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NTU - Ican seminar. 18 Feb.2009 Nottingha, UK

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Pretto Ntu Feb09 V09final

  1. 1. Nelson De Luca Pretto Presentation prepared using Openoffice Nottingham, Feb.2009 image: rozane suzart Education and collective production of knowledge: the role of open source
  2. 2. Navigation map the contemporary world science & technology globalisation (?!) again, education ... media consumption / production of information open/free... sources, technologies and so on... education - school new language ict – digital culture - activism F/OSS
  3. 3. Mixing the contemporary world science & technology globalisation (?!) again, education ... media consumption / production of information open... sources, technologies and so on... education - school new language ict – digital culture - activism No linear ar
  4. 4. Science and technology
  5. 5. We are moving from a world where scientific rules are defined by order – a model based on simple rules sufficient to explain the world – to another complex model where disorder, irregularity, the unexpected are vividly present
  6. 6. Changing our relationship with technologies
  7. 7. Changing space-time dimension
  8. 8. Networks and connections Stock exchange. Singapore
  9. 9. globalisation
  10. 10. Everything controlled by the (free-)market – the legitimiser of everything globalisation
  11. 11. Attempts to introduce important elements of Bahia culture (Bonfim fitinha) to identify it as local urban furniture! <ul><ul><li>World McDonaldization </li></ul></ul>Bus stops: the same all over the world... Edurado Galeano
  12. 12. Plural, here, is extremely important!!
  13. 13. Scientific anarchy in which all marginalized voices should participate . Paul Feyerabend Instead of throwing away everything that does not fit into the scheme, one should try to find meaningful relationships among the different discourses. Paul Cilliers To proliferate knowledge, we have to proliferate discourses without trying to fix them into a permanent grid .
  14. 14. Networks and connections
  15. 15. Each fib er, eac h net is part of myself! Amplify possibilities because of network connections Imagem copiada de arselectronica 99 new potentialities Networks and connections roy ascott Britsh artist and theorist
  16. 16. Networks have not come to take away virgin territory instead they have been installed into a complex reality which they will surely change but will also be influenced by Networks and connections Railroad in the 19 th century Leila Dias, 1995 - UFSC
  17. 17. network is used in many ways but, in most cases, it is associated with the traditional broadcast mass communication system but...
  18. 18. Everybody connected broadcasting 90.2 % households with radio 90.0 % households with TV ? Networks and connections 54 million TVs (devices) ? Brazil Population = 188 million
  19. 19. 6 Globo SBT Record Bandeirantes Rede TV! CNT <ul><li>667 media in Brazil </li></ul><ul><li>309 TV channels </li></ul><ul><li>308 radio </li></ul><ul><li>50 newspapers </li></ul>Everybody connected?! groups/families Media concentration
  20. 20. Seven groups dominate world's symbolic production Everybody connected Everybody connected?! folha de são paulo, mar.97 Magazines radio television books Publishers Recording industry multimedia cinema Telecommunications Theme parks Bertelsmann - Germany Rede Globo - Brazil Televisa - Mexico Viacom - USA News Corp. - Australian ABC-Disney – USA Time-Warner - USA Media concentration
  21. 21. There are about 250 cases against media mergers per year... Furthermore, there are thousands more cases to investigate for abuse of power and market dominance. Seven groups dominate the world's symbolic production Major groups check media plurality Antitrust Department – European Commission Herbert Ungerer folha de são paulo, 23.09.01 p. A4 Media concentration phot: antonio gaudério.
  22. 22. new media - internet &quot;new&quot; digital television
  23. 23. Abolish portal-pens ( portais-currais ) Although the intention of these is to put together important material, the Portals while an hegemonic phenomenon restrict possible error, cyberflaneire and becoming surfing-cattle beaten by e-business. We need to revert this hegemony and escape from this new electronic prison. information society broadcast
  24. 24. Video Media 05:00 m Direct by Pavla Koutskeho – Praha CE Anima Mundi Festival
  25. 25. only to improve shoping? &quot;new&quot; digital television Better quality, but
  26. 26. help to solve digital dived new digital television Networks and connections interactivity new connections
  27. 27. The current estimates of Internet users for 2008 year-end (2008Q4) according to our database, which includes ALL the Internet users universe, comprises over 1,573,269,743 persons worldwide. The Internet Penetration Rate is 23.4%, considering a global population of 6,708,755,756 persons according to the U.S. Census Bureau data. R Penetration Rate in the country nothing! 2008 Internet users
  28. 28. R Broadband public policies R Networks and connections Brazil Broadband connection to 55.000 public school (100 % of the total) by 2010. Speed: 8 e 64 Mbps (megabits per second) to the Villages. Speed: 1 Mbps (megabits per second) to schools Minister of Culture Minister of Telecommunications The Brazilian Agency of Telecommunications (ANATEL) Pushing up the Government 2008 Speeches | Digital Culture | Events and... Music!
  29. 29. Broadband public policies Networks and connections US UK
  30. 30. appropriation of technologies What we like ...
  31. 31. Demand education S ! possibilities... Requires another approaches ict as culture Requires another ethic R
  32. 32. Zapatista rebellion, 1994 intensive relationship to the internet. Myth? The Internet is also playing an increasingly central role in particular organizing efforts initiated by EZLN. (...) The most dramatic organizational efforts in which the Internet has played a central role ate the joint co-operative efforts between the Zapatistas and other social movements linked to them. Harry M. Cleaver Journal of International Affair, vol.51 #2 activism Appropriation of technologies
  33. 33. revolta do buzu. Aug, 2003 Students demonstrating about the rise in price of a bus ticket The whole city came to a standstill, it was organised by mobiles, internet and other devices (technological or otherwise) guerrilla tactics activism Appropriation of technologies
  34. 34. Spain. March 11 2004. General Elections. Reuters Aznar X activism Appropriation of technologies
  35. 35. On the Saturday morning groups of young people spontaneously connected to internet and started sending electronic messages via mobile phones about the terrorism attack at Atocha Station (the official version denying it initially). This internet and mobile phone traffic started by young people under 30 rose 30% on Saturday and 40% on Sunday (the day of the election!). Manuel Castells activism Appropriation of technologies
  36. 36. With this network a public consciousness started broadcasting information to contradict the official version of the facts and call for demonstrations. Manuel Castells Zapatero surprisingly won the election... The terrorism attack at Atocha Station (the official version denying it initially) activism Appropriation of technologies
  37. 37. R MST - Brazil new cooperation practises Brazilian landless rural workers The success of the MST's strategy of mobilizing large numbers of people for their marches ans occupations is, in part, due to use of their own alternative media, particularly the Internet, to circulate information, to generate a forum to create consensus, and to organize and call for a protest demonstration. Olga Bailey et alii. activism Appropriation of technologies
  38. 38. R Open/free Source Belém/Para/Brazil 27Jan to 01Feb2009 R new cooperation practises Television streaming Creative Commons activism Appropriation of technologies
  39. 39. R R new cooperation practises OpenFSM is a platform for social activism provided. OpenFSM is the simple way to bring groups together, promote your cause, make plans, get things done and make another world possible. activism Appropriation of technologies
  40. 40. LanGUAgES
  41. 41. Email has other writing rules and resources which are closely connected with its technology. New(?) LaNguAges Luis Alberto Quevedo Networks and connections video msg twitter
  42. 42. New(?) LaNguAges Networks and connections Stock exchange
  43. 43. Text and SMS – Snow UK It was Britain's first digital big freeze . Mobile phone networks reported a huge leap in text and picture messages yesterday as Britons contacted bosses, family and friends to tell them they had been snowed in/failed to catch that train/been unable to start the car. Vodafone saw a 58% leap in texts to well over 30m... It also saw a dramatic rise in the number of picture messages sent, as people went out to enjoy the snow. 3 Mobile saw picture messaging double yesterday as people took photos and uploaded them to their blogs or Facebook profiles. T-Mobile yesterday recorded a 73% increase in calls compared with a typical Monday Mobile broadband usage was also higher, according to Orange, as people logged on to laptops with their phone.
  44. 44. Shanghai youths sending text messages. Technology has put more data instantly at our fingertips - or rather at our thumbs - and we've all improved at multitasking. (Claro Cortes IV/Reuters) What technology has taught us at dizzying speed or, the importance of thumbs
  45. 45. The Twitter Effect formula = (Original tweet * followers) + (retweets * followers of retweeters) + (retweets of retweets * followers of those), and so on. Dawn of the Twitter Effect Enterprise which offer services to monitor websites and servers Message text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length
  46. 46. hip hop workshop at faced/ufba Feb.2005 Generation alt+tab the young people the kids RPGs Lan Houses rap hip hop Hip Hop and Politics – First South America and Caribbean Summit uerj, nov.2002 electronic music
  47. 47. Music By Gary Duffy BBC Brazil correspondent The musicians do not make money from the CDs directly. They make money by playing live at the so-called sound system parties - the aparelhagem parties - and also by selling CDs after they play live. Diário do Pará Newspaper. 1.4.07 Henrik Moltke's photostream Empowering the periphery people through the music Tecnobrega beat rocks Brazil Different kind of business model
  48. 48. Not here to facilitate teaching nor learning Steven R. Holtzman Computer is not a tool!!! Computer is not a tool!!!
  49. 49. Necessary articulation between them Not thing like industrial production New obstacles New Challenges
  50. 50. Education dilemma
  51. 51. e ducação bancária?! Covers copied from Force feeding education (now... with new technologies...)
  52. 52. ... escola-fábri ca-f ordista School-industry -f ordist system STANDARTISATION... conteúdos e saberes partidos
  53. 53. in David Buckingham “ Beyond Technology”
  54. 54. video University Presidente Antonio Carlos Technology or methodology? 0:30 s | 02:30 m
  55. 55. school The other Funnel
  56. 56. open... Source (software) Journals Technologies License The role of open/free environment GPL | Copyleft | Creative Commons No DRM (Digital Right Management) Open source | free software | FSF | OSI open... open... open... Open Archive | PKP | Text Archive | SEER
  57. 57. Brazil possibilities Open Software Movement collaborative production
  58. 58. Public Software Brazil possibilities Brazilian Public Software web site public services for society based on software as public heritage
  59. 59. Wiki possibilities The simplest online database that could possibly work. Wiki is a piece of server software that allows users to freely create and edit Web page content using any Web browser. Wiki supports hyperlinks and has a simple text syntax for creating new pages and crosslinks between internal pages on the fly. Allowing everyday users to create and edit any page in a Web site is exciting in that it encourages democratic use of the Web and promotes content composition by nontechnical users. Bo Leuf and Ward Cunningham collaborative production
  60. 60. possibilities Wikipedia is an encyclopedia written collaboratively by many of its readers. It uses a special type of website, called a wiki, that makes collaboration easy. Lots of people are constantly improving Wikipedia, making thousands of changes an hour, all of which are recorded on article histories and recent changes. Wiki Appl collaborative production
  61. 61. possibilities Open Content Alliance // Now, Open Knowledge Commons Open Journal Systems collaborative production
  62. 62. // possibilities Creative Commons collaborative production
  63. 63. is a collaborative internet environment aimed at everyone interested in producing and sharing media made with free software. Articulated with &quot;Pontos de Cultura&quot;: the Cultural Hotspots (or &quot;Pontos de Cultura&quot;), public space around Brazil to produce multimedia using open source. Coletivo Radiola Livre
  64. 64. “ It is the rise of a peer to peer culture”. P2P peer to perr Peeracy ! // Gilberto Gil, Minister of Culture, Brazil Photo Paulo Pinto/AE
  65. 65. Piratabay trial Sweeden Peeracy ! twitter audio online
  66. 66. collaboration open source education should be!
  67. 67. Schools have immeasurable potential and are capable of generating new movements going beyond the routine, the closed curriculum, the institutionalised chalk and talk teaching and resonate in between-places (entre-lugares) in and around communities. Non-places , Marc Augé
  68. 68. Movements possess interacting forces within themselves which constantly produce more differences. Differences are constantly generated not repeated. Pedagogy of differences
  69. 69. as opposed to industrial production.
  70. 70. Teachers and students became part of process of collective excitation with the school as the collective space for the production of culture s and knowledge s , not only for consuming information.
  71. 71. Federal University of Bahia School of Education Nelson Pretto Presentation prepared using and Ubuntu thanks!