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Telecom consumer plans : 3-Break free: I active


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this a part of package on consumers offers and propositions for a telecom operator

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Telecom consumer plans : 3-Break free: I active

  1. 1. Marketing B2C Propositions & Offers 1 i Active! 1™ Marketing B2C Propositions & Offers : (BreakFree) View Mohammad Ghazizadeh'sprofile on LinkedIn 3-Plans: M.Ghazizadeh20/06/11
  2. 2. Introducing the new TaminTelecom offer : i Active 1 2 Launch of a postpaid offer , “I Active 1”, dedicated to the Young generation getting market share from the that part of youth market , premium market which is well addressed by MCI . this population will be the main users of 3G services and will be the main subscribers of our postpaid offers 2 sub segment of Young Generation market which consists of : Young non workers , young office staffs and Premium segment these segments stands for a great part of the Iranian post paid mobile subscribers and well addressed by Tamin’scompetitor MCI but Taminwith it`s 3G services should compete with it and get market share with its differentiated “Simple & Exciting” offers 3 month after launch i Active! 1™ (BreakFree)
  3. 3. I Active 1 care answer to customer expectations 3 They want to talk with their friends and family with low rates You can talk with 5 numbers of your friends and family with reduced tariffs ,Talk all nights for free Browsing Unlimited Browsing from…am to ….pm ! Customer expectations Offer answers talk with reduced rate s at their place + low internet tariff @ home / place Having chance to attend contest and youth events . Music event reminder and news ! Games , Music and … Entertainment Care more than a Telecom Operator! Favourite Zone ! Free Games , Music and …Free Photo messaging every evening ! i Active! 1™ (BreakFree)
  4. 4. Target •18-50 years old , nearly 7.9% of population •Sex : male (40%) & female(60%) , single 60% •41% of office staff, 29% of non worker , 61% of capitalist , 67% petty bourgeois have post paid •Main characteristics: family size : 2-4 members , •They expect SIM to be free of cost •mostly single SIM users Characteristics of the target •ARPU :12$* •AUPU (Voice, SMS/MMS, Data) •Type of contract : more than half prepaid What are their usages? •market size •% market share •% Tamin market share Size of the target *Pyramid Research 2010 4 i Active! 1™ (BreakFree)
  5. 5. IRR YYY,YYY YYY minutes on net YY SMS YY MB F&F IRR A,AAA,AAA AAAA minutes on net AAA SMS AAA MB A F&F Videocall Out of bundle tariff plan Item Minute On net Minuteoff net SMS MMS Data (Kb) International Options Contents Passes Price IRR XXX IRR XXX IRR XXX IRR XXX IRR X Seededicated pricelist Seededicated pricelist Seededicated pricelist Seededicated pricelist Customer value proposition : •Break Free, unlocked offer •Friends & Family! •Unlimited Browsing •Flexibility in adding Passes •Talk all nights for free •Favourite Zone ! •Free Games , Music and … •Having chance to attend contest and youth events . •Music event reminder and news ! •Free Photo messaging every evening ! Petty bourgeois , capitalist Young office staff , YNW Target 1o min free Video Call 1o min free Video Call Energy Fresh Marketing B2C Propositions & Offers 5 i Active! 1™ (BreakFree)
  6. 6. 6 Your Plan 1)If finished before the end of month , you can continue but with generic tariff table 2)If some remains at the end of the month , you can carry it over the next month 3)If you don`t use your monthly expenditure commitment for 3 month you will automatically be switched to Hybrizone Tune your offer as you wish Buy more passes , options and contents If you use more than xx, xxx per month you will be upgraded to next Plan XX per min YY per SMS,MMS ZZ per MB Enjoy Your Free Usage and gifts Unlimited Browsing Talk all nights for free X min free video call Free X music Download , Fav. Zone Choose the Active plan you commit to pay at the end of every month Energy Fresh Smile Excite i Active! 1™ (BreakFree) i Active! 1™ (BreakFree)
  7. 7. Range of passes My territory Text /MMS Boost Call Boost Data Boost Int. Roaming Favorite Zone Content Friends & Family 7 i Active! 1™ (BreakFree)
  8. 8. Services • Voice • Video • Callwaiting • callforwarding • calldivert • callerID • callbarring • missedcallalert • NOR • endofcallnotification • SMS • MMS 8 • SMS delivery • MMS delivery • USSD short codes • Voice mail system • basic chat • bonus & rewards • Video on demand • Audio on demand • Live TV • Mobile internet • MBB • Advanced chat • pushmail • video call conf • IM • Balance inquiry • Credit transfer • RBT basic • F&F • Yield Zone • Home zone • RBT • M-payment • M-banking i Active! 1™ (BreakFree)