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Positve bb jan16


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PositiveBILLBOARDS presentation

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Positve bb jan16

  1. 1. PositiveBILLBOARDS
  2. 2. PositiveBILLBOARDS Why your business benefits with PositiveBILLBOARDS?• Your business will be known as one that values their customers and has anemotional investment in their well being.• Your images will engage the entire general public as potential customersthrough the effectiveness of our design technology.• Your billboards will bring huge, positive and uplifting images andmessages to a massive, repetitive and captive audience.• Your unique and effective billboard designs elicit the best in people, ratherthan preying on their fears.• Your revenues will grow as customers remember and respond to your colorful and enlivening billboards.•Your business will attract customers with PositiveBILLBOARDS!
  3. 3. PositiveBILLBOARDS Positive Billboards design technologycombines specific colors, shapes and text that create frequencies that spark a sense of peace, joy and serenity.
  4. 4. PositiveBILLBOARDS"Through working with color and light, we can activate the light of consciousness. The greatest healing power of all." Jack Allanach
  5. 5. PositiveBILLBOARDSThe impact of these images is both immediate and lingeringin the conscious and subconscious minds of viewers.
  6. 6. PositiveBILLBOARDS How do the billboards make you feel...... Inspired CalmHappy Curious HopefulMotivated Uplifted
  7. 7. PositiveBILLBOARDS PositiveBILLBOARDSimpact your emotional, physical and spiritual well being.
  8. 8. PositiveBILLBOARDSThese billboards are quantum nutrients. Doc Childe and Howard Martin, The Heart/Math Solution
  9. 9. PositiveBILLBOARDS Our partnership will connectunique and high impact designs of joy and peace with your business.
  10. 10. PositiveBILLBOARDS Created and founded by Ellen Epstein and Nancy Sarles 781-631-6416