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Colombo Performance Test Meetup - 2016 April


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Colombo Performance Test Meetup conducted by Nipuna Madusanka and Chamal Asela Perera on 27th of April 2016 at 99X Technologies

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Colombo Performance Test Meetup - 2016 April

  1. 1. Continuous Performance Assessments With Jenkins, Jmeter and BlazeMeter By Chamal Asela Perera & Nipuna Madusanka
  2. 2. Speakers Nipuna Madusanka Chamal Asela Perera
  3. 3. The Challenges • Shorter development cycles require more tests in less time • ‘Working’ code does not always perform well • Developer needs feedback
  4. 4. Implementation of Continuous Performance Assessments? • New features – Not new performance issues?
  5. 5. Our Approach
  6. 6. Performance Trend Analysis…
  7. 7. Importance of Continuous Performance Assessments? • Avoid late performance problem discovery • Making changes earlier when they are cheaper Conception Design Development Testing Release Cost to Fix a bug X1000 X100 X10 x1
  8. 8. Have we covered everything ? . . . .
  9. 9. The Big Picture FINAL SPRINT DEPLOYMENT PHASE Setup Performance Monitoring System Create Backlog Items for Identified Issues Responding to Performance Alerts SPRINT N DEVELOPMENT PHASE Bottleneck Identification Architecture Assessment Add Performance Engineering items to Product Backlog Major Release Assessment Trend Analyzing and Benchmarking SPRINT N+1 Prioritization Implementation Re-assessment SPRINT 0 INITIAL PHASE Understand Performance Requirements Setup Environment & Framework Create Performance Strategy Knowledge transfer between all the stakeholders
  10. 10. Is this the only way? . . . . . .
  11. 11. Demo • Record JMX through BlazeMeter • Configure Jmeter and Jenksins for the CPA • Configure Blazemter plugin for Jenkins • Compare the performance of builds