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LinkedIn LIVE Coaching Workshop Part 1


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Part 1 of 4 LinkedIn Coaching Workshop conducted at Maricopa Workforce Connections in Phoenix, AZ. Presented by Nykky McCarley, LinkedIn Coach. Topics covered: Creating Profiles, Improving Profiles, Recommendations & Endorsements, Making Connections, Strategic Headlines & Summaries, & Tips & Tricks. Also, advice for positioning your profile for a career transition.

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LinkedIn LIVE Coaching Workshop Part 1

  1. 1. LinkedIn LiveA Hands-On WorkshopPresented by Nykky McCarley for Maricopa Workforce Connections December 7, 2012
  2. 2. Personal Recently moved to Phoenix from Chicago Background Corporate Engineering Manager at a Fortune 500 diversified health care company, strategically leading a team of 9 & managing a $3 million budget Owner, Future State Vision Consultancy Energetically engaging individuals in co-creating a plan for their future, assisting them in connecting the dots from where they are to where they want to be; currently earning life coaching certification Volunteer Work   LinkedIn Coach & Keynote Speaker at Career Connectors   Board Member for ISPE GLC   Advisory Board Member for MEM Program at Northwestern University (NU)   Membership Committee, NU Club of Phoenix 2  ©2012  Nycletha  McCarley    All  rights  reserved.    
  3. 3. 3  h$p://  ©2012  Nycletha  McCarley    All  rights  reserved.    
  4. 4. 100%   Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey Results 2012 80%     Social recruiting tactics have 60%   changed the business of hiring   Social recruiting is on the rise 40%     Recruiters continue to retain 20%   higher quality candidates through 0%   social networks Recruiters   Recruiters   Successfully   Recruiters   use  or  plan   saw  an   hired  a   have  seen  a   to  use  Social   increase  in   candidate   sustained   RecruiDng   candidate   through   increase  in   quality   Social   employee   RecruiDng   referrals   4  ©2012  Nycletha  McCarley    All  rights  reserved.    
  5. 5. LinkedIn is nearly universal in recruiting efforts Q. Which of the following social networks or social media do you or your company use, or plan to use, for recruiting?   Social Media has quickly become a dominant force for companies to find & hire quality talent. It has become an essential avenue for recruiters to successfully compete in the war for talent. Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey Results 2012 Survey taken amongst 1,000 HR & Recruiting Professionals 5  ©2012  Nycletha  McCarley    All  rights  reserved.    
  6. 6. 73% of recruiters have   89% have made a hire thru LinkedIn successfully hired a candidate   26% through Facebook who was identified or introduced   15% through Twitter through a social network or social media 6  ©2012  Nycletha  McCarley    All  rights  reserved.     Jobvite  Social  RecruiDng  Survey  Results  2012  
  7. 7. 86% of recruiters are likely to look at social profiles 7  ©2012  Nycletha  McCarley    All  rights  reserved.     Jobvite  Social  RecruiDng  Survey  Results  2012  
  8. 8.   Understand LinkedIn & why it is important in landing your new career   Launch or update profiles in LinkedIn   Make connections with colleagues & friends   Recommendations & endorsements in LinkedIn   Dos & Don’ts   Use job search tools in LinkedIn 8  ©2012  Nycletha  McCarley    All  rights  reserved.    
  9. 9. Part 1 LinkedIn Overview Part 2 Creating a LinkedIn Profile Part 3 Improving the LinkedIn Profile Part 4 Using LinkedIn Job Search Tools Additional Resources 9  ©2012  Nycletha  McCarley    All  rights  reserved.    
  10. 10. Part 1 LinkedIn Overview©2012  Nycletha  McCarley    All  rights  reserved.     10  
  11. 11.   Largest professional network helping people share & find opportunities every day   Founded in 2002; Launched in 2003   As of Nov 2012, LI announced 187 million members, in more than 200 countries & territories   About 44% of the users are in the US   Two members join ~ every second   Over 1.2 million interests groups, where jobs are frequently posted 11  ©2012  Nycletha  McCarley    All  rights  reserved.    
  12. 12.   Create & collaborate on projects, gather data, share files, solve problems  Gain new insights from discussions  Discover inside connections  Maintain authentic relationships   Control one of the top search results for your name   Find & be introduced to hiring managers 12     Be found for business opportunities©2012  Nycletha  McCarley    All  rights  reserved.