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Cast Designer Hpdc V2


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CAST-DESIGNER for Die Casting

CAST-DESIGNER for Die Casting is a modules package special designed for high pressure die casting with express gating system design and fast validation capability.

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Cast Designer Hpdc V2

  1. 1. CAST-DESIGNERUpfront design & analysis system for die casting 30 minuts to design one gating system 1 hour to validate a design solution 1 day to compare 4 to 5 solutions Integration of expert system and CAE technology Original casting A tailor-designed mould planning & simulation system for die casting industry 30 min 15 Cast-Designer is a quick casting design min and analysis tool based on upfront design & ana lys is te chnol ogy. The core o f th e “upfront design & analysis technology” is to allow engineers to conduct fluid flow, heat transfer and solidification analysis by the 5 min assistance of combination of expert system 5 min and CAE technology, it helps engineers to make a “Right” engineering decision in the early design stage of a project. Upfront design & analysis technology has already been becoming a very important role in main stream design process. With Cast-Designer, users can optimize a ca st i ng d esi g n b y d et e ct i ng t he pa rt features with potential flow and 60 min 60 min solidification problems, evaluating gate system and overflow design alternatives in the early design stage. Even a novel with limited experience in simulation who can easier to undertake the design setup in very short period of time. In other word, Cast- Designer can help the industry to achieve the target of Time to Market.CAST-DESIGNER helps engineers to quickly convert ideas into 3D CADsolid model, and subsequently evaluate the casting design. According to theresult of the CPI analysis, engineers can make critical modifications andeasily achieve a satisfactory design solution C3P Engineering Software International All Rights Reserved 2011 STAMP-ENGINEER,CAST-ENGINEER, CAST-DESIGNER, STAMP-ES, is a trademark of C3P Engineering Software International Co.,Limited. All other logos, trademarks used herein are the property of their respective owners.
  2. 2. System module CAST-DESIGNER Basic CAST-DESIGNER CPI As a c ore component of CAST-DESIGNE R Based on its unique innovative technology, Cast- system, CAST-DESIGNER Basic is an efficient Designer CPI (Casting Process Insight) is the sole really and flexible design tool which assists designers to practical tool on the marketing today to support designer develop gating system for die casting in very short and engineer to make fast decision for casting part and time. With the help of CAST-DESIGNER, engineer mould design. It is capable to reflect varieties of can quickly convert a gating system design idea dynamics and physical behaviors of fluid flow, heat becoming a 3D model for design evaluation. transfer and solidification in details. Comparing with CAST-DESIGNER enable user easily to manage traditional numerical simulation, CPI is solely based on and alter parameter for different stage whatever CAD environment, and provides nearly real-time analysis for initial concept design stage, intermediate results. The beauty of CPI is the full couple with the embodiment design stage, or final design stage. It design functions of Cast-Designer and quickness to is possible to create the full gating system obtain the analysis results at the conceptual design including inner gates, gate runners, runners, stage. There may be many alternative designs, a quick overflows as well as cooling and venting systems tool is important to run all designs and remove the poor within tens minute to one hour for a typical casting designs. Thus at this stage, the traditional numericalCAST-DESIGNER users interface, with OpenCASCADE CAD technology part. simulation is not applicable. Operation and Flow Chart of Gate System Design 1 2 Humane Draft Design Gating System Design Start design from draft paper and import to Cast-Designer in any image format Design Advisor Inner Gate Design Support BMP, TIF or JPG format Guiding designer carries out the gating Support both bitmap and vector formats, system design process in a simple way. Calculate the inner gate area with Basing on the mass or volume of casting as Design Advisor convert bitmap to vector data automatically well as geometry dimension and material Inner gate area comparison in real Support DXF, IGES as input type, the system can estimate the filling time time automatically, and guide to select the casting Special designed tools for draft location and machine correctly to meet a reasonable filling Online tips and wizards with size adjustment ratio of chamber. It also can predict the 1st industrial know-how and experience and 2nd sp eed, crit ical sh ift point and Online evaluation tools calculate the final section areas for ingate, gate-runner, runner and sprue runner. All the Suitable to ingate with complex number of gates and runners could be geometry evaluated and adjusted in real time. Gate-Runner and Runner Design (a) (b) (c) Build in wizard to define flow path and section parameters quickly Example of draft design for gating system (a) original draft design (b) Support runner with fan, curve and Working environment after load draft design and convert to vector data tangent (c) The final gating system designed as draft idea. Gating system design Generate feature sections in pre- wizard to guide the defined curve or wire directly whole gating design in Various styles in solid model express and effective generation way Take account of the efficiency of metal flow in runner design (a) (b) Real time WYS/WYG visualization for both 2D and 3D Sprue runner designer Support Cold and hot chamber machine as well as no sprue runner design (c) Full parameterized and standard design (a) User interface of gating system designer, with full Help select casting machine and parametric and streamline design (b) (c) Difference estimate machine parameters design plans can be applied to the same casting for Easily to customize plan comparison4 Checking and evaluation 3 Design revise and data management Checking and evaluation Overflow 1, Shift design from fix dies to movable 1, Sections and area of gating system dies side Overflow, cooling and venting system 2, Filling ratio and yield ratio evaluation 2, objects translation, rotation, mirror and 3, Locking force and working parameters 1, Creates rectangular, orbicular and wedge extrusion of casting machine overflows locations specified by designer 3, Save/load and export/import full design and pre-defined template to speed up parameters dimension define 4, quick comparison of same casting with 2, Support multi-overflow sets. Overflows multi-designs could be translated, rotated, mirrored to a new design 5, help company generate own database. Gating system, cooling system 3, Support non-standard overflow design For the similar part, load the past and venting system design 4, Cooling and venting channel can be template and make some necessary generated basing on the pre-defined path modification can save at least 80% line or curve with a flexible sections define workload. 5, Build in wizard to calculate the total length and section area of cooling line to achieve heat transfer balance 6, Support cooling block design
  3. 3. CAST-DESIGNER Basic for MCAD CAST-DESIGNER CPI for MCAD CAST-DESIGNER / CPI MCADCast-Designer for MCAD is used as a plug-in to fully With its unique technology, Cast-Designer CPI SUPPORT VERSIONintegrate to the existing MCAD system for better can fully integrate CAE spectrum fluid flowintegration and data sharing. User can use their analysis, heat transfer and solidification with the CAD SYSTEM SUPPORT VERSIONnormally used CAD system to create a part model and customers existing MCAD user environment,then input the model to Cast-Designer through the which enable product and mould designers Pro ENGINEER 2000 - Wf5MCAD bundle. While the gating design is completed, involving to the design process together anduser can input back the complete gating design setup mak ing engineering decision promptly and UG NX 17 - Nx7to the MCAD system for fine-turning the design. In simultaneously.this process, as long as operating in accordance with SolidWorks 2004 - 2010MCAD regulations, there should be no any data loss, Simulation driven by CAD data : With the CPI inand some advanced features of MCAD system could MCAD, your CAD geometry can drive the Software language: English, Japanese, Chinesebe used for final CAD assembly, such as Boolean simulation process. When you make a designoperations, surface cleaning and filleting, etc. change in CAD system (such as Pro/E, UG NX or Solidworks), you see the change in CPI in just a few seconds. Its as simple as that. Cast -De sign er fo r MCAD Same as the standalone Finally, the designed casting was fully integrated into the v ers i on , Ca s t -De si g ne r sy st em wo ul d b e brou gh t Pro -E sy s te m , af t e r t h e for MCAD has full back to Pro-E system casting design, one button f u n ct io n s f o r c a s t i n g automatically for assembly or can shift to Cast-Designer s ys t e m d e s i gn (g a t i n g l i n k t o C A M f o r wo rki n g e n vi ron me n t f or system, overflow, cooling manufacturing. The gat ing syst em design as and venting system), as advanced features of MCAD well as the 3D casting data we l l a s b e tte r d at a system still could be used coul d be tra nsferre d integration. f re e, s uch as B oo lea n automatically. op er a ti on s, f il le ti ng an d surface cleaning etc. Upfront Analysis vs Tradition CAE Simulation Best in Class of CPI It is well known the traditional numerical simulation is not applicable or very expensive for the concept stage. The data to run a numerical simulation is Solver Technology usually not available yet, for example runner geometry. Due to the complexity of the equation system to be solved, numerical simulation is too time Base on Finite Element Method (FEM) technology consuming, usually hours or even days. Setup the simulation model is also a heavy job. Numerical simulation provides a relatively high level accuracy, Fluid flow calculations are described by the full Navier-Stokes equation and couple to thermal analysis which is more than needed at conceptual design stage. Simulate the physical phenomena and mechanical behavior of metal filling, solidification and cooling process, such as temperature, velocity, pressure, liquid/solid factors etc. Innovation technology to speed up simulation in express, half hour to one half hour for almost cases Submit job to solver in directly and batch queue mode Both 32 bits and 64 bits solvers, Windows and Linux Support parallel computing technology for big or huge model Cast-Designer do the best to make a balance on easily usage, robust and functions, the user can solve at least 80% industrial problems in an express and effective way. Model SetupExcellent Mesh Technology Only one windows page to setup casting process, boundary condition and control parameters for flow, heat transfer and solidification simulation Very fast and robust meshing, fully automatically With rich material data in database casting and mould material could be Flexible to control the element size in different direction (X/Y/Z) selected from database directly Support multi solid geometries, no Boolean operation required before Pre-defined template for die casting process, as well as user can define the meshing process in free, such as piston velocity, pressure, mould size and HTC etc. CAD or mesh or mixed CAD & mesh as original data All conditions and parameters could be save as template file for future usage Special treatment for CAD defects, such as geometry gap, overlay, intersection or unclose Advance technology for tin dimension or complex region Advance mesh smoothing technology to match the geometry feature Result & Reporting Introduce special customized ParaVIEW as post-processors. ParaVIEW is a famous software and used widely in HPC, it is very powerful and flexible Rich analysis results in various formats, such as contours, vectors, sections and curves, it is also support animation and VRML Support plug-in filter for post-process, similar the concept of Photoshop Mesh comparison of tradition FDM mesh (left) with Cast-Designer CPI mesh (right). Thanks the advance coarse mesh and smooth mesh technology, CPI can make a best balance in mesh quality and numbers to match the casting geometry feature. Gate System Actual Part Shrinkage defects CPI Mesh Flow Analysis Solidification Analysis & shrinkage defects
  4. 4. PROJECT AND DATA MANAGEMENT Cast-Designer for MCAD brings the project and data management to die casting industrial. It is absolutely important for designer and engineer. Since so many design plans and simulations will be carried out in the practical engineering work, we can not always use the filenames to Mobile Phone Cover manage data and projects, it is too simple and makes confuse usually. Also, how to generate the design and simulation r epor t is also ver y important. F ou r l e ve l da t a st ru ct u re wa s i nt rod u ce d in Ca st -De s ig ne r fo r MCAD: Project level Notebook Computer Casing Design version De signe r, Audit or and project inf ormation could be to manage the geometry data of recorded and tracked in Cast-Designer for MCAD. All data design were saved in XML file format and it is possible to generate customized report easily Simulation version to manage the mesh data of design Run version to manage the simulation condition and parameters. Data Exchange Capability Platform Advice Auto Part Auto Part CAD General : O.S. : Windows XP (32bits), Vista, STEP/IGES/BREP/STL/DXF Windows 7 (both 32 bits & 64 bits) Processor : CAD Advance Intel Pentium IV 2.0G or AMD 2.0G (with additional license) and above CATIA/UG NX/PRO-E/ Memory : 2GB and more memory can SOLID-WORKS get a good performance Display : Support1280*1024 and CAE Mesh : above resolution and 128MB display STL/ANSYS/IDEAS/ memory is required. CAST-ENGINEER/ Mouse : Three-button engineer NASTRAN/PATRAN mouse is required. Lamp Cover Auto Oilpanel Harddisk : 100GB or above free hard CAM System : STL disk space DVD-ROM with writable capability for data backup is also an optional. References AALLIED DIE CASTING, AISIN, BLUE RIDGE PRESSURE CASTING, BUELL MOTORCYCLE, CAST PRODUCTS, CAUDLE MANUFACTURING, CHICAGO WHITE METAL CASTING, CITRON, CONTECH, CTIF, DAEWOO, FORD MOROR, GM, HITACH PLANT TECKNOLOGIIES, HONDA, ISUZU, MERCURY MARINE, Bathroom Products Machinery Gear MERIDIAN LIGHTWEIGHT TECHNOLOGIES, MERALDYNE, NIPPON LIGHT METAL COMPANY, NISSAN INDUSTRY, PACE INDUSTRIES, PACIFIC CAST TECHNOLOGIES, RYOBI LTD, SAMKEE MACHINERY, TOKYO, TWIN CITY DIE CASTINGS, VOLVOSanthosh NLDirector Us About PartnershipsDHIO Research &ofEngineering Pvt Ltd., analysis, extensive product development With the combination software development, advanced experience and cost effective local human resources, C3P Engineering Software Internationa Co., LimitedNo 277, provide 1st Floor, Above Central Bank, 8th main, 4th engineering services on a industry and manufacturing business with comprehensive solutions and Block, global basis to meet their expectation in high quality, on-schedule delivery within cost target. Our businessBasaveshwaranagar, Bangalore- 560 079 service and application software integration. scope covers software development, professional engineering India More info please visit: www.c3p-group.comPh/Fax: +91 080 42151310 Cell: +91 9591994642Email: web: HONGKONG (Asia Pacific, HQ) NEW YORK OFFICE SAN DIEGO OFFICE SUPPORT CENTER 12/F AT Tower 9631 Field Stone ct, 11409 Trailbrool Ln, Unit 602-9, Info Building,No.111 180 Electric Road Painted post, New York,14870, USA Sandiego, CA92128, USA Science Avenue GSC,GZ, 510663 North Point, Hong Kong Tel: +1 607 330 4772 Tel/Fax: +1 858 6793 4203 Tel: +86 20 3229 3257 Tel: +852 2566 8109 Fax: +1 607 330 4776 Email: Fax: +86 20 3205 3354 Fax: +852 2234 5811 Email: Email: C3P CN Email: