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This NMC hosted Webinar with Johann Zimmern of Adobe took place on May 29, 2013.

About the Webinar:
Adobe has recently announced changes to the volume licensing programs for Education Institutions and the Creative Cloud. Please join Johann Zimmern, worldwide education program manager at Adobe Systems for an overview of the recent changes and new offerings. You will have a chance to get your questions answered in the Q and A that will follow the presentation. This event is exclusively for NMC members only.

About Johann Zimmern:
Johann Zimmern is the worldwide education program manager at Adobe Systems in San Francisco. Johann is responsible for developing integrated school and university marketing campaigns and licensing programs, building education community engagement, and facilitating industry association partnerships. His work is centered on the development of 21st century literacy skills, creativity and innovation, with special focus on career & technical education including graphic design, web design & development and film and video production. Johann studied English & American literature and linguistics at the University of Hamburg, Germany and holds a degree in the performing arts. Johann Zimmern is married and lives with his two children in San Francisco, California.

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  • INTRODUCTION & WELCOMEWelcome and thank you for the meeting today. I’m NAME with Adobe, and we appreciate the opportunity to have an interactive dialogue with you today as we share what trends we see in market, and how those have shaped our Adobe’s corporate vision and our Creative Cloud strategy. We value our partnership with you, and today’s discussion is in the spirit of expanding our partnership into an even greater, more strategic one.
  • In this time of rapid change, creativity has become essential to how you address moving your organization forward and how you provide the best opportunities for your students. Every institution is solving for an ever widening range of factors including Accommodating the diversity of students and faculty coming to campus and the equally diverse types of devices they bring with a range of OSsUnderstanding the ever increasing sets of tools available to facilitate teaching & learningMatching the needs of future workplaces with the skills being developed in students todayKeeping your administrative staff as productive as possible while, Managing the tremendous complexity this can create on your technology infrastructure, processes and tools THE ON GOING CHALLENGE: How to provide freedom and access while maintaining control and the best interests of your institution Every institution is managing a diverse set of OS platforms and devicesHow do you scale software licenses up to be most cost-effective and ensure that everyone gets what they need? Across the institution? Between Adobe releases, Operating System updates, mobile/tablet releases, and VPN and other updates – your IT folks stay pretty busy.Staying current on the latest Adobe tools and services has admittedly not been the easiest.Difficult to track tools, versions, licenses, and platform, and of course stay in compliance. If you can solve easier deployment and streamlined training, IT’s life would get a lot easier.And what’s more, if you can solve it in a way that provides equity of access across the organization then you achieve an important goal HOW DO YOU DO ALL THIS? We believe you need to: 1/ Focus on creativity as a means to reach your goals 2/ AND make IT’s software management “life” easier from deployment to training to support.BIG CHALLENGE: HOW TO SUPPORT CONTENT ACROSS MULTIPLE DEVICESThere is an explosion of devices: Do you have a mobile strategy to address the range of platforms and screens coming into your institution? Students and even faculty and staff are now expecting – and even demanding - access to content optimized for these devicesHow do you arm your faculty s and staff to deliver and maintain content across all these different platforms and constant OS/format/form factor updates?ANSWER: You need to arm your faculty, staff and students with the latest, innovative creative tools across a range of platforms. Particularly leverage design best practices and HTML5 for cross-device design strategies.CREATIITY IN TEACHING, LEARNING & BEYOND: How can the most current creative tools better prepare your students for success?Creativity in education has become a hot topic in its ability to advance teaching & learning Students need the right tools for creative problem solving & creative expression Faculty and instructors need the right tools for engaging students and helping them to deeply grasp concepts What’s more, staying current on the latest industry-leading technologies is essential for building relevant industry skills – preparing students for the workforce with marketable skillsAdobe provides a Complete Portfolio of creative toolsto meet these needs CHALLENGE: STAYING CURRENT & PRODUCTIVEWith the increased constraints on resources, it has never been more important to ensure that your staff is as productive as possibleHaving access to the tools they need to increase collaboration and facilitate communications is a key part of thisAnd for your teams that are involved in the actual production of creative assets such as the development of publications, websites and curriculum, the latest tools are essential
  • ADOBE CREATIVE CLOUD helps institutions advance their mission by bringing together the tools they need to foster creativity on campus andto increase staff collaboration and productivity. And with Creative Cloud for enterprise, IT organizations will find that management and control has never been easier. What is it? It is a membership where users gain exclusive access to tools, service, collaboration plus training and support.A big benefit is that the organization gets ongoing updates, services and even new products as Adobe issues them to the market. No more waiting 12- to 18-months for Adobe innovation. You get it when we ship it.In the last 10 years, we’ve seen huge changes –the rapid evolution of the Internet, the explosion in mobile, the transformation of the publishing industry…This is why Adobe came up with Creative Cloud: from designing to publishing to sharing your work with each other, it’s all there.Creative Cloud is constantly changing, because the way the creative process works is constantly changing.Creative Cloud is all about giving your users the tools and workflows they need to create without limits.Tools and workflows aren’t the boundary: the limit is now their imagination.CLOUD helps institutions embrace change in an easy, manageable way -- now you can do so much more. A whole new world of opportunities is now available. This is really exciting stuff.
  • Customers are moving to Creative Cloud so quickly and in such large numbers because Creative Cloud brings together everything they need to create their greatest work. It gives them the very latest versions of the tools and services they love, coupled with more efficient ways to collaborate with their peers and share their work with the creative community. Creative Cloud brings everything creatives need together in one place, simplifying the creative process from start to finish.Collaborative Tools:The world’s best tools like Photoshop and Illustrator have been reinvented to support a more intuitive, connected way of creating.Community:Showcase your work, get feedback, and gain global exposure. With Behance now integrated with Creative Cloud, it’s simple.Publish:Publish your work in immersive, engaging, awesome new ways.Stay Inspired:No matter how creativity evolves, Creative Cloud lets you evolve with it.
  • In order to accelerate the rate that we deliver new features and services to Creative Cloud, and ensure that we do so with the highest level of quality, we are focusing all of our efforts on Creative Cloud moving forward.Given this, everything we will be announcing at MAX will only be available via Creative Cloud when it ships.We know that not everyone can move to the Cloud; for example, many government agencies, and some educational institutions.Every type of customer will have an offering that works for them, meaning that even customers who cannot move to Creative Cloud nowwill have buyingprograms available to themthat will get them access to this amazing next generation of desktop tools.We will continue to make CS6 available outside of Creative Cloud, and will provide updates as necessary.However, we have no plans for any future releases of Creative Suite or other CS products.Focusing development exclusively on Creative Cloud will accelerate the rate at which Adobe can innovate and add new features and technologies to this cloud-enabled service.
  • So what will this next generation of desktop apps be called?With this release, we are introducing a new versioning system, “CC”CS is now CC, the next generation of our tools, integrated with Creative CloudAs an example, the new version of Photoshop CS6 is not Photoshop CS7, but Photoshop CCWe are also using the CC versioning for the next version of Adobe Muse, and of Adobe Edge AnimateWhy this change?Our new CC apps, such as Photoshop CC, InDesign CC, and Illustrator CC (to name a few) incorporate an increasingly integrated set of creative services that connect you to the work you do, the people you collaborate with, and the community you followThis integration with Creative Cloud is one of the main areas of focus for this and future releases, with an overall goal of making it easier to work across multiple machines and devices, as well as enabling collaboration and discovery within the creative communityThese tools are part of Creative CloudThe new naming reflects this focus, and captures that these applications enable new workflows within Creative CloudLet me emphasize how big this isGoing from CS6 to CC is as big as when Adobe when from Photoshop 7 to CS (instead of Photoshop 8)
  • And even though it’s only been a year since we released CS6, the breadth and depth of new features for creativity and productivity that are in the new desktop products is amazingFeatures like:Camera Shake Reduction in Photoshop, which “deblurs” an image by restoring sharpness to images blurred by camera shakeAll-new Smart Sharpen, also in Photoshop, that makes texture and detail pop, keeps noise and halo effects away, and lets you fine-tune your images with high-quality resultsTouch Type tool in Illustrator, which allows you to design with type in a powerful new way by manipulating characters like individual objects, and allowing you to use multitouch devices as well as a mouse or stylusCSS Designer in Dreamweaver, which provides the most up-to-date CSS and properties available via an intuitive visual editing toolEditing Finesse in Premiere Pro, which focuses on sleek design and customization capabilities, combined with new editing features and keyboard-driven editing improvementsLive 3D Pipeline with Cinema4D in After Effects, which lets you add 3D objects and scenes and eliminate intermediate rendering between applicationsParallax Scrolling in Muse, which allows you to create stunning effects with just a few mouse clicks—make images and elements move in different directions at different speeds when scrollingMotion Paths in Edge Animate, which allows you to animate elements along totally customizable pathsAnd a completely modernized architecture in InDesign and Flash Pro that has been rebuilt from the ground up to be faster and more reliable
  • Another major area of innovation in this next generation of desktop tools is around helping remove friction from the creative process, making that process more connected and productiveIn these new tools, your settings, styles, fonts, colors, and assets are synced and available across your desktops and mobile devicesYou are connected to the resources you need and the people that inspire youYou are able to share your work and get feedback from your community throughout the creative process; this includes the ability to post your work in progress directly to Behance from right within PhotoshopThese new tools continue to run on your desktop, while incorporating an increasingly integrated set of creative services that connect you to the work you do, the people you collaborate with and the community you followThese tools are trulypart of Creative Cloud, and the integration is going to get even deeper over time
  • One key innovation that ties this all together is how we’re bringing the Creative Cloud experience right onto the desktop. This is the evolution of the app that we used to call Creative Cloud Connection, which was mainly used to sync your files.A new app is automatically installed with all of the new CC desktop apps, and it’s completely integrated with those same desktop tools and Creative Cloud services.In addition to managing your files, it will now also help you install and manage your desktop software[CLICK SLIDE TO BUILD]get feedback on your projects on Behance[CLICK SLIDE TO BUILD]and generally keep track of pretty much everything in your creative universe, from notifications of new features, to invitations to collaborate on folders or share projects, to managing your files and fonts -- [CLICK SLIDE TO BUILD]all in a single activity stream. [CLICK SLIDE TO BUILD]
  • To support institution-wide adoption, your educators can utilize the Adobe Education Exchange. The Exchange is a free web portal where educators can meet, share resources, discuss challenges, and collaborate on solutions online. Upon registration, they can:Find free resources based on type of course, age level, and applications.Share curriculum, lesson plans, projects, best practices, and more.Communicate and collaborate with an education community and get inspired by new ways to teach and learn.
  • Adobe offers innovative professional development to transform teaching and learning at K12 and Higher Education institutions. Beyond just product training, Adobe Professional Development provides a rich, engaging learning experience aligned with best practices in adult learning theory. From real-world inspirational examples to customizable tools and templates, Adobe’s just-in-time professional development content includes:A curated collection of professional learning resources in a variety of media formatsSelf-paced workshops to learn key skills Live and recorded webinars and online coursesAn optional training for trainers program to build capacity on campus Access to a network of certified Adobe Education Trainers and Professional Development Partners for additional support
  • The first step to getting you on the path to benefiting from the Creative Cloud is to move your licensing over to an ETLA. ETLAs allow us to provide a more efficient, streamlined contract for managing your licenses.OLD: Highly transactional - budgeting and procurement processes are repeated for each order.NEW: Three year fixed term with just one agreement. OLD: Administration-intensive with many different agreements, SKUs, serial numbers, etc.NEW: One agreement for multiple products and services, languages, and platformsOLD: Unpredictable budget, usually including a large up-front paymentNEW: Three equal, annual payments makes budgets predictable and also includes support! An ETLA gives you the best pricing and protection against price increases for three years.OLD: No version-standardization across the enterprise.NEW: Everybody always entitled to the latest versions. IT can deploy different tools to different users as business needs evolve and you're always in control of when updates are made available to your users. Upgrade Plan is no longer available for Creative Suites or CS point products, so an ETLA of Creative Cloud for Enterprise is the new way to stay up to date on the latest creative tools and services. This also means you get access to the latest technology as soon as it's available instead of waiting 1, 2, or even three years between upgrades.OLD: Compliance risk – difficult to keep track of deployments.NEW: Compliance risks are minimized when license the enterprise
  • HED customers need to begin by selecting the Creative Collection which also includes Edge Animate and Muse. Customer may then select additional products on a per-license basis as needed for their institution. Please note that the FTE-model for the Creative Collection is not available for customers in North America and Japan. In these regions, customers may contact their Adobe sales representative for more customized solutions.
  • Note that Tier 5 is not available in North America or Japan
  • Adobe Creative Cloud and Licensing Programs for Education

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    5. 5. © 2013 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All Rights Reserved.A new path forward Focusing all efforts on Creative Cloud;no plans for another perpetual release Major release of 15 brand new CCdesktop apps - available only inCreative Cloud Available for all customer types We will continue to sell CS6, but wehave no plans for future releases ofCreative Suite
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    7. 7. © 2013 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All Rights Reserved. 7Many creative possibilitiesMotion PathsParallax ScrollingLive 3D Pipeline with Cinema4DCSS DesignerTouch Type toolA completely modernized architectureAll-new Smart SharpenEditing FinesseCamera Shake Reduction
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    12. 12. © 2013 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All Rights Reserved.Resources: curriculum to implement design, web & video programsFREE ISTE-alignedproject-based coursecurriculum aligned withACA certification
    13. 13. © 2013 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All Rights Reserved.Certification Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) certificationvalidates basic, entry-level skills in digitalcommunications using Adobe tools Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) certificationdemonstrates professional-level skills.13New in 2013
    14. 14. © 2013 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All Rights Reserved.Creative Cloud for Education14Purchasing ProgramsCreative Cloud for TeamsCreative Cloud forEnterpriseProvides the best coverage model forinstitution-wide access to Creative Cloudapps and services under an EnterpriseTerm Licensing Agreement (ETLA)Creative Cloud DesktopApplicationsGives institutions access to the latest CCapps under a new term licensing program,Education Enterprise Agreement (EEA)available through authorized resellersCreative Cloud for IndividualA membership offer for individual use bystudents and teachers available and through authorizedresellersOfferingsA membership offer, ideal for small workgroups, but not a solution for computerlabs or classroom implementation—available on and throughauthorized resellers
    15. 15. © 2013 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All Rights Reserved.Adobe EEA Program New term-based licensing agreement for primary, secondary, and post-secondary institutions globally (included CC apps without services) Enables qualified HED education institutions to: Provide Adobe Creative Cloud apps and other Adobe software toadministrators, teachers, staff, and students Deploy on institutionally owned and leased computers within the institution Pay for the entire one-year or two-year term when placing an order Continue using the Adobe software licensed under the agreement as long asthe term of the agreement is valid15
    16. 16. © 2013 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All Rights Reserved.2013 EEA Postsecondary Education - Product Options16HED Offer:1. Design & Web HED Collection• Photoshop CC• Illustrator CC• InDesign CC• Dreamweaver CC• Flash Pro CC• Fireworks CS6• Acrobat Pro XI• Edge Animate CC• Muse CCAvailable Add-Ons (per license)1. Video Collection• Premiere Pro CC• After Effects CC• Photoshop CC• Audition CC• SpeedGrade CC• Prelude CC• Illustrator CC• Encore CS6 (included in Premiere Pro CC)• Flash Pro CC• Media Encoder CC (included in Premiere ProCC)2. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4*Use of Muse requires an Adobe ID and access to an Adobe website or service(collectively ―Service‖). Use of an Adobe ID and/or Service is not intended forchildren under age 13.
    17. 17. © 2013 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All Rights Reserved.Collection ADD-ONSTIER Minimum CountDesign & WebHEDCollectionVideoCollectionLightroomHEDTier 4(University)1+ PER INSTALL PER INSTALL PER INSTALLPurchasing Matrix: HED FTE vs. Per Seat license17
    18. 18. © 2013 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All Rights Reserved. 18