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A presentation done with H. Blicher at the Virginia Library Association 2007 annual conference.

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  • Welcome to Get Your Game On
    So much information is becoming available – scholars and librarians alike are researching, discussing, and publishing on all aspects of gaming, gamers, its connections with learning, and gaming in libraries. See handout listing useful titles and resources for more info.
  • Cut across age, race, income, and technical know-how. Shaping attitudes and abilities of several generations- preschoolers to seniors.
    Books like The Kids are Alright: How the gamer generation is changing the workplace is just one example of how researchers, employers, and others are starting to recognize the impact of gaming on society.
  • QUESTION (FOR PRIZE?) – who here games?
    Video games?
    Board games?
    Cell phone games?
    Internet games?
    Card games?
    Big games?
    see themselves as a hero on a quest
    Experiential learners.
    see themselves as experts- should be, since they try different strategies and sometimes fail often before they succeed. Learn by talking w/ friends. Peer coaching.
    90M people up to 35yo are gaming (larger than BB gen = 17M)
    average age is 33 – generational difference in the workplace
    1 in 4 adult gamers is over age of 50
    81% of teens who use the internet spend their computer time playing games
    87% of teens have a video game console at home
    44% of games sold are for ALL AGES.
    61% of parents think video games are good for their children
    93% of gamers read books or newspapers on a regular basis.
  • open gaming nights- board game nights, video game nights, etc. Also nights for different age groups/demographics.
    tournaments- old school computer games, video games, board games, etc.
    SOCIAL activity for teens and friends. NOT JUST FOR TEENS.
    BIG GAMES = letterboxing, anyone? Treasure hunts, etc.
  • TTW- march – FoL funding $750
    Borrowing procedures, inventory lists, etc- EMAIL FOR COPIES
    Tournament- July
    * also mention PLCMC, AADL (blog, etc)- regional/national tournaments in the works
    Staff Training- August
  • Equipment options- what to purchase first – getting most for your money
    Getting support- justifications, sources for supporting evidence/arguments (SEE HANDOUT)
    Statistics- local demographics, research-based on skills/industry, etc.
    Local city/county documents
    Entertainment Software Association
    Pew Internet & American Life project
    Various media associations, companies, blogs (GAMING BLOGS), etc.
    Education/academic research papers, articles, etc.
  • Set up- SEE HANDOUT for layout
    Different set ups for diff stations
    -paper on wall
  • Get Your Game On

    1. 1. Get Your Game On: Connecting With All Ages Through Video Games Heather Blicher, Chesapeake PL Nicole McGee, Virginia Beach PL Virginia Library Association The Homestead, Hot Springs, VA November 1, 2007
    2. 2. Why Gaming? Games:  test our problem-solving skills  create community and are inclusive  facilitate learning  provide opportunities to develop leadership and team skills  allow us to explore identity
    3. 3. Who Games? Gamers:  constantly seek to be challenged  have an inherent distrust of “bosses”  learn from their mistakes- trial/error learning  desire to collaborate – team players  are creative problem-solvers  are very good at multitasking
    4. 4. Types of Gaming  board games  old school computer games (Frogger, etc.)  video game consoles  big games  online games  role playing games  MMORPG
    5. 5. Gaming in Libraries  open gaming nights  tournaments  gaming labs  gaming advisory clubs  game design academies  big games
    6. 6. Gaming @ VBPL  Teen Tech Week 2007– open gaming night – PS2 x 3, DDR SuperNova, Soul Calibur III, Madden NFL ’07 – began purchasing strategy guides for our collections  System-wide borrowing procedures  Soul Calibur III tournament – month-long – system-wide (9 branches) – local corporate sponsorship  Staff Training – overview presentation and open gaming event – expanded gaming collection by purchasing a Wii
    7. 7. Gaming @ YOUR Library  Equipment options- what to buy first – get teen input (consoles, games, etc.)  Making the case for gaming – Mission statements – Library strategic plan/action plan – City/County strategic plans – Statistics
    8. 8. Basic Program Logistics  Set up – make it dramatic, exciting  big screen/wall projection  competitive atmosphere, prizes  mix it up- have other activities available- board games!  snacks and drinks  music! – surveys, evaluations! – details- extension cords, etc.
    9. 9. Questions? Please drop by for open gaming from 3:00pm - 3:45pm
    10. 10. Contact Us! Heather Blicher 757.410.7009 Nicole McGee 757.385.4614