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Telecom consumer plans : 3-Pay play: i tourist


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This a part of package on consumers offers and propositions for a telecom operator

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Telecom consumer plans : 3-Pay play: i tourist

  1. 1. Marketing B2C Propositions & Offers 1 iTourist™ Pay Play™ Marketing B2C Propositions & Offers : View Mohammad Ghazizadeh'sprofile on LinkedIn 3-Plans: M.Ghazizadeh 20/06/11
  2. 2. Introducing the new TaminTelecom offer : i Tourist 2 Launch of a prepaid offer , “i Tourist”, dedicated to the Iran`s visitors Gain customers by addressing a forgotten segment Demonstrate Tamin’s singularity with a differentiated offer , they are nearly 1.2 million who may prefer to use Tamin SIM cards with lower tariffs than Roaming Tourist Line is our prepaid mobile service which has been specifically tailored to suit visitor`s needs –whether he is a tourist, business traveller or employment seeker visiting the Iran. Although iranianentrant visitor`s population is not that much in compare with other countries around , but this should be considered as one of our branding activities and also it will bring us a remarkable income from main 3G services 9 month after launch i Tourist™ Pay Play™
  3. 3. i Tourist answers to customer expectations 3 They want easy communications with their friends and families in 5 continent stay in touch across 5 continents with Friends & Family with discount on 2 int. no. they want lower tariffs than roaming Free international calling minutes Customer expectations Offer answers Fast & easy Top up by different options English customer care call Centre Different 24/7 ways of Top up ! 24/7 English Customer Care i Tourist™ Pay Play™ international MMS-SMS International SMS Send more than just SMS , Send color photos & Videos ! Visitor Guide Tools Free Content : GPS maps , interesting locations , money exchange rate
  4. 4. Customer value proposition : •stay in touch across 5 continents with 40% Discount on 2 Int. Friends & Family no, •Free international calling minutes •Fast & easy Top up by different options •24/7 English Customer Care Centre + Emergency calls even out of air time •My account service •Flexibility on adding passes •Competitive tariff plan •Free Content : GPS maps , interesting locations , money exchange rate •International SMS •Send more than just SMS , Send colourphotos & Videos ! •Mobile Payment •Pay by second Visitor/Tourists Target Minute(per Sec) SMS MMS Data (per Kb) Int. Call Int. SMS Int. MMS Content Peak Onnet Offnet Off peak Onnet Offnet 4 i Tourist™ Pay Play™
  5. 5. 5 Your Plan 1)The Visitor line is valid for 90 days from the date of the first call. 2) After 90 days, you will have 275 days grace period to renew your subscription 3) You can migrate to Pay Play free of charge or to Pay Play Monthly Free If you are out of credit , top up and get free bonus air time + Gifts IRR XX,XXX IRR YY,YYY IRR ZZ,ZZZ X free Int. TXT X MB Make call with your associated tariff plan XX per local/int. Min Xx Per local/int. SMS XX per local/int. MMS XX per Kb Get the SIM card and get free International minutes Pay Play Visitor IRR XX, XXX Free international minute IRR XX,XXX i Tourist™ Pay Play™
  6. 6. Range of passes Content Friends & Family Off Peak 6 iWoman™ Pay Play™
  7. 7. Services • Voice • Video • Callwaiting • callforwarding • calldivert • callerID • callbarring • missedcallalert • NOR • endofcallnotification • SMS • MMS 7 • SMS delivery • MMS delivery • international SMS • international MMs • Push mail • UUSD short codes • Voice mail system • basic chat • bonus & rewards • Video on demand • Audio on demand • Live TV • Mobile internet • MBB • ATM voucher • POS Voucher • Balance inquiry • Credit transfer • RBT basic • POS top up • ATM top-up • e-Voucher • SMS bill • Advice of charge • Friends & Family • Welcome message i Tourist™ Pay Play™