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Attracting & Retaining Gen Z In Work Places

How can workplaces attract and retain generation \’Z\’ members of the community to become future leaders”

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Attracting & Retaining Gen Z In Work Places

  1. 1. Jhg Presentation by Neil Maclure Generation “Z” in Workplaces
  2. 2. “How can workplaces attract and contain generation Zmembers of the community to become future leaders”
  3. 3. Generation
  4. 4. _______________________________________________________________________"Generation Z is one of the names used for the First World or Westerngeneration of people born between the mid-1990s to late 2000s...  On the average they are highly connected  Many having had lifelong use of communications and media technologies such as the World Wide Web, instant messaging, text messaging, MP3 players, cellular phones and You Tube, earning them the nickname digital natives‘_______________________________________________________________________  Smarter change makers and  A new level of global awareness
  5. 5. Why are they
  6. 6. Age  They are the youngest generation but are being parented by older parents (the median age of mother at birth of 1st child is approaching 31 and taught by older teachers (the median age of a school teacher is 42) than ever before.  First generation to be born into a digital worldLife – Stage  They are the up-ageing generation.  They are growing up faster.  They are in education earlier  They are being exposed to marketing younger  And have access a wealth of diverse information at the tips of their fingers
  7. 7. Times  First generation to be born into a digital world  They are registered to a social networking site even before birth and gripping their first electronic gadget while toddling  The only generation so far that communicates and collaborate in real- time regardless of physical locationTechnology  They have only known this wireless, hyperlinked, user-generated world where they are always only a few clicks from any piece of knowledge  This internet-savvy, technologically literate generation have been shaped to multi-task. They move quickly from one task to another placing more value on speed than accuracy  Coming home to them means - graphical web browsers; laptops; mobile phones; instant messenger services; broadband; wireless; video games  They actively authors or contributes content instantaneously to web sites and weblogs
  8. 8. Events  By 2020 generation Z will make up 36% of the workforce  They will be entering the workforce in an era of declining supply  For Gen Z the skills shortages, the ageing population and the global demand for labor will continue to empower themStatistics  60% are expected to complete Year 12  40% will go on to further tertiary study  72% want a career working with or involving “cutting edge of technology”  65% believe careers that are technology-centered offer solid long- term job prospects and importantly creatively.  Are highly career-focused, particularly Australian gen Z‟ s want to be where the action is and for them being on the edge of technological developments is most important to them.  Will be expected to work longer and have an average of five careers and 20 different employers in their lifetimes  Traditional work environments will struggle to attract Generation Z employees Courtesy - McCrindle Research / May 2009
  9. 9. Where do they
  10. 10. What are theirLanguage Platforms
  11. 11. How Do they
  12. 12. Blogging and socialnetworking sites haveexperienced explosivegrowth over the past fewyears
  13. 13. 500
  14. 14. 300125
  15. 15. 65
  16. 16. 5th
  17. 17. Generation Z  “Want to Speak”  “Need for Community”  “Need for Branded Communities”  “Trusts Communities – Word of Mouth”  “Trusts Content on Branded Communities”  “Branded Communities – Influences their behaviors and decisions”
  18. 18. their
  19. 19. And Generation Z are the Drivers
  20. 20. So How Do We Attract Them??
  21. 21. With a Holistic Approach
  22. 22. Attract & Retain / Strategy 4 pointStrategic Convergence usingthe “Blue Ocean” Approach
  23. 23. RED OCEAN BLUE OCEAN• compete in existing markets • create uncontested markets• beat the competition • make competition irrelevant• explore existing demand • create & capture new demand• make the value/cost trad-off • break value/cost trade-off• align with differentiation OR • align with differentiation AND low cost low cost
  24. 24. Strengthen the Employer Brand  Establish a Employer Brand (Online) Strategy (if not already existing)  Fine-tune the collection of ideas and beliefs that influence the way generation Z view‟s the organization and the employment experience that the organization is offering  Consider investing in a website that concentrates on the coherent integration of corporate messages simply, effectively & concisely.  Branded landing pages are an effective tool to establish depth to organizations and optimize search results  Establish an Employer Brand Team  Employ an SEM / SEO Specialist to ensure that the brand is consistently and highly visible in online searches to generation Z  Consider including an online editorial rich strategy by establishing blogs, RSS feeds, Video clips & a photo online searchable archive  Ensure the values and attributes are conveyed in your hiring channels  Review the messaging on a quarterly basis  Conduct an annual -brand health-check to measure the perceptionsAnalysis  74% of all global organizations believe that the development of a strong employer branding strategy leads to higher staff retention in the case of generation Z  54% of all global organizations believe that the development of a strong employer branding strategy leads reduced recruitment costs  Recruitment should be viewed as an extension of marketing and organizations must have clear online strategies to market the brand to generation Z  Effectively communication of the companys culture and values, helps to ensure staff are passionate about, and fit in with the organization
  25. 25. Storytelling  Essentially all storytelling is a master form of marketing  Storytelling is the key to attracting the Generation Z members to leadership positions  This has been a vastly under used strategy because most of us are so intent on our ongoing improvement efforts we rarely take time to celebrate by telling the positive, detailed stories of success to the younger generations.  Providing access & mentorship to potential generation Z recruits with role models is crucial to the marketing efforts  Attracting minorities and indigenous generation Z Australians requires an even greater commitment to communication with local people and should be approached with a tailored & targeted marketing approach rather than with a blanket approachSocial Media  Blogs, Podcasts, RSS feed news releases, online video sharing, virtual worlds and micro - blogging have emerged as the preferred PR resources and are being consumed predominantly by the generation Z  This medium of marketing effectively provides a unique opportunity to promote and reach this new audiences and communicate in novel and direct ways  Especially “Blogs” can strongly influence search engine results and can drive high UB‟s / PI traffic to important topics. Thus creating a strong marketing platform and awareness  (e.g.) It is now an accepted fact that the key reason for Obama success was his use of the web to reach and galvanize support for his fundraising.
  26. 26. Technology FocusA recent survey indicated that 72% of generation Z want a career working with or involving “cutting edgeof technology” because most believe that these careers offer solid long-term job prospects andimportantly creatively. Particularly Australian gen Z‟ s want to be where the action is and for them beingon the edge of technological developments is most important to them.  Given the above, all online or traditional media marketing / advertising strategy should clearly be crafted around the organizations technical focus & prowess.  Future budgets should allow for investments in cutting edge technological acquisitions & upgrades to equipment & all kit  Sponsor Annual Technology Fairs  Consider one off grants / discounts on work related technology purchases for personal use (e.g. Laptops)Technology that would attract Generation Z  Consider investing in Technology‟s  Consider deploying technology that „s badged as “Cool” by Generation Z
  27. 27. Training Academy / Institute  Provide customized programs to meet the needs of individual  Cross Training (inter- department) facilities – For career progression & ongoing staff engagement / retention. Preferably courses should focus on new technology / trends.Scholarship Programs  Introduce & provide (appx 200) university scholarships annually to students.Other Programs / Events  Quarterly Environment / Green programs  Sponsor– Public awareness campaigns recognizing volunteers
  28. 28. Thank you… Neil Maclure