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What is my responsibility?


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What is my responsibility?

  1. 1. Standard Codes used by all Hospitals in RI Use x1511 for all Hospital Emergencies fghfgh
  2. 2. Code Red: FIRE Call Switchboard x1511 to report a fire, smoke or respond to an activated fire alarm. General Staff Response: Take “R.A.C.E” (Rescue, Alarm, Contain, Extinguish) steps if fire is in your area. If the code is called in another area or department other than yours, the department should assign someone to: • Check pull stations, heat detectors, and smoke detectors for the activated device. If you locate a device that has been activated, call the switchboard. – Do Not let anyone in or out of the area. Respectfully inform them of the situation and to stay in place. • Check all rooms in your area for a fire. If all areas are checked and no fire is found, your supervisor will call the Switchboard on the regular line, stating “All Clear” in your area.
  3. 3. Code Red: FIRE Remember: • Stay where you are if your area isn’t affected. NO passing through Fire Doors and do not use elevators. • If an emergency situation arises requiring you to return to department, avoid the area in Code Red status. • Know your evacuation route out of your department, if necessary.
  4. 4. Code 78: Fire Alarm System Off • • All staff to be aware “On Fire Watch.” Report all fire/smoke to Emergency Operator at x1511
  5. 5. Code Blue: Cardiac Arrest Call switchboard x1511 to report a cardiac arrest and location. Example: Cardiac arrest, Respiratory arrest, Medical crisis… • Code Team responds to Code Blue to all areas of the hospital and the MOB as well. • When this code is called, please be aware of team running throughout the hospital to the necessary area.
  6. 6. Code Amber: Child Abduction Call Switchboard x1511 to give as much as possible a description of the person who is missing or abducted. General Staff Response: Every area or department should assign someone to: – Go to nearest stairwell, elevator, or exit and observe anyone fitting the description. Advise the person to stay in place and notify the switchboard of the location where to send help assistance. – Do Not let anyone in or out of the area. Respectfully inform them of the situation and to stay in place. – Lockdown maybe necessary, so please make sure all stairwells and exists in your area are monitored until the code has been cleared.
  7. 7. Code Silver:Person with Weapon General Staff Response: Call Switchboard x1511 to report a hostile situation with a weapon and give as much information of the person, weapon and location of the situation. If the code is called in another area or department other than yours: • DO NOT enter the area • Notify Police if there is a weapon by dialing “911” or “4469” (direct to SKPD) • Do not let people into the area pending the arrival of Police • If someone insists on leaving the area, do not stop them. Get a description of the person for the police.
  8. 8. Code Green: Bomb Threat Call Switchboard x1511 to report a suspicious package or a report of someone calling to inform you of a bomb threat or a suspicious package on the grounds. General Staff Response: • Check your area for any suspicious packages or items. You know your area best. • Do Not touch packages or envelopes. Report anything unusual to the switchboard and they will send someone to confirm. • During the confirmation the team may restrict that area, and surrounding areas, and may also lead up to lockdown, if necessary. Wait to hear from your manager or supervisor or someone in charge of your area on next steps, otherwise normal operations in your area.
  9. 9. Code Grey: Security Team Code Grey is called when security is requested. Security /Behavioral Team to respond: • Do not enter the area and all other areas during this code will resume under normal operations. • Based on the situation when the team arrives, the team leader will request a call to the police if necessary.
  10. 10. Code Triage Standby Code Triage Standby: This code is called when the hospital is planning for activation of Code Triage because of a possible event such as a mass casualty event or Pre-Hurricane Planning. – Administrative section Chiefs to respond to Incident Command Center (ICC), located Borda Ground Conference Room x1578, to review the situation. – Decision to activate Code Triage will be determined by Incident Command Team
  11. 11. Code Triage: Disaster Plan In Effect: • Incident Command Center team or designee will activate the Emergency All Hazards Operation Plan and a specific response plan. What is your responsibility during Code Triage? – Wait for assignment from the Volunteer Coordinator or department manager as to specific tasks in your area. – In the case of inclement weather, take precaution and follow instruction from RI Emergency Management Agency.
  12. 12. Code Orange: Hazardous Material DO NOT: • Clean up spill. • Assist anyone that have had contact with the chemical. DO:  Close all doors to spill area.  Notify your supervisor of the chemical spill. All chemicals must have a Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) on file in Facilities Management.  Notify the Emergency Operator at x1511 to report. Switchboard will Notify Fire Department, if appropriate.
  13. 13. Code Yellow: Trauma Team • Trauma Patients are efficiently treated with Internal Emergency Department Response. • Stay in your assigned area and stay out to the affected area until code is cleared.