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Meditation goggles


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Meditation goggles

  1. 1. A peacefulnight’s sleepbeginsthrough themiracle of ourMeditativeMonkey SleepGoggles
  2. 2. Clinical Research Studies Support the benefits of both meditation andorange tinted glasses. Our product combines these two benefits into onewith Orange Meditation GogglesMindfulness meditation has demonstrated clinical benefits for a variety of patient populations in otherareas of functioning. This study examined the effects of an 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction(MBSR) program on the sleep quality of a heterogeneous sample of 63 patients. Overall sleepdisturbance was significantly reduced )and participants reported that their sleep quality had improved.There was also a significant reduction in stress, mood disturbance), and fatigue Carlson, L, Garland, N. International Journal of Behavioral Medicine 2005According to a National Institute of Health Study - Orange-tinted goggles have been shown toblock the melatonin-suppressing effect of light significantlyIn 2001 it was discovered that it is only the blue component in ordinary white light that causesmelatonin suppression. Melatonin is the hormone that promotes sleep and is a powerful cancerfighter. By blocking just the blue light a condition of “virtual darkness” allows enjoyment ofnormal evening activities while maximizing melatonin flow. The benefits go far beyond bettersleep and reducing cancer risk. They include helping to avoid postpartum depression, improvingsymptoms of ADHD, and helping to stabilize mood in patients with bipolar disorder.
  3. 3. Combining Meditative Monkey Goggles with a dailymeditation regime has improved the quantity andquality of my sleep, this is a great product! - Bono
  4. 4. Ive noticed that when I wear Meditative Monkey GogglesI get tired a lot faster and sleep a lot better - Isaacs DailyApple
  5. 5. Each pair of Meditative Monkey SleepGoggles are handcrafted in ourfactory ensuring the highest quality ofmaterials and blue light protection.Also included with your glasses is amindful meditation video to help youbegin to experience a good night’ssleep Mindful Meditation in 45 easy steps Suggested retail price $24.95
  6. 6. Side effects may includeSide effects may vary but can include: laughter from friendsbecause you are wearing orange goggles, laughter when youlook in the mirror and you are wearing orange goggles, beliefthat everyone you meet is really really tanned. Dizziness, largeamounts of happiness, changing your whole wardrobe to matchyour orange goggles, uncoordinated, excessive salivationbecause you are craving orange juice, lack of understanding oftime, and drowsiness.