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AST 406 Wind Powered Electric Generation


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AST 406 Wind Powered Electric Generation

  1. 1. Wind-Powered Electricity Generation• Is it for the Pontiac?• Different forms of energy production
  2. 2. Activity• Compare Energy Production techniques by completing the handout• Create a wind-powered generator• Answer the question – Is wind-powered electric generation good for the Pontiac? And explain your reasons.
  3. 3. Traditional Energy Production•Fossil Fuels - Oil/Coal/Natural Gas Energy•Nuclear Energy•Hydro-electric Energy
  4. 4. Coal Power PlantOhio River, OhioBy: Picture_taking_fool
  5. 5. South Bay Power Plant San Diego, CABy: thelatentimage
  6. 6. Fossil Fuel Energy• Source – the ground – oil, natural gas, coal, oil tar sands• How used: Heat water to drive turbine.• Good points: – Inexpensive – Job creation – Filters used• Bad points – Creates pollution – air, water, land – Creates Greenhouse gases, Acid Rain
  7. 7. New York City Power PlantBy: futureatlas.com
  8. 8. John E. Amos Coal Power Plant West Virginia By: Wigwam Jones
  9. 9. By: brewbooks Flying over a Nuclear Power Plant
  10. 10. It’s pronounced Nucular• Source: Uranium in the ground• Uranium radiation heats water for a steam turbine to generate electricity.• Good Points – We have Uranium – No gases produced – Creates lots of energy• Bad Points – Waste storage leaks – Radiation causes cancer
  11. 11. Maine Yankee NuclearPower Plant in Wiscasset Maine 1972-1997
  12. 12. Conowingo Hydroelectric Power Plant Located on the Susquehanna River in MarylandBy: No_clever_names_left
  13. 13. Hydroelectric Energy – energy from riversThe water flowing in a river has kinetic energy. We can turn this intoelectrical energy to use in our homes. We usually need to build adam, and let the water flow through it gradually.+ Renewable – Costs a lot of money to+ No pollution, because nothing build a dam gets burned – The dam can ruin the local+ We can store the water up environment, because it high, and then whenever we changes where the water need the energy we can let the naturally flows. Some water out animals and plants may die.
  14. 14. Hydroelectric Power Plant By: s,B - Michael Brenton-King of The Wachoo Wachoo
  15. 15. Alternate Energy– Geo-Thermal Energy– Wave Energy– Tidal Energy– Solar Energy– Bio-Mass Energy– Wind Energy
  16. 16. Geothermal Power Plant located over an active volcanic ridge in Iceland.Hellisheidi Geothermal By: arnitr Power Plant 24731289/
  17. 17. Geothermal Energy – energy from the EarthDeep underground, the Earth’s rocks are naturally very hot. We canturn their heat energy into electrical energy to use in our homes –we call this ‘geothermal energy’.1. Cold water is pumped below the ground.2. Hot rocks heat the water, turning it into steam.3. The steam is used to generate electricity. + Renewable + No pollution, because nothing gets burned + Doesn’t damage the environment – Very few places in the world where you can do this – Costs a lot of money to drill deep into the ground
  18. 18. Wave Energy – energy from sea wavesThe sea’s waves have kinetic energy. Using machines that bob up anddown in the waves, this energy can be turned into electrical energywhich we can use in our homes. wave energy machines bobbing up and down in the waves – Need lots of machines to get a reasonable amount of energy+ Renewable – The machines costs a lot of+ No pollution, because money nothing gets burned – The machines can look ugly – The machines can be damaged by storms
  19. 19. Tidal Energy – energy from sea tidesIf you’ve ever been to the coast, you may have noticed that the sealevel goes up and down, because of tides. When the tide is high, thewater has lots of gravitational potential energy, which we can turninto electrical energy to use in our homes. 1. At high tide, we trap the water behind a dam. 2. At low tide, the water is released, and its energy is used to generate electricity.+ Renewable+ No pollution, because nothing gets burned+ Reliable, because there are always two tides every day+ Cheap to run, once it’s built– Costs a lot to build the dam– The dam may cause local flooding
  20. 20. By: Canadian Veggie Solar Panels along side a home in Canada
  21. 21. Solar Energy – energy from the SunThe Earth gets heat and light energy from the sun all the time. Can we use it – yes we can! The Sun’s energy can either be:1. changed into electrical energy to use in homes, using solar cells;2. or used to heat water for homes, using solar panels. + Renewable + No pollution, because nothing gets burned – Solar cells and solar panels are expensive – Only works if it’s sunny!
  22. 22. Installing Solar Panels By: richardmasoner
  23. 23. Biomass Energy – energy from plants The chemical potential energy stored in things that were once alive (e.g. trees) can be turned into heat energy by burning them. (We can also turn it into electrical energy to use in our homes.)1. Trees absorb the sun’s energy. The trees change this energy into chemical energy, which they store inside themselves.2. When we burn wood, we turn this energy into heat, which is useful for cooking and heating. + Renewable – as long as we keep planting trees to replace the ones we cut down + Doesn’t need any special equipment, so it can be used very easily, even in poor countries + Doesn’t add to the greenhouse effect – Large areas of land are needed to grow enough trees
  24. 24. Biomass Sources
  25. 25. Wind Turbines Mars Hill MaineBy: Extra Ketchup
  26. 26. Wind Energy – energy from the windUsing wind turbines, we can turn the kinetic energy of the wind intoelectrical energy which we can use in our homes. This is ‘windenergy’. + Renewable + No pollution, because nothing gets burned + Turbines are quite cheap and easy to build, so they can be used even in poor countries – Turbines can be ugly and noisy – Only works if it’s quite windy! If the wind stops, you get no energy.
  27. 27. Wind Power Mars Hill Maine Compare the size of the turbines to the trees. By: Extra Ketchup
  28. 28. ActivityDefinitions:Kinetic Energy – energy due to motionPotential Energy – energy due to positionChemical Potential Energy – energy found inmolecular bondsNuclear Energy – energy released when mass isconverted to energyElectric Energy – energy due to motion of electronsYeah! Now answer the following questions:Q. 15-17, 20-23, 27-8, 30-32 on pp. 247-8.