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  • (look at phone) I just burnt x calories with Nike+, and have walked y miles today to get to this presentation. My name is Drew Fedolfi, introduce rest of members, and we will be presenting Nike+ to you today
  • Our plan is broken down into 7 core components (list components)
  • (read quote) If the president and CEO of the company can stand behind these words, we as a group have decided to take an innovative approach to bring Nike+ to our target
  • Read first dateFollowing the induction of Blue Ribbon Sports in 1964, it didn’t take long for the Nike brand to evolve, and in 1971 the brand we have come to know today was born. The following year, Nike began their legacy by introducing the first line of Nike footwear.The 80s and 90s saw the brand reach unparalleled levels through endorsements of up and coming star athletes Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods, and this tradition continues today.If the past isnt a indicator of success alone, Nike is projected to generate revenues of $28-30 billion in 2015.
  • Perhaps one of the greatest marketing geniuses' of our time, Nike has used some of the best athletes throughout multiple sports to represent their brand. (list athletes)
  • Though the goals and dreams of success for Nike+ are many, our main objective is simple. We wish to drive interest in running through Nike+We will consider our project a success once people have bought into Nike+, and consequently buy more Nike products as a result
  • Though the goals and dreams of success for Nike+ are many, our main objective is simple. We wish to drive interest in running through Nike+We will consider our project a success once people have bought into Nike+, and consequently buy more Nike products as a result
  • Our objective and results-based criterion cannot be accomplished if our target cannot buy into Nike+ in the first place. We plan on igniting interest through a lasting brand spark and brand promise. Our spark originates from the notion that our target longs for self-esteem for positive reinforcement, and we promise that this will be gained through positive reinforcement that will result in instant confidence
  • Why do we believe that our spark and promise will work? Certain beliefs and behaviors that our target will demonstrate through use of our product will reinforce our plan. Our consumers will be excited about running and Nike+, and in turn will become excited about purchasing other Nike products. Nike+ will become the running companion for our target, and the Nike’s bottom line will notice positive growth through resulting sales
  • Greekplusnikeplus

    1. 1. 1Nike+Dr ew Fedol f iNat al i a Mal yshevaJosh Wi l sonJosh Lee
    2. 2. Table of ContentsNike BackgroundTargetCurrent SituationCreative PlanMedia PlanExecutional MandatoriesConclusion
    3. 3. A Word From“At NIKE, Inc. werun a completeoffense, and it’sbased on a corecommitment toinnovation”President and CEOMark Parker
    4. 4. Nike Years1950Bill Bowerman andPhil Knight envision ahigh performancerunning shoescompany1964Blue RibbonSports1971Nike nameis created1972First line ofNikefootwear isreleased1980Nike becomesa publiclytradedcompany1985Endorsementof MichaelJordan1996Endorsementof Eldrick“Tiger”Woods2015Expected revenuesof $28-$30 Billion
    5. 5. Nike’s AthletePortfolio5
    6. 6. 7CurrentTargetPsychographics• Highly Active• Attends Fitness/Health Clubs• Participates in Community Wellness EventsDemographics• Age 20-23• Median Income $34,000-$45,000• Educated Professionals
    7. 7. 8NewTargetPsychographics• Social• Motivated• Interacts with friends via technology• Self ConsciousDemographics• Age 18-23• Income is Irrelevant• Greek College Students
    8. 8. Why Nike+SimpleSocialFeedback
    9. 9. 10
    10. 10. Current SituationEquipmentApparelFootwearNet Sales$1.2 Billion$6.3 Billion$13.4 Billion$24.1 Billion11
    11. 11. Nike+EquipmentFuelband $149SportWatch $169SportBand $5912
    12. 12. Why Nike+ App?13TheWholeExperienceSocial-twitter-facebook-pinterestMusic-create your ownplaylist-share your playlistChallenges-compete with friends-compete withcelebrities-compete with yourselfGPS-track events-track gaming-track all day-track on a treadmill
    13. 13. Key AppCompetitors14Nike+ Fit ID Fleetly Charity MilesGPS Tracking ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔Timer ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔Pedometer ✔Progress ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔Treadmill ✔Music Player ✔Social-twitter-facebook-pinterest✔✔✔✔✔ ✔✔✔Challenges ✔ ✔ ✔
    14. 14. RunningApps#4
    15. 15. TotalApps#184
    16. 16. Brand CharacterMotivationalSelf-EsteemEnhancerPositiveReinforcementActiveExciting#GreekPLUSNikePLUS
    17. 17. StrategyObjective• To drive interest in running through Nike+Evaluation Criteria• Success is achieved once people buy intoNike+ and consequently buy more NikeProducts
    18. 18. Igniting InterestBrand SparkNeed forself-esteemBrand PromisePositivereinforcement willresult in instantconfidence
    19. 19. Beliefs• Increase excitement about running and Nike+Behaviors• Nike+ will become “The Running Companion”• Excitement in the product will drive otherNike sales as wellReaching Our Goal
    20. 20. 23
    21. 21. GreekPLUSNikePLUS24GreekCommunityDownloadNike+ andRUNNike Donates$$$$$$$$$$$to HousePhilanthropies
    22. 22. 25June July August September12 Months 3 CheckpointsSeptember• How many downloads?• Is a Greek House is missing?January• How many downloads?• What Greek House is most active and Why?May• How many downloads?• Will they participate next year?Media Timeline
    23. 23. Enter Title Here26First SemesterReaching the GreeksJune July SeptemberAugust• August 9th• Introduce Nike+WELCOME BACKFALL EDITION• September 14th• Remind about Nike+BIG TENCONFERENCEPREVIEW• October 5th• Advertise Nike+ for upcomingathletic eventsHOMECOMING
    24. 24. IDS AD#GreekPLUSNikePLUS
    25. 25. 28June July August SeptemberFirst SemesterReaching the Greeks
    26. 26. #GreekPLUSNikePLUSGreekFlyerDonating toPhilanthropieshas never beenthis easyContact yourNike Campus Rep
    27. 27. On CampusPromotions• Ads about the upcoming events• Feature articles about Nike+PLUSGreekThe Indiana Daily Student IDS• Posters of Nike+ app users• Event registration remindersWildermuth Intramural Center WIC• Posters of active Nike+ app usersStudent Recreational Sports Center SRSC30October November December January
    28. 28. SRSC AD#GreekPLUSNikePLUSAreYouEquipped?Contact your Nike Campus Rep
    29. 29. 32FacebookOctober November December JanuaryNearly Naked MileSponsorshipRegistrationEvent RemindersIndiana University Dance MarathonSponsorshipEvent CountdownLive Event Updates
    30. 30. IUDM AD#GreekPLUSNikePLUSTrack others#IUDM(HouseName)Don’t have a band?Contact your Nike Campus Rep
    31. 31. TwitterNearly Naked Mile#NearlyNakedASAIndiana University Dance Marathon#IUDMSNU34October November December January
    32. 32. Second Semester35February March April May
    33. 33. Conclusion#GreekPLUSNikePLUSNikeEveryMileEveryDonationPositiveReinforcementEveryEvent
    34. 34. The only one who cantell you “you can’t” isyou …and YOU don’thave to listen#GreekPLUSNikePLUS
    35. 35. 38QUESTIONS?
    36. 36. 39APPENDIX
    37. 37. 40Events IDS Advertising Costs Per Single Ad (No Contract Required)Annual Event(s) Half Page (Color) Half Page (Black/White) Full Page (Color) Full Page (Black/White)$1,650.00 $1,200.00 $3,300.00 $2,400.00IUDM $1,650.00 $1,200.00 $3,300.00 $2,400.00Nearly Naked Mile $1,650.00 $1,200.00 $3,300.00 $2,400.0028 FraternityPhilanthropies $46,200.00 $33,600.00 $92,400.00 $67,200.0031 SororityPhilanthropies $51,150.00 $37,200.00 $102,300.00 $74,400.00IDSCost
    38. 38. 41BudgetPer MileWalk/Run10Walk/Run15Walk/Run20$0.00$5.00$10.00$15.00$20.00$25.00$30.001mile25miles50miles100miles150milesWalk/Run10Walk/Run15Walk/Run20301015201522
    39. 39. BudgetPer Mile42Biker 5Biker 10Biker 1505101520251 mile25miles50miles100miles150milesBiker 5Biker 10Biker 1522157.515105
    40. 40. Budget1 Month4312550100150$0.00$50.00$100.00$150.00$200.00$250.00$300.00$350.00$400.00$450.001House 5Houses 10Houses 20Houses 30Houses125501001504503001507550100200300
    41. 41. Budget12 Months4412550100150$0.00$1,000.00$2,000.00$3,000.00$4,000.00$5,000.00$6,000.001House5Houses10Houses20Houses30Houses12550100150540036001800900360060012002400