography - 5 countries
  3. 3. EXPORTING FINANCIAL SERVICES  My experience may not apply to others  Export is not about just adding more languages to your website  For Creamfinance export means building business abroad  We establish a company, office, team, basic IT and marketing tools  In 12-18 months we reach break even
  4. 4. HOW TO SELECT A MARKET  How popular is your service  How strong is the infrastructure  How big is the market potential
  5. 5. FIRST TIME WILL BE A F@#$ - UP  By nature doing something for the first time will involve mistakes  Limit your downside and don’t over invest at first  Expect things to take more time and cost more than planned  Every next time gets easier
  6. 6. BUILD THE TEAM TOP DOWN  Hire a local professional in the export market who will develop your business  Example of a bad launch – CZ, where we did everything ourselves  Example of a great launch – GE, where we hired professionals  Building top down requires:  Experience  More resources  Knowing who to hire
  7. 7. HIRE YOUNG AND HUNGRY PROFESSIONALS  Creating a strong team is critical regardless if for export or other business needs  For a high growth company, unproven and young professionals are the best  Such people typically work from young age and want results driven culture  Firing is as important as hiring – hire slow, fire fast
  8. 8. DON’T BE LIMITED BY LATVIA  Grow your team wherever you can find the best people  Markets other than Latvia are bigger and have more talent  In Creamfinance – our HQ is split in three hubs  International presence motivates people
  9. 9. THANK YOU! Matiss Ansviesulis Founder, Creamfinance Email: