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Jenkins/Jmeter Configuration - Colombo Performance Test Meetup - 2016 April

Jenkins/Jmeter configuration of the demonstration conducted in the Colombo Performance Test Meetup conducted by Nipuna Madusanka and Chamal Asela Perera on 27th of April 2016 at 99X Technologies

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Jenkins/Jmeter Configuration - Colombo Performance Test Meetup - 2016 April

  1. 1. Jenkins / JMeter Continuous Performance Platform Setup 1. You needloginto Winservermachine (Ex:Win2008 R2 Standard) 2. Install Jenkins(–NeedIIS7 3. SetupJMeter( 4. Configure the “”asfollows a. Remove the (#) commentfromthe followingline andchange toxml i. b. remove the (#) commentfromthe followinglines: i. ii. iii. iv. v. 5. Downloadperformance plugin( a. Currently there’sanexistingissue(Performancepluginreportalwaysshowing100% of errorson 200 successresponse code) b. Workaround:use Performance Pluginversion1.9or below i. Stepsto install (Pastolderversionof performance plugin(*.hpi File)to <jenkinsHome>/plugins/andrestartJenkins.) 6. Install performance Plugin(http://localhost:8080/pluginManager/advanced)
  2. 2. 7. Thencreate ‘NewItem’ > Addname > Select‘Freestyleproject’>OK 8. Configure the new project(Job)
  3. 3. 9. Now,run the Build(Butbefore thatyouhave to do followingchangestothe jmeter.propertiesfile) 10. Make sure to put the .xml resultfile inthe JMeter >libfolder