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Performance no longer happens in your datacenter… Before your web application gets assembled in the browser of your end users it takes various routes via ISPs, 3d Parties or different (mobile) devices. Monitoring availability and performance nowadays requires an end user approach. Based on the Nimsoft philosophy, measuring from the outside in, Gijsbert Wiesenekker (Sales Engineer) shows via best practices and real life examples what it takes to measure correct and take action.

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Nimsoft Web performance monitoring

  1. 1. Nimsoft Web performance monitoringGijsbert Wiesenekker4th of April 2012 Page 1 Page 1 © © 2010 Nimsoft. Allrights reserved | Nimsoft, all rights reserved.
  2. 2. Agenda› Introduction› Solution overview› Top-down approach› Reporting› Q&A Page 2 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  3. 3. Nimsoft at a glance› Founded in 1998 in Oslo (Norway)› The first with a Unified Monitoring™ Solution across datacenter & cloud› > 1000 customers in 36 countries› > 500 Managed Service / Hosting / Cloud Providers (> 10,000 end user environments)› Independent division within CA since 2010 (compare VMware/EMC)› Headquarter: Campbell, CA, USA Page 3 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  4. 4. Nimsoft current solution Overview Page 4 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  5. 5. The Nimsoft Unified Monitoring Solution› Output: Alert and Data » Troubleshooting, performance management and capacity planning » Dashboards and Service Levels› Both bottom-up.. » Servers » Network› ..and top-down » End-user› Both on-premise and SAAS Page 5 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  6. 6. Why monitor end-user experience?› It’s relatively easy! » You don’t have to touch your production environment.. » ..yet› It is a direct measurement of the availability of the business application› Allows pro-active monitoring in the following sense » Suppose end-user response time degrades from 0.1 to 1 second over the last month.. » ..the end-user does not complain yet.. » ..can you prevent degradation to 10 seconds next month?› Correlate end-user response times with everything else that might influence it » ..strong correlation with database server? Upgrade! » ..but that requires that your solution can monitor everything else! Page 6 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  7. 7. Different ways to monitor end-user experience› Active » Simulate end-user - Transactions performed consistently - Also for example in the weekend » Three models - Simple response times - Send/Receive email, URL probe, SQL query - Can run in the background of existing servers and workstations - Record and replay transactions by keyboard clicks and mouse moves - Start terminal emulator, logon to mainframe, request data and logout - Requires dedicated workstation - Generally not possible to simulate modify transactions - Webtransactions can also be simulated from the cloud - No Nimsoft software required - Watchmouse› Passive » Monitor real end-user - Can monitor modify transactions - Transactions might not be performed consistently » Requires network sniffer on SPAN port of switch(es) - Might performance and privacy issues Page 7 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  8. 8. Nimsoft WatchMouse› Independent functional test of web-based services› Configure and run in the cloud Page 8 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  9. 9. Functional (chain) monitoring › Measure response times along the chain » End-user - Remote - Also from the cloud » SQL » HTTP » SQL › You also need platform monitoring for root-cause analysis! Page 9 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  10. 10. Nimsoft Architecture Page 10 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  11. 11. Nimsoft distributed architecture Page 11 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  12. 12. Main benefits of Nimsoft architecture› N-tier architecture highly scalable› Firewall friendly› Hubs isolate environments » Manage environments with same server names/IP addresses› Hubs tag alerts and data with name of hub » Typically customer name » Enables multi-tenancy - Alarms (automatically) filtered by hub name - Dashboards, (SLA) reports (automatically) filtered by hub name » ‘One dashboard/report fits all’› Hubs, robots and probes run on Linux/Java » A 1GB Linux box is enough to monitor remote/customer environments Page 12 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  13. 13. Go from reporting on raw data.. Page 13 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  14. 14. reporting of interpreted data.. Page 14 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  15. 15. reporting on correlated data› QoS = Raw Data› Raw data rolls-up into Service Level Objectives » Define quality› Service Level Objects roll-up into Service Level Agreements » Define correlation› Example: report end- user experience across multiple locations Page 15 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  16. 16. Nimsoft Service Level Agreements (SLA) Page 16 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  17. 17. SLA History brings pro-activity to the table Page 17 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  18. 18. Functional dashboards Page 18 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  19. 19. What are the limits of the Nimsoft approach?› You can find performance issues caused by IT infrastructure components » Network » Operating system » Database performance› It is harder to find performance issues caused by poorly written code » Perhaps indirectly through› CA’s Wiley can analyze performance issues at the (byte) code level. Page 19 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  20. 20. Q&A Page 20 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved
  21. 21. Thank You! Further information: Gijsbert Wiesenekker Tel.: +31 (0)306082776 Mobil: +31 (0)646384766 eMail: Page 21 © Nimsoft, all rights reserved