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Some digital campaigns that I've worked on with a variety of agencies over the last couple of years, to mid 2012.

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Digital case studies

  1. 1. June   12  Case  study  overviews  Ten digital pieces from 2009 – 2012Nick McGivney
  2. 2. Berocca BoostChallengeTo use digital channels to engage the core target audience (men/women 18-34) and to build a setof brand advocates.SolutionA Facebook campaign of six brain games with the Berocca Boost Ninja character, within acustom flash Facebook app. They changed the target relationship to one of constantengagement, prompting frequency of purchase, regular consumption, and the sharing of content.Digital marketing included standard online advertising, rich media online advertising, Facebooksocial ads and PPC to drive traffic to the Berocca Boost Facebook page.ResultsTotal game plays of 28,501, with an average time on site of 2’00”; with the average dwell time forrepeat visitors an impressive 6’58”
  3. 3. GUINNESS RugbyChallengeTo enhance the experience of Irish Rugby fans (digital-savvy male Guinness drinkers aged 24-35) within a digital community that unites their passion and support.SolutionThe creation of a supporters’ community whereplayers delivered regular updates and value-addingcontent. Multiple distribution channels to, an iPhone app, YouTube, Twitter andFacebook. Additional activation of the community wasachieved through recruitment and live streaming ofsupporters’ nights, competitions, newsfeeds and amultitude of brand utility tools contained within theGuinness Rugby iPhone app.ResultsThe creation of a community of 40,000 rugby supporters and over 45,000 engagements betweenthe Irish rugby players and the fans.
  4. 4. National LotteryChallengeTo utilise the existing website as an archive for the many positive stories from winners’perspectives, and to catalogue the beneficial work of Lottery by highlighting its Good Causesstories.SolutionWriting, collating and presenting a large volume of these stories inan easily absorbed format that is accessible and reflects positivelyon the brand as a whole.ResultsA growing bank of good news stories with several thousand monthly visitors.
  5. 5. Jurys InnChallengeTo deliver compelling content on a high-volume site that gives visitors a reason to stay for longerand ultimately reward Jurys with a booking. The site is highly optimised for SEO and traffic ishigh. Delivering useful destination-focussed information, in an engaging and memorable way, hasadded to the functionality through good customer relations management.SolutionIncisive and accurate destination and hotel information for over 30locations, delivered in easily absorbed content, that makes theJurys Inn site more than simply a booking area but an extension ofthe carefully managed brand itself, promising an Exceptional Everyday City Hotel experience.ResultsAn expanding UK and Ireland hotel chain in a continent-wide economic slump = success.
  6. 6. Bord Gais Energy Big SwitchChallengeTo promote uptake of BGE’s new electricity provision amongst consumers in a market wherechange is seen as difficult and usually unwelcome.SolutionA full, through-the-line campaign spearheadedpublicly by Lucy Kennedy and including a majordigital activation, with website, microsite,interactive video content, display advertising andseeding of the campaign among highly visiblebloggers.This included the development of a mini-soapopera online, featuring a family who were keen toswitch but had to overcome the dad’s resistanceto change. Each aspect of the campaign wasdesigned to reassure existing BGE customers,convince others to make the switch and at everystep usher them closer to the Switch forms, which could be fully completed online: a first for anIrish utilities provider.ResultsA benchmark success story, with over 200,000 switchers (the vast majority of them online).
  7. 7. Google and SMBsChallengeHelp develop a bespoke platform for Google to engage with small and medium-sized businessesacross Europe and inform SMBs of the advantages of using Google businesss tools, likeAdwords, and the benefits these could bring.SolutionThe Google Business Engine - an online environmentthat delivered information and case studies tointerested business managers across Europe.We felt that the information should be as relevant tothe businesses as possible. This meant allowingaccess to the content via a number of routes -primarily geographical, but also accessible by sectorand size of business.ResultsThe concept won us the competitive pitch, and got usour first project - to help Google in developing adynamic email system which would allow them todeliver completely bespoke information to SMBAdword users.
  8. 8. TritonChallengePeople dont buy a shower every day, so our brief was to ensure that the brand remains front ofmind so that when people do come to making a purchase, they remember Triton.SolutionPeople in general are fatigued by all the bad news about theeconomy, and that messages that were more positive would havea better response. Our solution was to create a platform thatreminded people of the little moments of happiness that a good,reliable shower (a Triton!) can bring. We called thisplatform Showered with Happiness.We created a campaign that extended the idea of being showeredwith happiness out to the nation. A Facebook-based competitionwould reward the most deserving person each month with astream of small gifts and surprises.We also created a TV commercial out of re-edited segments ofprevious ads, as well as an interactive banner adResultsUnder Facebook rules, brands now cant force people to Liketheir page to enter a competition. In spite of this weve hadover 8,000 page likes over the course of the campaign. A fantasticdatabase which has given Triton valuable information and research into their core market.
  9. 9. Powerade ‘Never Give Up’ChallengeTo turn the tide for Powerade by delivering a deeper, more engaging conversation with 16-29year old males who are passionate about sport through Paul O’Connell as coach and mentor toeveryday sports people. The brand was experiencing a decline in market share and its position asthe 2nd place sports drink was under threat. Powerade wanted to reposition itself as a challengerbrand and clearly differentiate itself from competitors.SolutionDigital was positioned at the heart of the campaign. TV, radio, outdoor and point of sale as drive-to-site media. Never Give Up was the creative expression. The role of digital was to: • Inspire consumers with real consumer stories via the 2009 Alpine Marathon challenge. • Motivate consumers to take up their own personal challenges using downloadable training and nutrition guides. • Educate consumers on the key brand benefit of Powerade pre-hydration.A website was developed and adapted each year to tell a new Never Give Up story. The websitereceived 120,000 site visits. A personalised video message from Paul O’Connell delivered 30,000viral creations. Social media community development began on Bebo and moved to Facebook in2009, supported by communities on YouTube and Flickr.Results • The fastest growing sports drink in the market, four times faster than the category • Best Digital Campaign (Gold), Digital Media Awards 2009 • Gold Award, IMC European Awards 2009 • Best Long Term Promotional Campaign (Gold), APMC Awards 2009 • FMCG Campaign (Gold) 2009, An Post DM Awards 2009 • Best Non-Alcoholic Beverage (Gold), APMC Awards 2009 • Best Marketing Communication Campaign (Active Lifestyle), Coca-Cola Worldwide Marketing Excellence Awards 2008
  10. 10. MediaStreetChallengeTo create a comprehensive online media directory for several thousand businesses, whererecommendations could be shared, contacts made and a range of value-added content could bepassed along to companies including media, production, print, advertising, marketing,photographic and others.SolutionA free listings site that details key contacts, social network points (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter)and allows communications businesses to list their rates, samples and so on in an easilynavigable site.Additional content, including daily blog articles of relevance to the various comms businesses, tobe provided as a key search promoter and valuable source of information for related companies,and a constant social media engagement with those listed on the site through Twitter andFacebook, spreading the relevance of members’ specific offerings and building the brand.ResultsAs of June 2012, there are over 2,000 weekly visitors to the site, and average time on site isaround the six minute mark.
  11. 11. ioBingoChallengeTo promote the ad agency io, and social media generally, by stimulating interest, engagementand fun for attendees at the Measurement 2012 conference in the National College of Ireland.SolutionThrough Twitter, we seeded a number of clues that attendees at theconference had to photograph and retweet, using the relevant hashtag.There were prizes (including the tiniest trophy in the world), but the focuswas designed to be much more about the conversation and the value itcan have in promoting business.ResultsAn engagement of over 15% of conference attendees, who actively took part in the tweetingprocess and spread the game to their own individual networks. As a result, #iobingo was the no.1Twitter trending topic across Ireland on the afternoon, outranking even the official event sponsor,Done Deal, and we increased our own following by +50, most of whom would be significant networth individuals within social media and marketing terms. All achieved for under €50!